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Heinz is an open, friendly man, who has lost his sense of place. A Road Warden who traveled the open lands between the farming communities where he grew up, Heinz was no stranger to bandits or beastmen. However, nothing could prepare him for the Storm.

Drafted to be an advanced scout and messenger for the Armies of the Empire, Heinz saw his more then fair share of conflict. A lucky survivor, he wanted nothing more then to return home after the war was over.

However, his return was marred by a simple fact, home wasn't there anymore. He's seen refuges aplenty, but never expected his own family to be among them. With his family lost, Heinz was determined to find them, but had no idea where they might have went, or even if they survived. Rumors point towards Tilea, and so Heinz took to his horse, and started the long ride towards the horizon.

Heinz is a tall muscular man, with short brown hair and eyes. Always in need of a shave, and it looks as if his nose has been broken at least once in the past. He has a scar that starts at his jaw, and continues down past his collar, a trophy from the war, and one he doesn't care to discuss.

His Father is Ulrich, mother Beatrix. Sisters are Gretchen 22, and Mathilde who is 17.

The war horse that has seen him through the war is named Alcteon.


Name: Heinz

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 34

Weight: 174

Hieght: 5'10

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Born: Talabecland (Arable farm)

Sign: Dragomas the Drake (Sign of Courage)

Family: Mother and Father, two Siblings

Distinctive Marks: Broken Nose, Scar

Career: Road Warden


WS 37

BS 36 (gonna take the average for a 31 here) (free advance)

S 31

T 33

A 42

Int 31

WP 35

Fel 40

Attacks 1

Wounds 10

SB 3

TB 3

Movement 4

IP 0

FP 2


WS+10, BS+10, S+5, Agi+10, Int+5, WP+5 W+2


Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gossip, Speak Language (Reikspiel), Speak Language (Tilean), Animal Care, Drive, Follow Trail, Navigation, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ride Search


Quick Draw, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder), Lightning Reflexes, Warrior Born


Pistol with 10 balls and shot, Mail Shirt and Leather Jack, Shield, Hand Weapon (Sword), 10 yards of Rope, Warhorse with Saddle and Harness, Common Clothing, Dagger, Sling bag with blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery and money purse with 6 GC

Alcteon is a foul tempered brute of a horse. While his coat is well groomed, and his main and tail well trimmed, he still has a wild look about him, and will try to bite or kick anyone who gets to close, with the exception of Heinz.

WS 30

BS 0

S 40

T 40

AGI 30

Int 10

WP 10

Fel 0


SB 4

TB 4

M 8

Skills: Perception +10, Swim

Talents: Acute Hearing, Keen Senses, Natural Weapons, Strike Mighty Blow