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A plain looking young man in his mid-twenties, clean shaven and shaven headed (at the moment). He has a wiry build, broad in the shoulder and narrow in the waist and slightly below medium height.

What Stello knows

  • Stello ran away from the circus. Or at least that's the way he remembers it. He was young, son of a contortionist-mother and an acrobat-father, when he met the man named Peccaro. Peccaro himself was a mystery, taking the child Stello under his wing, he trained him in the ways of the Clan of Harbingers. Until a year or so ago at least. Returning from a minor task, picking the pocket of an Ellesland merchant by the name of Albehra Aldballeshe, Stello was greeted by the sight of their small house on fire and a clutch of cloaked men racing away across the rooftops.
  • Stello rescued what he could from the burning building and made his own, confused, escape. He knows the basics of the Harbinger Clan techniques; enough to be dangerous, enough to be worth killing. Stello doesn't know nearly enough.

  • What Stello doesn't know
  • Peccaro was a renegade, one with fingers in a lot of pies, very dangerous pies. The kind of pies where you don't ask what the meat is. Stello didn't really run away from the circus at all. Oh, he sort of wanted to, that much is true, but not enough to run, not without a nudge. Oddly enough, Stello's parents never came looking for him, no hue and cry was set up when Peccaro patiently hypnotised the child with a little help from his changeling ally, Suktaimaa, and then convinced him that a better life awaited him. Then again, as far as Stello's parents are concerned, he never left. That being the important part of the plan.
  • Stello could have been killed (there was no real need for him) but Peccaro, a man of considerable foresight, could see potential uses for a young boy in his line of work. So he trained him in Harbinger ways and put him to work. No big deal this for Peccaro, the Clan had been hunting him for years anyway, one more breach of the rules was unlikely to affect his fate if they found him. He was right about that.
  • Sometimes Stello has odd dreams, a side effect of the changeling process, disjointed things of terror and violence, of strange places and faces. If only he knew what they meant. Perhaps it's better he doesn't.

Character Details[edit]

  • Name: Stello
  • Background: New Selentine Empire (sort of), Entertainer/Clan of Harbingers (sort of)
  • Languages: Angate (Native), Visic (Fluent), Kurlish (Intermediate), Albish (Basic)
  • Scripts: Classic (Fluent), Nikkar Runic
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Rank: 3
  • Strength: 13
  • Reflexes: 14
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Psychic Talent: 10
  • Looks: 9
  • Attack: 16
  • Defence: 7
  • Evasion: 6
  • Stealth: 20
  • Perception: 10
  • Magical Defence: 5

  • Experience:66
  • Health Points: 9


  • Sword d8 4
  • Unarmed d6 3
  • Dagger d4 3

Missile Weapons

  • Dagger d3 3
  • Crossbow d10 4
  • Bow d6 4


  • Padded Armour 2

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Combat Technique
    • Unarmed Combat
    • Shock Attack
  • Alchemical Technique
  • Stealth
  • Meditation Technique
    • Light Trance
    • Darkness Trance
  • Skill
    • Pilfer
    • Climb


  • Hand Lantern
  • Tinderbox
  • Shoulder Pack
  • Padded Armour
  • Sword
  • Crossbow
  • Dagger
  • Bible (+ Captain's letters and notes)
  • Whalebone crucifix
  • 7 moonblades (poisoned)
  • Poison pot
  • Gloves
  • Dried Blood Crystals
  • Sharpened coin
  • Bent copper wire
  • Pendant
  • Bow
  • 12 arrows
  • Quiver
  • One bag to hide the sword while strapped to back.
  • Small pockets for the six knives (lost one overboard). Locations: 2xsleeves, 1xback of neck, 3xrear of waist behind the belt area (such that the leather covers them).
  • Repouch the crystal for later use. Split across four parts or so probably. Also make 4 smaller packets folded in paper.
  • Smoke Jar
  • Flash Pellets (3)
  • Notes regarding a merchant family by the name of Aldballeshe as a contact if one wanted to establish contact with the Harbingers and a wayside trading post south of Brymstone which could function as a message relay.


  • Crowns: 2
  • Florins: 45
  • Pennies: 25