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This is a page for Chica Canguro's Golden Heart Rampageathon

Thoughtfully provided by the humble and talented human being Megazver


Recruitment Thread

In-Character Thread

Out-Of-Character Thread


Name HP AC Dmg XP Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Notes
'Arry the Fighter 27/27 +2 D10 7 15(+1) 8(-1) 17(+2) 9(0) 13(+1) 11(0) Of questionable awesomeness, at best
Benn the Wizard
Kurgan the Priestinator 17/17 +2 D6 8 15(+1) 8(-1) 11(+0) 9(+0) 17(+2) 13(+1) All the hot elf chicks dig 'im
Pendrell the Bard 19/19 +1 D6 8 11(+0) 8(-1) 13(+1) 15(+1) 9(+0) 17(+2) Pryxallis: Gifted lute.
Rook the Thief 17/17 +1 D8 7 9(0) 17(+2) 11(0) 8(-1) 13(+1) 15(+1) Only one who knows what she's doing.

Super Important Bonds Table[edit]

This Guy's connection to... 'Arry Benn Kurgan Pendrell Rook
'Arry hurr huh
Benn durr *fart*
Pendrell *twitch* hurf
Rook *picking nose* *drool*

Less Important Bonds Table That You Could Probably Fill In If That Was, Like, Your Thing[edit]

This Guy's connection to... 'Arry Benn Kurgan Pendrell Rook
'Arry I worry about Benn's ability to survive in the dungeon - Wizards are powerful, but also fragile. Kurgan Blisterbeard is soft, but I will make him hard, like me - Dwarves are supposed to be tough. He needs to be tougher. I have sworn to protect Pendrell - I don't think we need an embedded reporter, but he's not getting killed on my watch! Rook owes me her life - she thinks it's because I dragged her out of a mob one time when she was a bit bashed up, but that isn't it.
Kurgan Harry is a bit soft in the heid, that lad, but an alright sort overall. I think a conversion will dae him good. I think Benn's a, wossname, an atheist? I suspect it. An' that's just daft. x Pendrell had better nae do that song again, or I am gan' tae adopt the Orthodox Vergadainist stance on Elf Thwacking Rook is jus' an adorable wee lass, and a bonnie one too! *affectionate cheek pinch*