Ninjas the Return of the Enemy

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This is the page for ANT Pogo's MHRPG Ninja campaign.

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The PCs[edit]

Members of the Watch[edit]

Previous Candidate Members of the Watch[edit]

The NPCs[edit]

Members of the Watch[edit]

  • Kurosawa Asagi - Before the timeskip, Asagi was pretty, friendly, ditzy, shopping-obsessed, and a little clumsy. She was also the eldest daughter and heir to the aforementioned Kurosawa family, making her basically a ninja princess, and she had a shy crush on Karl. After the Second Betrayal, she has changed dramatically. The deaths of her father, uncle, and cousin during that event made her the effective head of both the Kurosawa family and the Council, and she has had to grow up quite a bit and adapt to her new responsibilities. While Asagi is still as friendly as she always was, her clumsiness, ditiziness, and other childish characteristics have been replaced by dedication to her duties and a firm leadership style that sometimes strays into cold pragmatism. She is determined to bring the war with the Enemy to an end, and of late this has consumed more and more of her thoughts and activities. Her shy crush on Karl has also blossomed into a full relationship. Her family's ninja abilities involve creating illusions, but Asagi has learned many other techniques.
  • Yanagisawa Mariko - Before the timeskip, her family was neutral in the fight against the Enemy, something which had caused them to be ostracised and hated among the Council ninja families which fought and sacrificed. Akira, for instance, hated her with a passion. Oddly, ninja princess Asagi thought of Mariko as her best friend, despite the disapproval of both their parents. Mariko returned that friendship, though she often acted outwardly annoyed by it (and inside, was secretly in love with Asagi). After the Second Betrayal, Mariko's circumstances changed quite a bit. Asagi, as the new head of the Council, restored the Yanagisawa family's honor and position, and Mariko was a lot more open about her friendship with Asagi (though she still harbored a secret, unrequited love for Asagi, even though Mariko has entered into a relationship with Sumie). Despite all that, Mariko's dry, almost sullen and sarcastic personality is mostly the same as it was before, with only her intense concern for Asagi able to crack that facade. Her ninja family abilities involve chi-powered explosives, like hand grenades and exploding paper tags and stuff.
  • Kanzaki Hikaru and Kanzaki Hikari - twins, male and female. Before the timeskip, they were kept isolated and tutored at home by their overprotective father, and even when they became Candidate members of the Watch they interacted far more with each other than with anyone else, and hated to be separated for any length of time or distance. After the Second Betrayal and the revelation that they're chi-clones of their father's original children, they've both matured quite a bit. Hikaru is the laconic, earnest type, while Hikari has become outgoing and mischievous. Hikari has started a relationship with Jiro that she has been trying (not really successfully) to keep secret, and appears mostly unaffected by the revelation of her origins. Hikaru, however, seems determined to find out more about the circumstances of their creation and to locate any other chi-clone siblings they might have. The Kanzaki family is related to the Saitou family, and shares their elemental control powers (though without the companions) - Hikaru can manipulate the earth, and Hikari the air.
  • Watanabe Saburo - Before the timeskip, Saburo was a typical jock - kinda dumb, very athletic, and with a desire to cause trouble and "party" that outweighed his small inkling of a good nature. During the Second Betrayal, it was revealed that his family was allied with the Enemy, and Saburo himself was assigned to assassinate Asagi, though he rejected both that mission and his family. Saburo has become much more responsible and dedicated to duty after those events (though he still has a tendency to be somewhat slow on the uptake sometimes), and despite his family's actions and their whole clan being dissolved and destroyed, Asagi named him as her hatamoto. As a result, he is intensely and unswervingly loyal to her. His family were archers, using special bows to fire chi-arrows.
  • Murakami Riku - Before the timeskip, Riku was bit of a cipher, annoyingly so. He seemed to hate everyone and everything about him, and could usually be found standing around with a sullen look on his face. His bitterness came from his family being excluded as "not good enough" for the final fight against the Enemy 20 years ago, and he had vowed to show up everyone to prove his family's worth...apparently by being a colossal jerk about it. After the Second Betrayal, Riku has mellowed rather dramatically. The crucible of fighting alongside the other members of the Watch during those events combined with the trust that Asagi, the Kurosawa heir, showed in him and his family in the aftermath made him realize that he had been wrong. He's now a good-natured, slightly irreverent kind of guy, who has a deep concern for his fellow Watch members. He also has a not-quite-secret unrequited love for Jiro. His family's ninja powers involve dodging and defense, and he always carries his family's chi-enhanced heirloom sword in a wrapped, long, thin bundle on his back.

Friends and Allies[edit]

  • Hayakawa Ataru - Before the timeskip, he was everyone's ninja mentor. Most of the time, he appeared to be a sloppy slacker PE teacher type, with stubble on his face and always wearing sweats. He was honestly concerned for his young ninja charges, though, and he must have had something going for him to be named their instructor...right? After the Second Betrayal, he is still employed as a PE teacher at the school everyone attended as part of the masquerade, but his main duty these days is to act as an adviser and uncle-figure to Asagi. It's been revealed that Ataru is actually related by blood to Asagi and Saya, but he's still trying to keep this a secret.
  • Hiramatsu Tomoko - the teacher at the school everyone attended as part of the masquerade. She's beautiful, bespectacled, and utterly, utterly scatterbrained. She also, without knowing it, has a very dangerous and murderous ninja entity sealed away within her, which once got loose and almost killed Rin before Ataru managed to restore Hiramatsu-sensei to her normal dizzy self. It has been revealed that Hiramatsu-sensei is really two entities in one, created when Kuramitsu Tomoko, then a Council kunoichi, used a technique to absorb and trap the chi of a powerful rival kunoichi named Kuroi within her own body during the First Betrayal. Kuroi's son, still a servant of the Enemy, seeks to free his mother and return her to the Betrayers.
  • Kuramitsu Ayako - the nurse at the school everyone attended as part of the masquerade. Her sister is Hiramatsu-sensei, and Nurse Kuramitsu's main role is to watch over her sister at the school and to ensure that Kuroi does not get free. She has vast medical-ninja knowledge, and also serves as the Kurosawa family's personal physician and medical adviser. Despite being the younger sister, she actually appears older than Hiramatsu-sensei, and keeps her blond-dyed hair cut just above the shoulders. No one has yet managed to catch her without her lab coat.
  • Aramaki Machiko - the current majordomo of the Kurosawa family. Serious and prim, she always wears glasses, severe power suits, and a professional demeanor. Although a scion of a Council ninja family, Aramaki was born with a rare disability that prevents her from using any chi technique whatsoever, and as a result she has channeled her desire to loyally serve the Kurosawa into her talents of bureaucracy and administration, something at which she has few equals.

Servants of the Enemy[edit]

  • Kurita Hanapi ("Piko") - known by her nickname Piko, about half the age of everyone else. Before the timeskip, she was a cheerful, capricious, flighty, and sometimes cruel child. During the Second Betrayal, Piko was revealed to be working for the Enemy all along, and fled to the Betrayers. She's less flighty and more serious now, and has not only put her childishness behind her, she seems very concerned with being seen as and acting like a grown-up. Her family is a branch family of the Keibi, and shares their strength abilities.
  • Ishida Taro - a suave, bishie ladykiller...or so he thought. In reality, he was just an oversexed douchebag, who spent most of his time hitting on anything female within range, using really really cheesy lines. His supposed family were expert swordsmen. During the Second Betrayal, Taro was revealed as a member of a Betrayer family, who was working for the Enemy all along. He was killed by Karl, after almost killing Asagi.


  • Hosoki Rin - Before the timeskip, Rin was as close to a Ninja Mean Girl as its possible to get: stunningly beautiful, knew it, and got a kind of perverse joy out of teasing (in the femme fatale sense) and snarking cynically at those around her. She claimed to be part of the Fujiwara family, a clan that is secretive and isolated even by ninja standards, with abilities centering around various forms of mental influence and which are the main information brokers among the other ninja families as a result. During the Second Betrayal, Rin was revealed as the daughter of the Enemy himself, and that she had been working for him all along. She severely injured Mariko, and was severely injured in turn by Sumie. Rin returned to her father, but later turned against him as well. She is currently the leader of a ninja faction separate from the Council and the Betrayers, and has said that she is dying. She appears to communicate and interact with others exclusively through Fuuka.
  • Hosoki Fuuka - Fuuka is the product of a chi experiment conducted by the Betrayers, and has a shark's chi that has been modified and given human form. She is utterly loyal and devoted to Rin for rescuing her from her creators. She is intelligent and slightly sarcastic, and is somewhat self-conscious about her sharklike attributes.
  • Nakai Kazuo and Nakai Kozue - twins, male and female. Before the timeskip, they served the Betrayers because their mother was one of the Enemy's most trusted servants, who was once the wife of a Council ninja but who left to join the Betrayers and took her children with her. After the Second Betrayal, stunned by the fighting and the knowledge that they had chi-clone siblings among the Watch, they joined up with Rin and now serve her. Though they took the name of the clan their mother remarried into, they were born into the Kanzaki family, which is related to the Saitou family and shares their elemental control powers (though without the companions) - Kazuo can manipulate water, and Kozue fire.


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