Five go mad in Ginijji

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  • Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroooom, Snake.


  • IC thread
  • OOC thread
  • Berserkergang OOC
  • Berserkergang IC
  • Korto and the Bull of Terror
  • Kulbrast: Twist and Shout
  • Farrad and the Bull of Terror


Famous Five Band of Brothers[edit]

  • Guardian
    • INT: POW:
    • Detect Chaos?


Warband retainers[edit]

  • Three initiates each, Just names and a one line description.
  • Eg: Smelly Boris, Balkoth Tribe (Goat herders). Fights with two hand axes and lisps.
  • Detect enemies, dispel magic 1, fanaticism 1, healing 2 and protection 1
  • Kulbrast's lads (they say they are his sons; who's to know?): Jump 1
    • Rangard is a big lad with ginger hair and a good solid beard. He fights with a pair of warhammers.
    • Boltar is thin and wiry, with a weasely voice. He fights with a big bastard sword. He shaves. Well.
    • Aski is short and is as hard as a rock. He fights with a big axe. Good lad.
  • Farrad's cohort - They all know Binding.
    • Haskin is big, bold, and everyone's friend. A prodigious appetite for ale, first to the party after killing chaos. He laughs at everything, even when Berserk, especially when berserk. He wields a Rhomphia.
    • Mordom is a grim faced, serious young man, completely devoted to his sword and greatsword training.
    • Japheth is a short, wiry kind of lad, always half-turning at the slightest sound, he's uncommonly fast with those twin scimitars he said he "found, lying around"
  • Sezabelfon's followers:Fire arrow
    • Named Blathelossia, Einnisripton and Steinserbryna.
    • Einnisripton is a bit bulkier than the others.
    • Blathelossia and Steinserbryna look very much like each other, except that Steinserbryna has only 2 teeth left.
    • None of them speaks, except through snappy monosyllabic words. They all followed Sezabelfon when he fled the Moonbroth battle and, like him, fight with a 1H battleaxe.
  • Bazheer's gang: Three ex bison braves: Disruption
    • Theril is a handsome and proud young man, if a bit too fond for drink even by Pol Joni standards. Fights with a spear.
    • Vanesh is very loyal to his friends and very fond of women. He is also a skilled swordsman, and not one to shy away from nasty tricks.
    • Peeron is portly, and from the way he eats appears to entertain the ambition of becoming even fatter. He is a beast in a brawl, and has come to favour a short axe when he does need a real weapon.
  • Korto's gang: all uzko armed with mace, shield, and slings, and all know Firearrow.
    • Bispham is small for an uzko and prefers to stay back slinging firearrows into the fray for support.
    • Osmus wears a set of highly stylized lead sun glasses. He prefers to go into melee alongside Korto unless order otherwise.
    • Ayyad has a set of tattoos running the length of his arm which lists all the things he's killed in life.
  • Dawton's ducks: spell: Multi missile 1. All the ducks have light crossbows made by Wawter, shortswords and shields.
    • Connewwy has feathers thinning on the crown of his head covered over with a helm worn most of the time.
    • Bwosnan keeps getting mistaken for another duck called Wemington.
    • Cwaig is a muscular duck.


  • Onar Onari
  • Enid Bull Eyeton Stormbull Shaman
  • Ernaldan priestess of the Tovtaros Tribe, Desranalda Ga mother
  • Redesra the Twin vingan initiate.
  • Taskil Bull Tail
  • Three Hit Morgan
  • Asborn the Horned
  • Hindaranda Mother to Heroes Eirithan Priestess.
  • Derik Many Horse.
  • Enjossalda Copper Spear.
  • Smoke Trail
  • Barnii Owl Wing


  • Must make a POW x ? to activate or avoid activating.
  • doubles attack skill
  • lasts for CON in rounds (can be extended)
  • no parry
  • no casting spells
  • imune to mind effecting spells
  • Special Ale powers are automatic.
  • As are other special powers from the five blows.
  • Int rolled to come out of the rage early

Parts of the Bull[edit]

Rune magic[edit]

  • All basic one pt spells
  • extension I & II
  • small sylphs
  • Berserker II
  • defend against chaos I,
  • Face chaos I,
  • Great Blow II
  • Impede chaos I
  • Summon spirit of Law I
  • Cure chaos wound I
  • Earth Power III.
  • Fear (Zorak Zoran)
  • Speak with Herd beasts
  • Cloud call (Valind)
  • Increase wind (Orlanth)
  • Wind slicing blade II