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Voted the Worst Place to Live in America


Rockerboy - Charismatic Impact: 4


  • Cultural Background: North American
  • Personality: Outgoing and charismatic
  • Clothing style: Leisurewear
  • Hair: Wild Color (currently black and purple).
  • Affectation: Mirrorshades
  • Values: Honesty
  • People: I like almost everyone!
  • Most valued person: DJ X-Nine, musical mentor
  • Most valued possession: Microphone
  • Original Background: Reclaimers (Corville, small dying town outside Night City)
  • Childhood environment: Corp Safe Zone
  • Family Crisis: Lost everything due to bad management. Her father decided to make a go of it as a Militech drone. Did not end well.
  • Friends: Carli Styles, former mean girl tormentor of MC in her youth, now much more humble and runs the largest (and really only) remaining store in Corville. Sara Tanaka, ex-output. Still friends with benefits with either feels the need, but definitely a 'better friends than lovers.'
  • Enemies: Dominic aka "Dom86" a fellow rapper who used to perform with MC. Creative differences turned ugly. Dom40 stayed with MC's original group, Violent Crush, who've dropped at least one diss track on each new mix they make.
  • Tragic Ex: Roxanne "Roxy" Romero. The kind of crazy, all-consuming romance every rockerboy should have once in their life. Roxy was a techie who abandoned a decent but extremely tedious job for Night City corp working as part of the tech crew for the city government's local broadcasts (or, really, propaganda). Random chance saw them to see MC perform which sparked a fire in her go out of control. MC and Roxy constantly pushed each other to new heights in terms of music and stage presentation. MC was even thinking, maybe, possibly, kind of, you know... marriage and then Roxy vanished without a word. Woke up one day super hung over from the night before (did they party? They must have) and the bed was empty.
  • Life goal: Find Roxy. Ain't that hard.
  • What kind of rockerboy are you? Hip-hop artist. Can DJ but really prefers to rap.
  • Group? Once. Fell out with Dom86, mentioned above.
  • Why were you kicked out? Dom86 was much more about the band's success whereas MC was more about the message. The band followed the eddies.
  • Venues: Private clubs.
  • Who's gunning for you? Violent Crush wants MC gone, which they feel is best served by trying to snake her gigs.


  • Int. 3
  • Ref. 7
  • Dex. 7
  • Tech. 7
  • Cool. 7
  • Will. 6
  • Luck. 7
  • Move. 7
  • Body. 5
  • Emp. 8


  • Athletics 2
  • Brawling 6
  • Concentration 2
  • Conversation 2
  • Education 2
  • Evasion 6
  • First Aid 6
  • Human Perception 6
  • Language (Street Slang) 2
  • Language (English) 4
  • Local Expert (Watson) 4
  • Perception 2
  • Persuasion 6
  • Composition 6
  • Handgun 6
  • Melee Wepaon 6
  • Person Grooming 4
  • Play Instrument (Rap) 6
  • Streetwise 6
  • Wardrobe & Style 4

Basic Gear[edit]

  • Very Heavy Pistol
  • Basic VH Pistol
  • Ammunition x50
  • Heavy Melee Weapon
  • Teargas Grenade x2
  • Light Armorjack Body Armor (SP11)
  • Light Armorjack Head Armor (SP11)


  • Agent
  • Computer
  • Bug Detector
  • Glow Paint x5
  • Pocket Amp
  • Radio Scanner/Music Player
  • Video Camera
  • Generic Chic: Jacket, Jewelry x3, Top x4
  • Leisurewear: Jewelry, Mirrorshades, Top, Bottoms, Footwear
  • Urbanflash: Bottoms, Top
  • Personal CarePak


  • Audio Recorder
  • Chemskin
  • Cyberaudio Suite
  • Tech Hair

Humanity cost: 9