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Name: Dr. Hermione Dahl

Code Name: Dr. Doll (2)

High Concept: Robot-Herding Science Heroine

Example Invokes: Bring in robot backup to cut off an enemy; bring in robot investigation squad to sweep an area for clues without risking human contamination; engage in rigorous scientific analysis of a mysterious gadget left by aliens

Compels: Come and look at the pretty scientific mystery, regardless of the danger or time wasted! That was about three robots too many for this pier's weight capacity, Dr. Dahl...

Background: Cyborg Daughter of Dr. Doll (1)

Example Invokes: Sudden revelation of armor plating/concealed weaponry/robotic strength. "My father told me about this one time when he..."

Compels: "No! The lightning blew all the breakers in my legs! I can't move!" "...they admire my beauty, but it's all artificial sculpture. I can't really be close to them."

Trouble: Family Drama

Example Invokes: "Codemonkey. My father warned me about your tricks..."

Compels: "Your father never did get around to updating your firmware, did he?" "You're the image of his late wife! My one true love! I WILL NOT LET THIS BLASPHEMY STAND!"

Approaches: Clever +3, Forceful +2, Flashy +2, Careful +1, Quick +1, Sneaky +0


Dr. Lysander Dahl, aka Dr. Doll (1) was a premiere science-hero specializing in robotics-- he made vast squads of robots, mostly made up to look like humanoid toys of one kind or another, and used his brilliant scientific mind and engineering skills to fight crime and do good deeds in general, as well as make piles of cash on the side in the field of industrial patents. He married his beautiful business partner, and all seemed to be well and good in his life...

...but his lab procedures were, tragically, careless. Long-term damage from toxic chemicals sapped his strength, and that of his wife, who died in childbirth. His daughter, worse, was born badly deformed, with withered, useless limbs, facial distortions, and far worse.

Dr. Doll retired from being a hero, then, to become a father, but also withdrew from society to attempt to shelter his daughter. He would not let her be treated like a freak; he would FIX THINGS!

And he certainly did his best, building for her a constantly-replaced stream of cybernetic prosthetics so that she could, to all appearances, live a normal life, at least in the brief public appearances she made. And it, somehow, worked. The constant stream of replacement Hermione-parts became so heavily-produced that Hermione, herself a genius, began to play with them, using them to make an ever-growing robotic duplicates of herself (but color-shifted in various ways, because it was already a painful reminder of what she really was). She programmed them, adapted the technology, improved on her father's work...

And then, one day, she was ready. She was done with being hidden away. She could make this work. The time had come for there to be a superhero named "Dr. Doll" once again.

Only this time, it was an entire squadron.

Revised Stats for Venture City[edit]

Power Theme (Free): Technology

Base Power (1 Stunt): Creature Summoning

Enhancements (2 Stunts): Menagerie; Master Creature Summoning

Synergies (2 Stunts): Gadgeteering, Machine Control.

Drawback (Free): Your Dolls might be as friendly as anything, but since they Hit the Uncanny Valley, people tend to freak out.

Special Effects (Free): Area Attack; Extra Action

Collateral Damage Effect (Free): Noble Sacrifice

This leaves you with 1 Stunt slot to use for something else.


Great (+4) Crafts Good (+3) Lore, Empathy Average (+2) Contacts, Resources, Will Fair (+1) Athletics, Notice, Rapport, Shoot

[You could easily swap Crafts and Lore; Crafts is more making/fixing stuff and Lore is more knowing stuff. Empathy is used for Machine Control. If you don't want to bother with having Empathy, I'd be fine with you taking a Stunt that allowed you to use Will for Machine Control instead, which would cost you a Stunt but free up a skill slot. In that case, I'd suggest bumping Will to +3, Notice to +2, and adding Investigate at +1. But, that's all up to you]

Your Dolls would look like this:

Doll Alpha

[Skill] +3 [Skill] +3

Physical Stress: [ ][ ] Mental Stress: [ ][ ] Consequences: [Mild]; [Moderate]