Bronze Dragon Tournament

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The Emperor has announced a great tournament, open to all member of the wulin. The victor will win the Bronze Dragon - a legendary weapon famed in story and song. Can you overcome your opponents and demonstrate the superiority of your kung fu?


Recruitment thread

Characters should be created as standard Rank 4 starting characters with 20 Destiny and 15 Entanglement. No custom lores of kung fu. An amount of destiny will be handed out after each round of the tournament (once I know how many contenders, and thus how many rounds, there will be).

Each player may submit up to two characters. There's a limit of 32 contenders (for the sake of my sanity), in which case secondary characters will be dropped in favour of extra players (so put the character you like most first). Please post your characters and sheets by 2nd Jan, when the draw will take place. After the draw, no further changes to your characters can be made.

After each round, contenders receive 10 Destiny - after three such awards, they reach Third Rank.

Character submissions are now closed


Round 1 prelims[edit]

matches 1-3

Round 1[edit]

matches 4-11

Round 1 elimination[edit]

matches 12-18

Round 2[edit]

Wulin judges[edit]

  • ru
  • Tapeworm
  • Argent
  • τὸ κατέχον
  • Hattori