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  • Oisin Dobharchú , Known to all since childhood as [B]Madra Uisce[/B], grew up in the Trackless Ooze. His affinity with water awed his fellow clansmen and he was quickly dispatched to the deepest fens and bogs to learn the trade of Water Elementalist.
  • For reasons known only to him and his Shaman, the young man then crossed the vast expanse of Krarth and then into Mercania, where he spent a year in the fjords practicing his arts with a mercanian elementalst. It was but a short trip across the sea to Thuland once a boat would take him.....
  • Dressed in seal and otterskins, the young man is devoid of any newtling leather, unusual for clansmen of the Ooze. Armed with a three pronged eel spear, a short stabbing sword of New Selentine steel, the man could easily be mistaken for a simple hunter or warrior of the coast....
  • Clean shaven, dark skinned, with friendly large eyes, Madra gives the impression of being dextrous and fast. He's long limbed and small compared to the brawny men of the North.
  • Our dad... Bradán . A tall, dark, wiry 19th LvL Ninja-barbarian-Saucy-Elemental-Warlock. Probably thought Madra was a bit of an Ejit but thought Aoife was the best thing since sliced rye bread.

Always off on some hair brained expedition. Thing was, he always came back...until now.

What was he after this time??

Where did he go?? The pagan mountains?

Who with?? Not that scoundrel of an uncle, our mother's younger brother....? Dána dobharchú, clan warlock and utter nuisance, who is/was hero worshipped by Madra.

  • St Katrin


  • STR 8 -1ATTK
  • REF 12
  • INT 11
  • PSY 13+1Mag def,+1 mag attack
  • LOOKS 8

  • HP 6+1= 7+1= 8
  • ATTK 11
  • DEF 6
  • EV 3
  • Stealth 14
  • Perception 6
  • Swimming
  • Read weather

xp 90

Magic points:[edit]

  • WATER 12: rain, wave mastery, Ice wall, walk on water.
  • Air 4:cutting power of the mind, stargaze, False rumours, wind wall
  • Earth 4: abundance, spider magic, Forest murmurs, create bog
  • Magic Attk 15+1= 16+1=17+1=18
  • Magic Def 6+1= 7+1= 8+1=9


  • Padded armour, Mercanian shield, New Selentine short sword, eel spear. Lantern and tinderbox.
  • leather runic roll
  • Sling 2f
    • 10 slingshot 1f (i'll go down the river and get some)
  • Dagger 7f
  • cudgel
  • woolly socks and scarf
  • Wolf headed Saex
    • So yes Madra has the seax......which may have been forged to kill a god by a vengeful duergar king whose spirit your sister may have released and whose whereabouts and intentions are currently unknown......
  • A flask of rather potent smelling alcohol.
  • A stoppered flask hidden behind a support strut; it is made of clay and has a rudely carved salmon on it.
  • A flask of silver flakes.


  • 10 florins -10 for shopping=0
  • 50 florins from the laird.
  • 12 florins and 5 gingers from the Kildares.
  • extra 50 Florins from Kildare.
    • total= 112/5
  • semi precious stones 20-30f, 35f with a shine.


  • Captains cryptic parchment.

Leather runic roll. Mysterious flask. Semi-precious stones. Bible. Love letters. Poison pot. Moon-blades. Gloves. Seax. Crystalline substance. sharpened coin. Eduards pendant. bent copper wire.

  • small phial of smoky gray liquid.
    • formorian


  • Gets Tribal Toungue at Fluent. ( But thats a freebie as.....well, its not gonna see much use).
  • Low Cabbandari ( Basic) - Enough to get by across Krarth.
  • Latter Mercanian ( Intermediate) Was marooned there for a while ( 12 months) until he could convince a ship that a Water Witch on board was good luck even if he was an odd looking fellow.
  • Visic ( Intermediate) Knowing Mercanian helped a lot to speed up the learning process, but having learned it from sailors...he doesn't have the widest vocab.
  • literate in Nikkar Runic.