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Alpha & Omega

Name: John Palmer
played by: Mpascal02

Age: late 20's

Caste: Eclipse

Concept: Gentleman Mobster

High-XP Version (just for fun, since the game has ended....)

John Palmer is, physically speaking, unremarkable. Average height (just under 6 feet), average build, dark hair, dark eyes, impeccably groomed and dressed. But it's the sheer force of personality that he exudes that makes him unique. He's always friendly, always a gracious host at the club he runs, with a smile on his face for any guest that walks in the door. But underneath that is solid steel, and anyone who underestimates him does so at their peril.

Changing/Combat Statistics[edit]

  • See also here.
  • Health Levels: (Unharmed, Bashing, Lethal, Aggravated)
    • Undamaged, 0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated
  • Personal Essence: 13/13
  • Peripheral Essence: 30/30
  • Willpower: 7/7
  • Defenses:
    • dDV: 5
    • pDV: 2
    • MDV: 6
  • Limit: 3/10
  • XP: 12/62
  • Anima: none
  • Channels Used:


Motivation: To unite the underworld under him.

Nature: Director


By shaking hands or touching the hands of the participants, John can spend 10 motes and 1 Willpower point to sanctify an oath. Any who dare break the oath and Heaven's Mandate will horribly botch a number of critical actions (equal to John's Permanent Essence score (2, at the moment)) at the worst possible moment. When totemic, John's anima resembles a pair of shaking hands, glowing with faint wisps of silver and gold light.
John's anima also changes his physical form when he is within the Umbra. The details are here.



Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2


Charisma 4, Manipulation 4, Appearance 3


Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3



Bureaucracy 5
Linguistics 2 (English*, Old Realm*, Hunter-Code*, Spanish, Mandarin)
* Native Language
Drive 1
Socialize 3


Archery/Firearms 4
Integrity 3
Presence 5
Dodge 4
Larceny 3


Performance 1
Resistance 1
Athletics 1
Awareness 2


Resources 5[edit]

The earnings of a mid-level mob boss. The income derives from several properties which John either owns outright, or is a "silent partner". Most notable among these are the Lucky Star Hotel & Casino (where he is a silent partner), and the Velvet Room (a nightclub/dancehall) which he owns outright. After the destruction of Las Vegas, it would seem as though John's financial capacities would be lessened -- but John remembers the offshore account numbers, the secret caches, and is the only one left to access them. As such, even in great adversity, the Eclipse's wealth increases.

Backing 1[edit]

John's position as the sole survivor of Las Vegas' underworld would attract attention in those circles, but word of the deal that he struck with Ambrogino Giovanni has traveled. Now, the underworld has decided that, although he has no real authority, John Palmer should be treated with respect; they may not heed him, but they will at least listen.

Fame 1[edit]

In the criminal underworld, reputation counts for a great deal; additionally, it is said that no one gossips amongst themselves like criminals. Word has spread about John from the Mafia, to other such organizations around the world. Although he holds no position in organizations such as the Triads or Mafiya, representatives of such groups would be interested in talking to John if he should appear in their territories -- and actually talk, not "talk".

Followers 2[edit]

Various underlings and gang members. John has recruited only the best and those whom he can trust into his gang, and they act as his eyes and hands on the streets. Currently named followers are Mike Viampi, John's highly-trusted second in command; Kevin, the Driver of the Getaway Van; and Brian, a wheelman. John's followers, after turning on him, were all lost in the destruction of Las Vegas. One of the Background points went to Fame; the other has yet to be reassigned.


Firearms (Archery)[edit]

  • 2nd Firearms Excellency (pg. 184)

Cost: 2 motes/success. John may spend up to (Ability+Firearms) motes; adds one success per two motes.

  • There is No Wind (pg. 187)

Cost: 3 motes. Negates all penalties (except wound and multiple action penalties) for a single Firearms-based attack.

  • Essence Bullet Attack

John can spend 2 motes to add his Essence score (2) to damage of any firearms attack, as well as causing the shot to do aggravated damage to any creatures of darkness; he may spend another mote (3 total) to add another 4 dice to his Firearms damage pool.
As befits an Eclipse, any bullet where this charm is used appears as a black dot of darkness, trailing thin streamers of white and gold sunlight.


  • 2nd Presence Excellency (pg. 184)

Cost: 2 motes/success. John may spend up to (Ability+Presence) motes; adds one success per two motes.

  • Irresistible Salesman Spirit (pg. 205)

Cost: 3 motes. Irresistible Salesman Spirit doubles John's successes on a Presence-based roll before comparing them to the target's MDV.


  • Ox-Body Technique (pg. 208)

This Charm gives John 1 extra -1 and 2 extra -2 health levels.


  • Shadow over Water (pg. 227)

Cost: 1 mote. When used to respond to an attack, John ignores all penalties that apply to his Dodge DV. His Dodge DV is still 0 against an undodgeable attack, but he takes no further penalties.
Note: John has also purchased the upgrade for Shadow Over Water that allows him to freely interchange it and Seven Shadow Evasion.

  • Seven Shadow Evasion (Conviction) (pg. 227)

Cost: 3 motes. John perfectly dodges any non-unexpected attack (even an undodgeable one) by using this Charm. Seven Shadow Evasion has Conviction-based Flaw of Invulnerability -- John may not use it if doing so is contrary to his Motivation.

  • Leaping Dodge Method (pg. 227)

Cost: 3 motes. John may use this Charm in response to any dodged attack. He may move up to 18 yards vertically or 36 yards horizontally, in any direction that he chooses, as long as it is away from his attacker. This counts as a counterattack, lowering his DV by one and rendering any other counterattacks inapplicable.

  • Reflex Sidestep Technique (pg. 227)

Cost: 1 mote. This Charm is used to reflexively render any unexpected attack expected (for lack of a better word), allowing John to apply his DDV or any Dodge Charms in response.


  • 2nd Bureaucracy Excellency (pg. 184)

Cost: 2 motes/success. John may spend up to (Ability+Bureaucracy) motes; adds one success per two motes.

  • Speed the Wheels (pg. 231)

Cost: 8 motes. John speeds up the bureaucratic process for a chosen project by making a ((Intelligence or Charisma) + Bureaucracy) check, adding his Essence in automatic successes (difficulty 1). If the person responsible for this project deliberately engages in delays, an external penalty of ((that person's Intelligence + Bureaucracy) / 2) is subtracted from any successes John rolls. He is aware of any such delaying tactics, however (so God help that poor bureaucrat!)
If John succeeds, the time needed to begin the project is divided by (the Solar's Essence + 1), with a maximum possible time of one season.


  • Sagacious Reading of Intent (pg. 233)

Cost: 3 motes. By using this Charm, John understands a one-sentence summary of what a person making a statement is trying to gain. John may also use this as a perfect Social defense if the attacker's purpose is fundamentally hostile to the him or his motivation.


  • Wise-Eyed Courtier Method (pg. 238)

Cost: 3 motes, 1 WP.


  • "An Offer They Can't Refuse"

--2nd Presence Excellency + Irresistable Salesman Spirit. Cost: 1 WP, 3+2x motes. There is no visible effect as this combo is invoked; rather, John simply becomes far more persuasive.

  • "Grease the Wheels of Progress"

--2nd Bureaucracy Excellency + Speed the Wheels. Cost: 1 WP, 8+2x motes. As with John's other Social Combo, there is no visual effect. However, anyone working within the room where the Combo is being used seems (to an outside observer) to work faster, with no movement or effort wasted.

  • "Wrathful Corona" (Name subject to change)

--AKA "Chungira Defense!!!". 2nd Firearms Excellency + Essence Bullet Attack + Sagacious Reading of Intent + Shadow Over Water + Leaping Dodge Technique + Reflex Sidestep Method. Cost: 1 WP, variable mote cost. John's form glows with silver-white sunlight, leaving behind trailing golden afterimages as he moves. Also, John may use Seven Shadow Evasion freely in place of Shadow Over Water, if he so desires.


--His territory (and those within it)
--His reputation


Permanent Essence: 2
Personal: 13
Peripheral: 30

Willpower: 7


Conviction 3, Compassion 2, Temperance 2, Valor 2

Limit Break[edit]

  • Heart of Flint

The character's heart hardens to all emotion. He feels and expresses no emotions: not robotic, but lacking all empathy and feeling. The character considers only efficiency in choosing his course of action, and his reduced tact imposes a two-die penalty on all Social rolls involving face-to-face interaction.
Partial Control: The character's emotions are significantly muted but still present. He suffes a two-die penalty to Social rolls involving face-to-face interaction, and his primary motivation is still efficiency, but he will avoid doing anything to which he has a strong emotional aversion.
Duration: One full day
Limit Break Condition: The character is frustrated by the intemperate or childish nature of the world around him.

Current Limit: 3


Hand-tailored business suit, registered Glock 34 (exceptional -- +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage) and shoulder holster (with accompanying concealed-carry permits), PDA, cell phone with encryption.

  • Current gear: Casual clothing, Glock 34 (exceptional), disposable cell phone, Kia minivan, alternate ID and passport, soulsteel gun (appropriated from Sins of the Father), sawed-off shotgun
  • Pistol (uses Lt. Pistol stats found here): Glock 34: Speed 4, Accuracy +2 (9), Damage 6L(P) (8L(P) with Essence Bullet Attack), Rate 2, Range: 15, Clip 16, Cost ***
  • Soulsteel pistol: Spd 4, Acc +2 (+4 vs Living Targets) (9, 11 vs. living), Dam 7L(P) (9L(P) vs Living Targets), Rate 2, Range 25, Clip 16. Costs 5 motes to commit (10 for non-Abyssals).
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun (Uses Shotgun stats found at above link): Speed 6, Accuracy +1 (8), Damage 9L(P)/3 11L(P) with Essence Bullet Attack, Rate 1, Range 10, Clip 4; 2-Handed, Spread Fire, Overwhelming


John started out as a simple thug, as part of a gang as a teenager. Within the gang, he was known for being calm under pressure. During a fight, he was careful, but never hesitated to do what was needed. But he was different from his gangmates in that he stayed in school, educating himself, and learning how to move in slightly higher circles. This combination of brains and ruthlessness caught the eye of someone higher up the food chain, and soon enough, John was making his way into the world of organized crime.

Within a few years, John had become someone to watch in the underworld. Any operation he ran, he kept clean and profitable. No dealers were busted, violence was kept to a minimum (or at least, kept behind closed doors), and oddly enough, civilian casualties were minimized. Whenever someone asked why, John generally just shrugged and muttered that it was "bad for business." Less than five years after he joined up, the high-ranking bosses decided to formally induct John into the family.

John arrived at the meeting place, and the bosses showed him what the underworld was really like. Fangs, magic, bloodsucking, the whole deal. John was understandably bothered by this, and got only less comfortable when he realized that this wasn't just the job opportunity of a life time -- it was the job of several lifetimes. One of the bosses approached him....

And that's when things got weird.

The vampire contingent staggered out less than a half-hour later, muttering about how they'd seen the sun again, or something like that. A few minutes after that, John left, looking utterly collected and confident. No one is quite sure what happened that night -- or, at least, they're not talking about it. All that can be confirmed is that John made it out of that room still breathing, and with his own small territory to rule.

These days, he prefers to negotiate his way through most difficulties. The police prefer him to the other crime lords -- in John's turf, the violence is kept to a minimum and the bribes flow smoothly. Most people see him as an honest, hard-working businessman, and he likes it that way. But John remembers where he came from, and has no qualms about dealing with persistent problems in a very final manner. Above all, though, he's slowly expanding his territory.

After all, he ruled a lot more than Vegas once. He's looking forward to trying that again, only doing it better this time. After all, all that strife and civil war is bad for business.


No matter what happens, John is cool, collected, and takes pride in always appearing in control. His default state seems to be quiet amusement; he prefers to sit back and watch a situation, before entering into anything. However, when things turn serious, John becomes entirely serious, his posture and body language clearly conveying his authority. He is a leader, and people will listen to what he has to say.

Since meeting with his fellow Chosen, and the chaos that immediately followed, though, John seems to be opening up a bit more, actually allowing his emotions to show more often than not. However, this has only occured in private; whether he opens up more regularly remains to be seen.



John can look around him, and see just how bad things are. Kids kill each other for a single block of territory; the police and the mob do the same thing, just on a larger scale. And the sad part is, none of it is necessary. And John can see that.

There's always going to be a market for vice, but a carefully maintained and regulated market will cause a lot less mayhem than the anarchy that currently reigns. If everyone in the underworld just cooperated, then profits would go up, and casualties would drop like a stone. Of course, in order for everyone else to see that, they're probably going to have to be forced into it, at first.

And John plans on being the force that brings the entire underworld together. It may take a long time, certainly. But then again (though he doesn't quite realize it yet), John's got the lifespan necessary to do it.

Character Notes[edit]

  • Theme Song: "Akio Car", from the anime "Revolutionary Girl Utena". Jazzy, suave, and with a hint of underlying menace. Suits John to a T.
  • Actor: Robert Downey Jr. circa "Iron Man", but clean-shaven. He's got the right balance of the affable, pleasant exterior, but with a core of solid steel.
  • Current XP: 12/62
    • Spent XP: 50 (8 on Essence Bullet Attack, 1 on Linguistics 2 (Mandarin), 1 on Holy Bullet option, 8 on Reflex Sidestep Technique, 8 on Leaping Dodge Method, 14 on Wrathful Corona Combo, 2 on Shadow Over Water upgrade, 8 on Wise-Eyed Courtier Method)
  • Journal Entries
  • Poster 1

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