Cuddlesaurus and the Jellybean of Destiny!

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This is the wiki for Snarf's Gamma World Campaign, Cuddlesaurus and the Jellybean of Destiny!



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Name AC Fort Ref Will HP Init Resistance Vulnerability Notes
Mao Whiskerton 25 20 24 20 54 +12 Melee/Ranged 5 Area/Close 5 Cannot be knocked prone; Catfall
Goldie 27 19 25 20 57 +7
Ebola Joe 25 21 20 18 53 +10 Necrotic 10, Immune to disease Reduce push, pull slide by 1
Silver 5I 27 24 21 21 65 +12 Radiation 15 resist 3 to all damage while not granting combat advantage

D&D4E to Gamma World Cheat Sheet[edit]

  • Add +1 per level to d20 rolls, instead of +1 per 2 levels.
  • Second Wind is a minor action and restores your bloodied value in hit points.
  • You can make someone else use their Second Wind with a standard action. No skill check required.
  • Ammunition tracking is abstract. If you fire a gun once an encounter, you are "conserving ammo." If you fire it more than once, you are "going bananas" and will be out of ammo at the end of the encounter.


Javascript Gamma World (D&D 4E / GW 7E) Character Generator

Gamma World Power Lists - Roll on these tables to generate Alpha Mutations and Omega Tech.

Gamma World Card List - The full text of the Gamma World power cards.

Ditzie Gallery

Google Docs Spreadsheet with All Mutations and Tech

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • Help the Zombie Princess recapture her throne from the so-called "Barnyard 6."