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Name: "Strawberry" Cene
Background: Bowyer family. Port Clyster, Albion.
Languages:Elleslandic (Native), Visic (Intermediate)
Scripts: Arcane, Classic (Fluent), Old Kurlish (Fluent)
Profession: Sorceror
Rank: 1
Strength: 10
Reflexes: 13 (+1 Defence/Evasion)
Intelligence: 16 (+1 Attack/Defence/Magical Attack/Magical Defence)
Psychic Talent: 17 (+1 Perception +2 Magical Attack/Defence)
Looks: 7
Attack: 12
Defence: 7
Evasion: 4
Stealth: 13
Perception: 6
Magical Defence: 8
Magical Attack: 18
Magic Points: 4
Health Points: 9

Special Abilities+[edit]


  • 1st Rank (Dragon Breath, Image, Lesser Healing, Moonglow, Portal, Weaken)


  • Lantern
  • Flint-and-tinder
  • Backpack
  • Dagger
  • Shortsword (d8,3)
  • Potion of Occult Acuity
  • Potion of Replenishment

20 Florins

Born of respectable parents in the town of Port Clyster, Cene was considered an odd child from the start due to the distinctive strawberry patch on the left side of his face. Though whether he was instrinsically odd or became so due to the isolation caused by being bullied for a combination of the patch and his left-handedness is unclear.

In any case, he came to the attention of Master Sorceror Burle, an occasional servant of the lord of Clyster, one afternoon after he ran into him directly while escaping his tormentors. Burle was a kindly man and took the snivelling boy too his workshop, entertaining him with tricks and cakes until a smile returned to his face.

After that the young Cene would sneak off to visit his new friend whenever he could. Something which initially annoyed the man until it became clear that the boy possessed an exceptionally keen mind hidden beneath his reticence. An approach was made to the boy's parents, Oswyn and Hilda, which, after some discussion resulted in an apprenticeship contract being drawn up for the boy.

Cene continued to divide his time between the bowyer's and the sorceror's workshop until he came of apprentice age when he moved in with the sorceror instead. Burle's perception proved accurate and the young man demonstrated an easy grasp of Arcane and it's complex grammar allowing Burle to add further elements to his studies (such as Old Kurlish) and making him ready to accompany him on his frequent, often somewhat mysterious, trips to the North.

Now a grown man, Cene has entered the stage of Journeyman. For as Burle said on his day of departure: "You wished to become a sorceror, not a scholar. To train you further would be a disservice. What remains for you to learn you must learn by living and doing."

And so, Strawberry Cene has taken to wandering making his way around the places of Ellesland, poking his nose into mysteries, collecting tales and legends and, from time to time, burning the flesh from a fell beast.