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Mandrake Funeral[edit]

Real Name: Mandrake "Drake" Funeral

Identity: Public

Origin: Training

Power Source: Magic (Necromancy)

History: Drake is a young noble who ran away from home just before his 21st birthday in order to avoid being sacrificed by his family. He feels pretty back about letting down his father, but sometimes a man has to make is own destiny, even if his family disapproves.

Personality: Drake is a polite youth. He tries to be helpful and is very friendly.

Appearance: Drake is a tall, thin youth in his early twenties. He usually wears a victorian style black suit with a cloak. His eyes are inky black, the pupils lost in the iris. They stand in stark contrast to his almost transluscent white skin and hair. He is never without the gift his father gave him, the Amulet of Aurian. The talisman is a silvered Iron Cross with a dark blood ruby in the center of it that hangs from a silver chain around his neck.

Heroic Motivation: Drake is inherently an extremely good person. The reality he comes from is built on the assumption that every person will be polite and helpful to both friends and strangers.

Series Information: Mortuary Living in the Land of the Dead

The series follows the life and events of several members of the Funeral family. They live in a dark world full of demons, devils, vampires, ghouls, necromancers, and various other horrific ilk. The dark characters are contrasted by their sunny demeanors. People tend to be polite, a vampire going so far as to ask for permission to bite someone.

One Part Pleasantville + One Part Horror. Blend well and serve on ice.

[Excerpt from Mortuary Living in the Land of the Dead]

Drake slowly walked down the large curving stairway and into his father's antechamber. It was obvious that her and the man studying at the desk are related. They shared the same tall, thin build, the same white hair and pale skin, and the same inky black eyes. Darien Funeral looked up from the eldritch tome at his son's approach, and his face lit up.

"Good morning, son. How do you fare this morning? Excited about your birthday in a weeks time?"

Drake stopped in front of his father's desk and fidgited nervously. His 21st birthday was fast approaching, and with it a sense of impending dread. "Yeah...about that. I was thinking that instead of the whole ritual sacrifice of you oldest son thing, we could, I don't know, throw a party or something..."

He trailed off at the look of mild disappointment from his father. His father, who could summon spirits long dead to learn their secrets. Who could strip the soul of a person with a glance. Who could command legions of the undead. And who could totally ground him if he really wanted to. But Drake pressed on.

"I know it's a family tradition and all, but...I don't know. It's just not my thing. Maybe we could throw a party instead, maybe invite the family of ghouls that just moved into that abandoned castled to the east. That would be fun..."

When his father spoke, it was in a soft, concerned tone. "Who's been filling your head with all this nonsense? Is it that vampire girl? What's her name, Elizabeth? Listen to me, son, the Funeral's have been sacrificing their eldest son since the dawn of time. My brother did it and so did my uncle before him. It's more than a tradition. It's a part of who we are. I thought you'd be excited."

Seeing that he was getting nowhere, Drake sagged in defeat. "Maybe your right. It must just be pre-sacrificial jitters."

His father smiled at him in approval. "Well that's nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody gets cold feet."

Later that night, Drake lay awake in bed, thinking about him future. Being dead won't be so bad. It's not like I can't visit. It'll be just like moving to a new place, or going to a new school... I won't be so bad... I will miss food, though. Oh, and my heart beat. And warmth... The longer he thought about it, the less he thought being the object of a human sacrifice wasn't for him.

Late that night, he packed some of his possessions and snuck out of his father's castle. Me made sure to take him annointed amulet. It was a family heirloom, so he knew he should probably leave it, but his father had given it to him and said it would keep him safe. (At least until his sacrifice.) Anyways, the world was a dangerous place, and he wanted to keep a little piece of home.

And so it was that Mandrake Funeral left him world behind, he had no idea how literally that was going to end of being.

[Excerpt Mortuary Living in the Land of the Dead]

Vampire: "Is see your not wearing your cross tonight."

Old Lady: reaches to her neck "Oh, how silly of me, I must have left it on the nightstand."

Vampire: "If you don't mind me saying, your neck looks much more beautiful without it. May I?"

Old Lady: "You're too kind. Of course, of course. Boy is Adam going to get a chuckle tomorrow, knowing I forgot my cross and all."

Vampire: "Indeed. Anything you'd like me to pass on?"

Old Lady: "Oh, could you remind him to take the medicine the apothecary made for him, and tell him I want to be buried in my blue dress. And don't take no for an answer. I'm the one's gotta wear it forever and I want the blue one, even if he likes the green one better!"

Vampire: chuckling good naturedly "I'll let him know." Proceeds to drink her blood.

PL: 10[edit]

  • Power Points: 150
  • Hero Points: 4
  • Trade-Offs: +0/-0 Attack/DC Save Modifier; +1/-1 Defense/Toughness


  • Strength: 10 [+0]
  • Dexterity: 10 [+0]
  • Constitution: 28 [+9]
  • Intelligence: 16 [+3]
  • Wisdom: 18 [+4]
  • Charisma: 18 [+4]


  • Initiative: +0
  • Attack Bonus: +0 (Melee +0/Ranged: +0)
  • Defense Bonus: 21 (Flat-Footed: 13, Uncanny Dodge, 50% Miss Chance)


  • Toughness: +9
  • Fortitude: +12
  • Reflex: +15
  • Will: +14


  • Bluff 8 (12)
  • Concentration 8 (12)
  • Diplomacy 8 (12)
  • Intimidate 8 (12)
  • Knowledge (Arcane) 15 (18)
  • Notice 8 (12)
  • Sense Motive 9 (13)


  • Attractive
  • Ritualist
  • Skill Mastery (Concentration, Knowledge (Arcane), Bluff, Sense Motive)
  • Evasion 2 (Granted by Amulet)
  • Uncanny Dodge (Mental, Granted by Amulet)


  • Necromantic Powers

Syphoning the Soul: With an otherworldly moan, a person's soul is torn from his body and is absorbed by another.

Mental Blast [Vampiric +1, Check Required (Arcane Knowledge) -1] 10

Wither: The body withers as necromantic energy withers its life away.

--AP: Fatigue [Perception +2, Secondary Effect +1, Check Required (Arcane Knowledge) -1] 10

Death Visions: Horrid images flash in the minds eye, revealing a peak at the victims torturous death.

--AP: Stun [Perception +2, Secondary Effect +1, Will Save +0, Check Required (Arcane Knowledge) -1] 10

Reaper's Ward: A reaper appears on the astral plane and harvests the unfortunate's life force.

--AP: Drain (Physical Abilities Scores) [Perception +2, Secondary Effect +1, Check Required (Arcane Knowledge) -1] 10

Blight: The souls of the masses are torn from all in view.

--AP: Damage [Area (Half Circle, 10 ft radius) +1, Will Save +1, No Reflex Save +1, Vampiric +1, Check Required (Arcane Knowledge) -1] 10

  • Super Senses (See Ghosts) – Spiritual Awareness
  • Amulet of Aurian (Funeral Family Heirloom)

Device (Hard to Lose) 5

--Shield 6

--Mirror Image

--Enhanced Feats (Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge (Mental))

--Enhanced Reflex Save 12



  • Reputation (Necromancer) - Turns out necromancers get a bad wrap...
  • Enemy (Sebastian, Younger Brother) - Isn't the heir until Drake is dead.
  • Responsibility (Noble Obligation) - Noble's are supposed to care for the masses, at least, the parts of the masses they're not experimenting on, sacrificing, or eating...
  • Honor (Chivalric Code) - Don't lie, cheat, or steal. Ladies first. That kind of thing.


150 PP total = Abilities 40 + Skills 16 + Feats 3 + Powers 61 + Combat 10 + Saves 16 - 0 Drawbacks = 150pp[edit]