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Background of a Political Role Playing Campaign designed for new, inexperienced players bereft of an experienced player's vivid, encyclopedic knowledge of Oerth and the Greyhawk setting that would otherwise prove more of a hindrance than a help to world involvement, understanding and ultimate enjoyment. This is my Greyhawk for player characters starting from level one.

Player characters have multiple opportunities to change the course of an otherwise pre-destined history that, if unchecked, will lead to civil war, international conflict, Humanoid invasion and eventually the extinction of the Elves as a nation within this D&D world. A Rogue class is highly recommended for the survival of the party, as is a balanced well-equipped party. [Note to DM: pay attention to a STRong physically defensive capability at the outset and an INTellectual offensive capability for later stage politicking.]

The Dungeon Master MUST create a level 2 Rogue NPC if the players do not choose to play the class. It's that important.

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