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Iron Kingdoms 4e Conversion Project[edit]

The Iron Kingdoms, a setting from Privateer Press, was released using 3e D&D rules. Privateer Press have also released the tabletop wargames Warmachine and Hordes, and from the way the games play, 4e would almost certainly be a better match for the IK than 3e is. Also the prep time needed for the DM is lower - there are many advantages to converting and for various reasons an official conversion is unlikely. Therefore this is our attempt.

Please note that due to potential copywrite issues, a lot of the conversion is going to be bare bones statblocks - Privateer has produced some outstanding material, and this is only intended to convert it. If you don't know the significance of e.g. Alexia di Ciannor, although there is going to be a conversion into 4e, we aren't going to tell you who she is.

Character Classes, Races, and Paragon Paths[edit]


Human = Human

Dwarf = Dwarf

Iosian = Deva (?)

Nyss = Elf

Gobber = Halfling

Bogrin = Hobgoblin (?)

Ogryn = Goliath

Satyx = ?

Skorne = ?

Tharn = Longtooth Shifter (male) / Razorclaw Shifter (female)

Trollkin = Half-Orc (?)

Basic Classes[edit]

All the character classes in PHB 1 and PHB 2 are legal in the Iron Kingdoms. That said, there is currently only one Invoker in the entire IK (the Harbinger of Menoth), Mennites aren't allowed the arcane power source unless they are bards or warcasters (and even then they need to keep quiet about it), and the primal power source is restricted to Hordes factions - most of which don't use Arcane power.

At present, it is planned that Arcane Mechaniks are going to use the rules for Artificers (from Eberron).

Modified Classes[edit]

Gun Mage - Modified Sorceror

New Paragon Paths[edit]



Iron Head

Beast Hunter

Note that although it is planned that there will be a paragon path for Mage Hunters, in its initial phases these rules will only have Mage Hunters of Ios as elite skirmishers.

Warp Wolf




Mechanika and Magic Items

Warcaster and Ironhead Armour


Note: there are a number of options for handling Warjacks.

Warjacks as PCs[edit]

Warjacks as standard NPCs[edit]

Warjacks as controlled monsters[edit]

Statblocks of Notable NPCs[edit]

Statblocks of Notable Monsters[edit]