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Level 4 (11,000 xp)

Chaotic Good

Male, Common

20 y/o

Height: 5' 8”

Weight: 110 lb

Features: Black hair; dark brown eyes; mottled complexion


Str 14 Attack +0; Damage +1; Test 3:6; Feat 8%
Dex 17 Attack +2; +1 AC; Test 4:6, Feat 24%
Con 14 HP +1; Poison +0; Trauma 80%; Test 3:6; Feat 8%
Int 18 Languages +3; Bonus Spells: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th; Learn 95%
Wis 8 Willpower +0
Cha 10 React/Loyal 0; Max Hench 4

Combat Stats

Casting Ability 4
Fighting Ability 1
Saving Throw 15 (+2 Device; +2 Sorcery)
AC 5 (Bracers of Defensiveness AC 6 + Dex Bonus)
AC 4 (Bracers of Defensiveness AC 6 + Dex Bonus + Quarterstaff bonus in melee)
HP 20 (4d4 +4 +3 from familiar) (13+4+3)
MV 40ft


+1 Quarter Staff: +1 to hit (magic); 1d6+2 Damage (Str + magic)
Dagger: +0 to hit; 1d4+1 Damage (Str)
Sling: +2 to hit (Dex); 1d4+1 Damage (Str)


Bracers of Defensiveness AC 6

Class Abilities

Magician's Familiar (Rat, 3 HP, Can see/hear through familiar 120 feet)
Read Magic
Read Scrolls
Scribe Scrolls
Sorcery (Base 3x1st and 2x2nd; with Int bonus 4x1st and 3x2nd; with Int and Familiar 5x1st and 4x2nd)

Known Spells

Detect Magic (1st)
Magic Missile (1st) (Two missiles 1d4+1 each)
Magic Missile (1st) (Two missiles 1d4+1 each)
Shocking Grasp (1st) (Touch, 1d8+4 damage)
Sleep (1st) (4 HD or lower: affect 2d8 HD starting with lowest; or single 5HD creature)
Continuous Light (2nd) (60 foot diameter, permanent)
Web (2nd) (Range 20 feet; Covers 10x10x20 feet)

Secondary Skills



Hellenic (Kimmerian dialect)
Old Norse
Esquimaux (Coastal dialect)

Magic Items

+1 Quarterstaff
Bracers of Defensiveness AC 6
Scroll - Levitate (2nd level)
Scroll - Fireball (3rd level)
Potion of Healing (drinking half heals 1d4HP, drinking all at once heals 2d4+2HP)

The son of a trader, Tiller grew up helping his father with moving merchandise between cities by both caravan and ship. Trained as a navigator early, he soon discovered that his ability to read maps and determine routes brought forward and unexpected gift of sorcery. He apprenticed for a bit with a magician in Khromarium and then returned to the family business as both navigator and added protection against marauders.

Over time he realized that he wanted to make a name for himself and left the trading business. Since then he has sought out more knowledge of sorcery.