Let there be Justice, though the World Perish (a Justice League PBP game)

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Art by Coyote's Own
Art by Ziven of Nine

Let there be Justice, though the World Perish is a Justice League PBP game set on DC Universe Earth-15 and run using ICONS Assebled Edition (ICONS AE). The original pitch by Bellerophon is:

This game is not set in the DC Comics Earth-1 Quagmire. Instead, we'll call it Earth-15, and, much like the Young Justice TV series, superheroics are a relatively recent development. 3 years ago, a masked vigilante began his crusade against Gotham's underworld. Only 4 years ago did a Sun God from Smallville make his appearance on the stage at Metropolis in all his glory. In fact, only a single year ago was the official founding of the League. The reason for this change is to both unburden us from canon while still having a universe that is recognizable.

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Captain Astounding as Bronze Tiger

Dogr_Dollarsson as Elongated Man

Fred as Blue Beetle

GetterBurai as The Atom

Jive Professor as Captain Marvel

Navaren as Green Arrow & Impulse

ScottL as Terra

Ziven of Nine as Power Girl


2011 - First appearance of Superman.

2012 - First appearance of the Batman.

2014 - Justice League founded.

2015 - Present day.

Story Arcs[edit]

Capsules by Fred.

Inauguration Day[edit]

The newly-instated second wave members of the Justice League prevent a new incarnation of the Injustice League to free Parasite from a Lexcorp train.

Open House[edit]

Amid the clean up of the Hall of Justice and their first press conference, the new members find out their seniors are departing Earth. Then, they split up to solve the League's pending cases.

Days of Thunder[edit]

The Leaguers return to Metropolis to deal with a freak hurricane that threatens to level the city and is powered by the Weather Wizard's wand.

Going Rogue[edit]