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The Dream Avatar Maker was intended as a tool for the Gaia Online e-community, but we role-playing gamers have discovered that it's a wonderful way to generate character portraits (of the somewhat humorous chibi variety) for any game. It's basically an electronic paper doll program; one selects a basic body, with hairstyle and facial expressions, then adds clothing and other props until it looks right. At present, the inventory is oriented toward modern-day and vaguely-anime-influenced fantasy adventure garb, but its already considerable selection continues to grow with every month. It's great fun to play with.

Unfortunately, there are so many options available that it can be difficult to navigate the program to find exactly what one wants for one's character; browsing at random can be enjoyable, but is also time-consuming. And it doesn't help that the in-program categories are somewhat inconsistent. Hence this handy index, to help you guide your search inputs.

For ease of updating, it is split into several sections.

DreamAvatarsBasics - Skin and hair.
DreamAvatarsParts - Body parts, facial features, full-body costumes, etc.
DreamAvatarsClothingTops1 - Long-sleeve shirts, blouses, and overcoats.
DreamAvatarsClothingTops2 - Short-sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, bikini tops, bras, etc.
DreamAvatarsClothingBottoms - Pants and shorts.
DreamAvatarsClothingLoose - Skirts, dresses, and robes.
DreamAvatarsClothingOther - Coveralls, armor, cloaks, belts, and other clothing items.
DreamAvatarsFootwear - Shoes, boots, stockings, and other footwear.
DreamAvatarsHeadgear - Hats, helmets, caps, crowns, masks, etc.
DreamAvatarsAccessories - Glasses, gloves, jewelry, make-up, and other fashion accessories.
DreamAvatarsProps - Weapons, toys, special background effects, and other miscellany.
DreamAvatarsFriends - Pets, sidekicks, and other non-player characters.

The old format should be clear: first my name for the item in boldface, followed by the actual name in italics. Wildcards are listed in [brackets], with the variations listed after. Items marked [M] are male only; items marked [F] are female only.

The new format simply gives an illustration, with the recommended search term as a caption beneath. Items marked [M] are male only; items marked [F] are female only; items with a number (e.g. [2] or [3]) have multiple poses (e.g., a hood raised or lowered) of which, usually, only one is shown.



Last updated: 17 August 2008 Redoing the image links, with a Photobucket account to hold the images. The first four sections are now complete, but have not been updated with the last two months of additions—I'm saving that for the end.

9 July 2008 Discovered a thing I'd feared would happen – the image links, still in progress, are all broken. Time to devise a new format. This will take time.