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This page will eventually house a bunch of example characters for Magipunk, ranging from the characters who are important in the various organizations to samples of each of the species to some example PC's and antagonists.

However, for the time being, it's pretty bare-bones.

Canonical Personalities[edit]

The Glassmaker's Alliance[edit]

Baron Mek Scarsen of Telomay[edit]

The founder of the Glassmaker's Alliance, a brilliant and ruthless tradesman, now in his mid 90's and much less sharp than he used to be. He's still influential, though he no longer has direct control over the alliance.

Sir Edam Scarsen[edit]

Mek Scarsen's only son, born late in the Baron's life. Edam is in his late 50's, and, while certainly smart, he doesn't have an innovator's spirit. He works consistantly to maintain the Glassmakers hold over Atathorn, but doesn't really know how to handle the increasingly sophisticated lower classes or the competition that the Spinners Alliance brings to the city.

Jinn Brooksmill[edit]

One of several Alliance members who report directly to Edam Scarsen, and far and away the most capable of those at his level, Jinn is the voice in the Glassmakers for innovation and changing from Mek Scarsen's original plan of acquisition. Jinn and Edam resent each other fiercely.

The Roget Alliance[edit]

Duke Alamar Roget of Etersbruh[edit]

The founder of the Roget Alliance, Alamar Roget is now in his late 70's, and can no longer keep up with the day-to-day affairs of the massive economic machine of his Alliance, but, though officially retired, he keeps a tight hand on the reins. He relies heavily on his niece to keep him informed about the fast-changing world.

Count Deran Lauriel of Liom[edit]

The titular head of the Roget Alliance, Count Lauriel has little intelligence and less ambition. He's content to do as he's told by Alamar Roget, Jallion Nerie, and Kevam Cartsen.

Baroness Jallion Nerie of Usker[edit]

Jallion took her husband's name, but she remains a Roget at heart. She's the favored advisor of Alamar Roget, and, thus, in many ways the most powerful person in the Roget Alliance, but she's frustrated by the levels of indirection between her and the leadership of the Alliance, and by the influence of Kevam Cartson. Her goal is to replace Count Lauriel as the leader of the Alliance, but for now, Alamar Roget keeps that out of her reach, as a way to control her.

Sir Kevam Cartsen[edit]

The most influential person in the Roget Alliance from a common family (though, below the highest levels, the rest of the Alliance is heavily dominated by commoners, as are most Alliances), Kevam is the major check on the influence of Jallion Nerie. Though Jallion is probably slightly superior to Kevam in pure business sense, Kevam is incredibly persuasive and has a gift for turning the worst disaster into a gift in disguise. He and Jallion compete fiercely; if they ever reconciled with each other, the Roget Alliance would become nearly unstoppable.

The Spinners Alliance[edit]

Sir Zustin Estman[edit]

Zustin Estman was a rising star in the Spinners Alliance in its home territory in Bessia, and the ruling oligarchy of the Alliance, feeling threatened by this young (in his early 40's) genius, shunted him to control of the Atathorn division, a move designed to cripple his career, as conventional wisdom had it that the Glassmakers and Roget Alliances had Atathorn unshakeably under their control.

Instead, Estman made steady gains in Atathorn until even the conservative rulers of the Spinners were forced to see that giving Zustin their full support paid incredible dividends. As the Spinners organization in Atathorn has expanded, Zustin has occaisionally made a misstep by being unable to delegate truly effectively, but as long as his tireless work remains focused on the Alliance's growth, its gains remain steady.

The Royals[edit]

King Ropert V[edit]

A strong ruler in his 60's, Ropert has been unable to cope with the rapid societal changes of the modern generation, and still tries to rule the kingdom of Branmir through the strategems of his ancestors which no longer function. On some level, he realizes that his influence is waning, but he lacks the courage to really try what's new.

Queen Sira[edit]

The Queen is not un-intelligent, but she is intensely egotistic, caring only about herself, her close acquaintences and family, and the petty intrigues of her court. She could care less about the modern world, and would be happy to play her games until the kingdom falls down around her ears.

Crown Prince Ropert[edit]

The Crown Prince is a man much in the mold of his father. He is smart and perceptive, but unwilling or unable to look outside of the heavy trappings of tradition that bind his family. He idolizes his father and the family's history.

Princess Elin[edit]

The King's younger sister, Elin, in her early 50's, is a realist who understands the modern world, but has been frustrated in her attempts to open her brother's eyes to the world. She is married into the Roget Alliance, and has recently considered turning her attention to gaining power within that institution, rather than continuing her frustrating quest to shake up her family.

Princess Saphia[edit]

Ropert V's oldest child, Saphia is a woman of little intellect or capability.

Princess Pola[edit]

Ropert V's youngest child, Pola is in her 20's and is a child of the modern world. Currently, she's more interested in the wonders of the modern than the plight of her family, but if she ever turns her attentions to reversing her family's fortune, she could be a powerful voice for change.

Duke Wran of Edver[edit]

Elin's older son, Wran is a realist who understands the need to loose the shackles of tradition and accept the modern world if the Royal Family is to regain its former glory. Thus far, he, like his mother, has been frustrated in his attempts to get the more influential members of the family to see this.

Wran has a wife and three children, the oldest of whom is only 14.

Duke Usker of Velaria[edit]

Elin's younger son, Usker is an alcoholic and drug addict whose occaisional lucid moments are less productive than his week-long drunks.

Sample PC's[edit]

Aren Elfblood[edit]

Aren is one of the rare half-elves who is neither hugely deformed nor mentally impaired.

Aren is tall and thin, with a head that seems slightly oversized for his body. His hair grows only patchily, and so he shaves his head. He walks with a slight limp, as one of his legs is a bit twisted. He has smallish, pointed ears. All in all, he's easily recognizable as a goblin, but obviously a better-favored one than most. He's not particularly attractive, but not hideously ugly.
Aren tends to be cold most of the time, and dresses warmly because of it, favoring long shirts, a hip-length leather jack, and heavy canvas trousers. In the winter months, he wears a warm fur hat. He never tries to conceal his ears or other marks of his heritage.
Aren has no idea who either parent was. His earliest memories are of the Elvish Quarter, but he was simply one of a large pack of goblin children in the area. He grew to be the leader of his little gang simply by virtue of being bigger and stronger than most of the stunted goblins, and he recalls the elves of the time being interested in his growth. However, Aren is totally unaffected by the elvish empathic abilities, and as he grew, it quickly became apparent that he was an outsider in the Elvish Quarter, unable to understand the quick, silent communications enjoyed by the elves and some goblins.
Frustration with the elves and an intense curiosity soon had Aren ranging into the human-controlled areas of Atathorn, and as he grew to understand the relations between elves and humans, he grew to hate elves.
Aren is fiercely intelligent, and he eventually wound up working at a barber-shop. The owner of the shop, a man named Pul, took a liking to Aren, and taught him the basics of reading and arithmatic, and some simple sorceries. From these foundations, Aren built an eccentric edifice of scholarship, cadging what lessons he could buy or beg from a variety of experts amused at the impudence of a goblin trying to learn the modern science of sorcery.
Pul died years ago, the victim of a random mugging, and his shop was seized by his creditors. Aren is a talented sorcerer, but his heritage guarantees that he'll never command any particular respect or high price in the legitimate world, and so he's taken to offering his expertise to those criminals as are willing to pay for it. Now in his mid 20's, he's beginning to make a reputation as "That Goblin Sorcerer," one of very few in Atathorn.
Aren is below human average in terms of stamina and agility, though his manual dexterity is good, and his strength about normal. He's extremely intelligent and strong-willed, and has roughly normal perceptivity.
His mundane skills include a fair amount of small-business expertise (he was very capable around Pul's barber shop), a great deal of streetwise ability, and a not insignificant amount of scavenging skills and some stealth abilities left over from his gutter-goblin days (though he's useless at moving quietly due to his limp). He's never been much of a fighter -- his twisted leg and slightly sickly general health have prevented him from doing much beyond taking a beating now and then. Magically, he's solid in most fields, and has particular expertise in the healing arts and in divination magic.
Aren doesn't tattoo himself -- as a sorcerer, he has too much respect for the art of tweaking spells to the latest parameters to wish something lasting on himself. He usually wears an undershirt with defensive magics spells woven into it, and he sometimes carries a thin metal cudgel that has a stun spell worked on it, though he usually prefers to avoid combat or use impromptu spells to protect himself. He almost invariably carries a small crystal in which is etched a light spell. All of his gear remains at Obsolesence 0 or 1 -- he replaces it before it gets too old. Aren always carries a small metal mirror with him to cast images onto; it is an essential tool for divination magic.

Lise "Ninefingers" Atsdotter[edit]

Lise is an ambitious young thief and pickpocket who has lived in Atathorn all her life.

Lise is a slim woman with shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair. She's relatively attractive, but not stunning. True to her nickname, she's missing her right ring finger after the first joint. She has mystical tattoos above and below her right eye, and leading away from both eyes towards her temple, plus some on her upper arms, collar bones, and shoulder blades. When she's working, she'll pull her hair back into a pony tail and wear functional, dark shirts and trousers. When she's at play, she leaves her hair down and wears whatever the fashion of the moment is.
Lise wears power tokens in the standard ring form, and often wears gloves over the power tokens when she's doing anything the least bit sneaky. She usually puts her first token on the stump of her lost finger.
Lise never knew her father, and grew up with her mother and grandparents in a tiny apartment in Atathorn. Her mother has always worked to support her, and when she was a child, she ended up running a bit wild without a parent to rein her in, and became a child pickpocket. By the time she was 8 years old, she started working herself, and in an industrial accident, lost her finger (and extensively damaged her hand). Her mother was able to gather up enough money to get Lise the attentions of a competent medical sorcerer, but by the time she could arrange it, her finger was beyond saving, though Lise otherwise made a complete recovery.
Unfortunately, Lise's mother was fired from her own job, as she had to take considerable time away from it to tend her injured daughter. When Lise's mother went back to work, the only place she could find employment was at the Church Mills. Now, some ten years later, Lise's mother is starting to show the degenerative effects of Passion use, and Lise is desperate to get enough money to allow her mother to stop working. However, her good intentions on that score are undermined by her young, irresponsible criminal friends, who encourage her (with a fair amount of success) to blow her money on the same frivolous luxuries that they do.
Since her accident, Lise has decided that honest work is a fool's game. In her teens, she reconnected with the underworld that she was a part of in her early youth, and she moved from petty pickpocketing to more risky and lucrative theft. She's very talented at the various skills of a second-story woman, and has thus far picked partners, backers, and fences for her crimes that haven't betrayed her.
Lise is both dextrous and agile, and relatively intelligent and perceptive. She's not particularly strong, strong-willed, or enduring.
Skills-wise, Lise is a very accomplished pick-pocket, and her stealth skills are superlative. She's a good climber, and has learned the basics of lock-picking. She's been in enough scraps to know the basics of fighting, but she prefers to avoid combat rather than win at it. She's not an assassin, and doesn't know anything about the assassin's arts. She's extremely street-wise.
Lise's magical skills are pretty limited. She knows a few counter-divination charms, and the very basics of everyday magic (she can create lights, and make enough heat to warm a room, for example). She's been learning to capture images in a mirror or crystal, but can't do it reliably yet.
Lise carries a dagger that's got a basic damage-enhancement spell (Obsolesence 1) engraved on it, and she has five magical tattoos: The one above and below her right eye is a spell that allows her to see heat, but it's rather obsolete (Obsolesence 3), and most modern invisibility spells will counteract it. The spell on her shoulder-blades and arms is a good quality (Obsolesence 2) armor spell, and the one on her collar-bones is a camouflage spell that helps her stealth (also Obsolesence 2). The spell on her temples is her replacement for her now obsolete heat-vision spell, though this one simply lets her see normally even in total darkness. It's brand-new, Obsolesence 0.

Sample Antagonists[edit]

To be created later.

Sample Non-Humans[edit]

To be created later.

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