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Albrecht is a tall, heavily muscled man. He wears his black hair long, and his eyes have a haunted look. He walks like a man very tired with life, but his hands never stray far from his weapons. He keeps Betsy in a baldric across his back, under his pack, and still carries his old torn and bloodstained uniform in his back. He can't bear to part with something that signifies how much he's lost.

Where are you from? Albrecht grew up in a large town in Ostermark called Bechafen. The largest trade center in Ostermark, it was the stopping place for many caravans in the province.

What is your family like? His father died shortly after Albrecht turned 10, leaving him with only his mother and little sister. His ,other grew very quiet after that, and never fully recovered. Shortly before he joined the army, he gave away his sister in her marriage to a local merchant.

What is your social class? Low. A family of moderately successful shopkeepers sounds good, but when everyone in town can claim the same, it shows that there is still a large difference between the top and bottom.

What did you do before becoming an adventurer? Joined the army, along with most of his friends. The Storm was coming, and they felt it was their duty to fight for their homes.

Why did you become an adventurer? Albrecht watched as most of his unit was massacred. He had grown up and enlisted with a lot of them. After the war was over, he took the opportunity to muster out, and find a life better then the Emperor's brass shilling offered.

How religious are you? Albrecht worships Sigmar and Morr in equal amounts. Sigmar for lending his strength in the defense of the Empire, and Morr for safe passage for the souls of his friends.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies? He doesn't have very many friends. The war caused him to lose most of the people he cared about, and the experience has left him wary of caring for anyone again.

He has however, never gotten along with anyone who tries to separate him from Betsy, his rifle.

What are your prized possessions? He wears his fathers sword on his belt, and his mother's amulet of Sigmar, given to him when he left home to watch over him.

Who are you loyal to? While a somewhat humorless man, he has shown himself fiercely loyal to those that manage to befriend him.

Who do you love/hate? Albrecht loves his sister, although he hasn't seen her since her wedding day. Anyone who tries to take advantage of him tends to incite his rage, and after the war, he has a lot to go around.

Name: Albrecht

Age: 25

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200

Hair: Black

Eyes: Pale Grey

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo, Scar that runs down the left side of his face

Siblings: 1

Sign: The Dancer (Love and Attraction)

Birthplace: Ostermark (Fortified Town)

Career: Soldier

WS 37

BS 39 *

S 38

T 31

Agi 31

Int 36

WP 37

Fel 31

A: 2 *

W: 12

SB: 3

TB: 3

M: 4

MP: 0

IP: 0

FP: 2


WS+10, BS+10, AG+10, WP+5, A+1, WP+2

Skills: Common Knowledge (The Empire), Gossip +10, Speak Language (Reikspiel), Animal Care, Perception, Dodge Blow, Ride, Intimidate

Talents: Marksman, Strong-minded, Quick Draw, Sharpshooter, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder), Rapid Reload, Mighty Shot

Trappings: Firearm with 10 shots, Hand Weapon (Sword), Shield, Dagger in boot, Full Leather Armor, Uniform, Common Clothes, Backpack (blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery) Purse with 12 GC

XP Earned: 125

Spent: 100