Sistan Partesh, Polemarch of the Anusiya

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Sistan Partesh[edit]


Cunning Polemarch of the Anusiya

Manly Jawed Dara Happan

(Fire/Moon) Initiate of Ursaivirinus Origine


(Full Half) Moon (Fire, Change) 7W

  • As Tinder To Steel +1
  • The Light That Reveals All Things +1
  • The Glamour of War +1

Mastery 7W

  • The Rope That Binds The Whole +1

Communication 4W

  • Blends Right In +1
  • A Gift For Languages +1


Polemarch 7W

  • Commander of the Anusiya(R) +4 (Loyal, dedicated but ruthless leader)
  • Tarnished Hero of the Reaching Moon (R) +2 (Contacts throughout Lunar society)
  • No Soldier Left Behind (P) +1
  • Cunning (P) +9
  • Loyal To The General(R) +3

There's Something About Mageera (R) 3W (Sees the General in her plans and schemes. Has transferred loyalty and love from one to the other)

He's A Sneaky Bastard, But He's Our Sneaky Bastard(R - Lok Stok) 2W

The Bed Wasn't Even Cold (R) 1W (Takes a dim view of the relationship between Erinetha and Raus. Suspicious of both but considers Erinetha an active danger since she may be familiar with some part of the General's plans)

Is That Bell Cracked? (R) 20 (Uneasy respect)

Gets on perhaps a bit too well with Meera Paran, Lunar Priestess (R) 1W

...oh look...there's more...

A mutual understanding with the Newtlings (R) 18

Brighteye (R) 18

Wary respect for Kinope (R)18

Dara Happan 17

  • Above His Station (P) +1 (Blends Right In but is always aware he's not a noble, as are others. Seeking ennoblement but conflicted about it)
  • Stoic (P) +1

Manners Maketh The Man (P) 1W (Sistan is unfailingly polite, though filtered through a general Dara Happan sensibility)

May Have Smiled Once (P)17

Distinguishing Characteristic[edit]

Manly Jaw 17

Lunar Consort[edit]

Arteshtaran' (Silver Lion)

  • Lunar Consort 19
  • Moon(Fire and Change) 7W
  • Whispers of Madness +1
  • Illuminated Cheshire Cat 1W


  • Winning Is Everything 17W
  • 'Staches of Blood and Snow(P) +1
  • The General's Daughter 10W
  • REMF's 18


  • Talent: Look! Over There! (Illusion) 17
  • Talent: We're Done Here. (Communication) 17
  • Talent: I See What You Did There. (Moon) 17


The Marriage of Moon and Sun 17 (Necklace of gold rays and quicksilver tears. Proportion changes and rays/tears blend as the Urvairinus cult shifts more towards being a Red Emperor subcult. Powers, origin and significance unknown. Personal gift from the General on his initiation and promotion to Polemarch. Areshtaran being the Goddess' gift from the same ceremony and quest)

The Dancer Bedecked In Ghosts And Moonlight 1W

4 Breakouts/Abilities unassigned.


  • Hero Points:3
  • Advancement Points: 0

Segla Giantfriend

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