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Ms. Heart is a former Destroyer of the God-Machine specializing in the mass removal of any elements deemed unnecessary or threatening. Look at any major disaster in human history and odds are you’ll find Ms. Heart was involved somehow. Though her body has been reused and recycled countless times over the years, her sharp and inquisitive mind has been preserved like a treasure. Capable of compiling a myriad of scenarios geared towards the efficient elimination of the God-Machine’s enemies the way great artists paint masterpieces. Her latest job seemed straightforward: turn this so called ‘Cold War’ the humans were fighting red hot. It seemed a painfully simple task for an intellect like hers. After all the humans had already done most of the hard work for her, all she needed to do was light the fuse. But after years upon years of blindly following orders sowing the seeds of destruction for reasons she was never given Ms. Heart’s inquisitve nature finally got the better of her. It was on this job that she asked the one question that someone in her position must never ever ask: “Why?” And with that one word she Fell, landing in a small London suburb where she was quickly picked up by MI666 agents. When she woke up at their base she was offered the chance to use her talents for something greater than just mindless mass destruction. Ms. Heart lept at the opportinity to feed her intellectual curriosity and eagerly accepted the offer. She was soon assigned to Mr. Grey as a research assistant, using their combined intellects to develop the tools needed for MI666 opperatives to carry out the Queen’s justice.

Incarnation: Destroyer

Agenda: Saboteur

Virtue: Logical

Vice: Competitive

Beats: [] [] [] [] []

Cover Beats: [] [] [] [] []

Experiences: 0

Cover Experiences: 1

Human Stats[edit]

Size: 5

Health: 7/7

Willpower: 1/5

Defense: 5

Speed: 9

Initiative: +6

Demonic Stats[edit]

Primium: 3

Aether: 11/11

Aether Per Turn: 2

Cover: 7

  • Madelyn Rose

Maximum Covers: 2



Intelligence: 5

Wits: 3

Resolve: 2


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Stamina: 2


Charisma: 1

Manipulation: 3

Composure: 3



Computer 3

  • Hacking

Craft 4

  • Explosives
  • Spy Gadgets

Investigation 3

Science 3


Athletics 2

Brawl 3

Firearms 3

Larceny 2

Stealth 2


Expression 2

Persuasion 1

Subterfuge 2


Alternate Identity 3

  • Evelyn Evans

Professional Training 3

  • Engineer (Crafts, Science, Computer)

Contacts 2

  • Material Suppliers
  • Computer Engineers

Status 2

  • British Intelligence

Area of Expertise

  • Explosives

Good Time Management

Encyclopedic Knowledge

  • Crafting

Demolisher 3

Terrible Form 4


Download Knowledge

Lost in the Crowd

Raw Materials




Interlock: Upload Knowledge

Demonic Form[edit]

Ms. Heart’s Demonic body resembles a tightly coiled mass of wires, circuitry, and computer hardware covered crudely by a tattered lab coat. Occasionaly a burst of electricity crackles along the wires, this happens more frequently when Ms. Heart is deep in thought. One of her arms ends in a large Rivet Gun. Spouting from her sides are 2 long dense cables like the tentacles of an octopus, the ends of which are frayed and the copper wires split to resemble fingers. On her back is a propulsion system with a host of tubes and wires feeding it. Her head has the appearance of a computer monitor with a glitchy interface.


Inhuman Intelligence
Inhuman Strength
Electrical Sight
Rivet Gun
EMP Field


Electric Jolt
Environmental Resistance
Frost Aura


Plasma Drive


Extra Mechanical Limbs
Body Modification



Experience Log[edit]

Attributes: +2 (8)
Skills: +1 (2)