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This page details the people working for Penumbra Securities in various capacities, whether supporting the operation remotely or serving aboard the MSV Scalpel.

Roles of the Principals[edit]

Chief Engineer - Kane

Chief Medical Officer - Raik Yghorl

Groundside Detail Commander - Russell Ortiz

Chief Negotiator - Kirroe Tuditan

Intelligence Chief - Samantha Lyn

The Crew of the MSV Scalpel[edit]

Penumbra's flagship, the MSV Scalpel is only able to operate because of the skill and professionalism of its crew. Those people are as follows:

Executive Officer - Romnus Kaeso - formerly a Captain in the turian military, Romnus is a fit, active veteran in his late 50s. After serving his time in the Hierarchy, he moved to a para-military vessel, getting a taste for life outside the stifling rules and regulations of his past. Close to Kirroe Tuditan's mother (a ranking member of the Hierarchy), he came aboard the Scalpel as a favour to her.

Chief Helmsman - Jennifer "Jinx" Park - a former Systems Alliance Flight Lieutenant, Park has an impressive service record. She was involved in several major engagements of recent years, including the Skyllian Blitz, the Theshaca Raids, the operation on Torfan and the Battle of the Citadel. Grounded after the latter engagement when her ship, the SSV Blenheim, was decommissioned and facing an unknown wait for a new posting, Park chose to take Penumbra's offer of employment and keep flying.

Chief Navigator - Natalia Roschenko - a former Lieutenant Commander in the Russian Confederation Navy, Natalia resigned her commission after the second time she was passed over for promotion to command of her own vessel. She spent a couple of years writing published articles on naval warfare and served a five year term aboard a Corsair vessel. A consummate professional while on-duty, she has already garnered a reputation for being able to drink just about anyone under the table off-duty.

Tactical Operations/Pilot - Yarek Patros - [drell pilot, Ora's husband][Pilot of Raptor 2]

Tactical Operations/Pilot - Ora Patros - [drell pilot, Yarek's wife][Pilot of Raptor 1]

Tactical Operations - Chandhi Patel -

Sensor Operations/Pilot - Cassander Nisou - [drell pilot, Ora's brother/Yarek's brother-in-law][Pilot of Umbra 1]

Sensor Operations/Command Deck Technician - Rachak Junius - Junius' father had served under Romnus Kaeso and was killed in battle when Rachak was still a boy. Over time his father's former CO became something of a mentor and surrogate father figure, helping him shape his career in the Hierarchy. When his own mandatory term of service was over, it seemed the most natural thing to follow his mentor into Penumbra's employ. A deck officer with skills in sensor operations and particularly minesweeping, he has settled in well to the largely human crew of the Scalpel.

Command Deck Technician - Lee Tsang - Before joining Penumbra, Tsang was a crew chief aboard a commercial frigate which was attacked by slavers.

Command Deck Technician - Hanzo Yamazaki -

Engineer - Andrea Wombose - an experienced engineer, Andrea has served aboard many civilian vessels over a colourful career spanning more than two decades. A disruptive influence in any crew and harbouring serious issues with authority, Andrea only manages to get new berths because she's really that good with a spanner and omni-tool. It is largely because of Kane's hands-off management style and regular periods of absence from the ship that the two of them are able to get along amicably.

Engineer - Theo Wise - the youngest member of the crew, Theo grew up aboard ships and has a natural aptitude for machinery that belies his years.

Engineer/Medical Orderly - Devin Zheng - A Systems Alliance veteran and engineer, Zheng was also part of the Theschaca Raids, though served aboard a different vessel to Park. He also trained as a medical orderly and assists Yghorl in medbay. A genial and easy-going man, he puts his seemingly endless patience to good use working with Wombose on a daily basis.

Mess Chief - Abigail Chan -

Requisitions Officer - Turo Barsabo - [sleazy volus dude]

Pilot - Georgios Nisou - [drell pilot, cousin of Ora and Cassander]

Pilot/Engineer - Demetreia Iannou - [drell pilot, cousin of Yarek]

The Crew of the MSV Prism[edit]

Due to recent successfully executed contracts, as of 2184, Penumbra Securities was able to expand its fleet to include a support vessel. The crew of the Prism is as follows:

Executive Officer - Lucia Ferrini - a former Systems Alliance Staff Lieutenant serving aboard the SSV Madrid, Ferrini was disciplined for punching out her CO after the Battle of the Citadel. A hot-tempered woman, she resigned her commission in disgust immediately after her court martial hearing, which put a reprimand on her service record. Ferrini initially served as the Chief Navigator aboard the Scalpel, before being promoted to XO of the Prism.

Chief Helmsman - Portius Caepio - A veteran frigate pilot who spent most of his mandatory military service for the Hierarchy in the cockpit, he was involved in a number of engagements and was mustered out shortly before the Eden Prime War. Caepio drifted for a couple of years after the end of his term, serving aboard armed merchantmen and bulk haulers, but never staying anywhere long. When he was offered a position with Penumbra, he leapt at the chance to do something more meaningful and has approached his duties with a cheerful zeal ever since.

Chief Navigator - Tyse "Felix" Herennius - a close friend of Romnus Kaeso, they went to the Hierarchy naval academy together and served as deck officers on the same cruiser in their first posting. Not as driven as Romnus to secure his own command, Felix was the XO aboard the flagship of an rapid response flotilla. He was forced to retire in order to save face when a business venture he was connected to went sour threatening the progress of a rising star in the Hierarchy's political organisation. Until Romnus' call to offer him a position aboard the Prism, he'd been enjoying his leisure time at home on Palaven with his grandchildren.

Tactical Operations/Pilot - Marcella Niman - [turian]

Tactical Operations/Pilot - [human name] -

Sensor Operations - [turian name]

Sensor Operations - Rune Petersen - The former survey chief aboard the MSV Jules Verne, Petersen served alongside Russell Ortiz' older sister Helen for a number of years. A capable and experienced sensor specialist with an advanced degree in doppler waves, Helen Ortiz was not impressed when one of her most valuable crewmembers was poached by her little brother's outfit.

Command Deck Technician/Pilot - [human name]

Command Deck Technician - Mercea Fendrix - [turian]

Command Deck Technician - Ravi Singh Kohli - [human]

Senior Engineer - Aurelian Praxis - A grizzled and scarred veteran of more than thirty years aboard Hierarchy warships, Praxis had been languishing in "honourable retirement for a lifetime of sterling service" when a personal request came through from Romnus Kaeso. The dual inducements of being in charge of his own tech crew and getting to spend more time with his neice, Tertulla, were more than enough to persuade him.

Engineer - Savara Nahlus - After finishing her mandatory service, where she served as an assistant engineer aboard a Turian dreadnought, Savara hired as a member of the engineering team of a small human-turian mining cooperation, dealing mainly with the bigger machines. Although a tragic accident with a faulty mining laser almost cost her her life and left her with a slight limp and a few scars, she keeps her cheery (for a turian) outlook on life and her devotion to machines. Her work was also where she met Tibur Vrak, and the two soon became a couple, leaving together for jobs at Penumbra after the mining company defaulted.

Engineer - Tibur Vrak - On joining the Hierarchy military for his mandatory service, Tibur was drawn to the engineer corps, since he had a talent for machines of all kinds. After finishing his service, he joined a small human-turian mining corporation as chief of security, hoping to have a bigger impact on a small business. There, his competent, calm demeanor soon made him many friends, but despite his best efforts, the company failed. This saddened Tibur greatly, as he saw the failure of the company as a personal failure. However, the relationship he began with a fellow employee, Savara Nahlus gave him strength, and together they joined Penumbra Securities.

Engineer/Lab Tech - [salarian name]

Chief Science Officer - UNFILLED

Mess Chief - UNFILLED

Ship's Doctor - UNFILLED

Medical Tech - Jillian Beckmann - A post-doctorate pharmacologist and pharmacist, Beckmann was looking for something more interesting to do out of university than taking up a job on some sleepy colony. Seeing an extranet advert for a medical techician aboard a privately registered support frigate, she figured she might see the stars as well as put her talents to use.

Medical Orderly - UNFILLED

Medical Orderly - Titus Severian - Descended from an august and famous line of soldier-politicians, the Hierarchy's Personnel Assignment Board were at a loss as to what to do with a young Titus, who showed no aptitude either for warfare or administration. He was a patriotic and loyal turian who wanted to serve his people, but he was a terrible shot and lacked the ordered mental architecture for high bureaucratic office. He ended up in a nominal management position at an agricultural facility. When that facility came under attack by raiders, his true calling revealed itself. Taking charge of the casualties, he kept calm under fire helping the medics to triage and treat the wounded. Utter unflappability and a gentle bedside manner made him an ideal candidate for medical support. While this might have seemed a demeaning position for a Severian, Titus had found a place where he belonged.

Pilot - Kol Vorban - It's not every day that the rather peaceful volus take to combat, but when they do, they prefer air or space power over the ground warfare their race is ill-suited for. A promising young pilot even when he was still serving in the Volus bomber squadrons, he later left and joined several civilian companies, although none of them provided him with quite the satisfaction he sought. Penumbra Securities however offers both plenty of opportunity to exercise his skill and a nice paycheck, something a volus never turns down.

Pilot - Tertulla Praxis - A spaceborn turian from one of the more distant colonies, Tertulla had always loved to fly. Even before she was sent to perform her mandatory service with the Hierarchy, she had several years of experience in the cockpit. In her military service she flew fighters and interceptors, until a combat injury had her grounded for a while. In spite of making a full recovery, hidebound bureaucrats refused to allow her to regain her wings, citing medical grounds, putting her in a desk job. While honour demanded she stick out the remaining few years of her service, once that was done she joined ERCS as a gunship pilot.

Primary Drone Pilot - Ang Vosh - [salarian drone ace who's a physical coward]

Secondary Drone Pilot - Victoria Pabalan - A tiny woman, Pabalan has a knack with small, delicate technology and exquisite co-ordination that lends itself well to both the piloting and maintenance of drones. While all her prior drone-piloting experience was with civilian models, she has rapidly become familiar with armed combat drones.

Operations Consulting Staff[edit]

On expanding, Penumbra has taken on a number of specialist consultants to take on smaller jobs.

Asset Protection and Security Consulting -

Paramilitary Trainer - Hannah Thompson - A Systems Alliance marine veteran, Thompson had been on the N1 course with Russell Ortiz. She'd been doing the rounds training colonial militias for the Alliance in the Attican Traverse when Russell made her an offer at more than double her salary as a First Lieutenant.

Logistics Specialist -

Hostage Negotiator, Kidnapping and Rescue Specialist - Doron Camillus - Recruiting Camillus was something of a coup for Penumbra, for they had secured the services of one of C-Sec's most respected hostage negotiators and missing persons investigators. Frustrated in his job at the intransigence of his (politically-minded) superiors and too outspoken to be promoted any higher, the job offer from Penumbra created a chance at a fresh start with new challenges. He brings to his job over two decades of finding people and dealing with ransom demands and the enthusiasm of someone freed from years of dealing with stifling red tape.

Support Staff[edit]

Penumbra isn't just a two vessels and their crew, there are people operating behind the scenes to ensure the company functions smoothly.

Accountant/Auditor: Penumbra retains the services of Serrice Financial Advisory Services (Accounting and Audit Division). Penumbra's annual accounts are available upon request and our Citadel Unified Stock Exchange abbreviation is PENU-014.

Legal Counsel: Penumbra retains the services of Tyrol, Chase and Marok Associates, a salarian law firm registered on Sur'Kesh and with offices on the Citadel and all the major worlds in Council space. Associate Partner Lashan handles Penumbra's legal matters.

Intelligence Brokers: Penumbra retains the services of Scion 8, a salarian-founded intelligence network with a reputation for discretion and probity.

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