MIdnight RPG - Chapter 18.22

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After the morning of Ahemia's death, after everyone has slept, Eranon will approach Zal'Kazir and pull him away from the others

Eranon: "I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for what you had to do. Also, I wanted to appologize for what happened to Belal. We were all duped, and I take responsibility for that. I foolishly beleived the beast. I want you to know that I will try to help you find a new form for Belal. It is the very least I can do."

"Finally, you saved my sister and reunited us. You have my eternal gratitude."

Eranon bows before Zal'Kazir


[For simplicity's sake, I'm going to separate this into three sub-conversations for ease of response]

The Rescue/Family[edit]

"If we are to speak, let us speak in the open air; not too high, of course, but the sunset should be beautiful just above the trees."

*Responding to Zal'Kazzir's command, His Hippogriff flexes its great wings and begins to climb. Zal'Kazzir motions for Eranon to follow, and Eranon's Hippogriff chases its fellow skyward.*

*Though his black eyes are hard to read, a mixture of repressed grief and tired acceptance is plainly written on Zal'Kazzir's face. Framed by the setting sun, Zal'Kazzir turns toward Eranon, sighing softly, as if steeling himself, and then begins to speak; slowly, sincerely, but with deep emotional exhaustion*

"Thank you for your kindness, Eranon; I expected none, and a gift unlooked for is one best-loved."

"It was my great pleasure and privilage to aid your sister and her companions, and though I appreciate your gratitude no thanks is needed; it brings joy to my heart to see you and she reunited and happy, and that is enough. Family, though rarely perfect, is one of life's most profound blessings, and to share that blesing is an honour."

*looking hesitant, he continues*

"Do you have other family as well? I only ask because I... *struggling slightly, then continuing* I heard from Durgaz that Valendil was a cousin of yours, and I would be much heartenend to know that a warm homecoming awaits you and your sister, rather than an empty hearth."

"I miss my family too, Eranon. I miss my children, my wife, my father and my sister; I even miss my brother, though I know not if he still lives. I count the days until I can see them again; until I can be home again. It has been many years since I have been apart from them for so long, though my complaint must seem foolish compared to the lifetime that you and your sister have been separated."

*trailing off slightly, and then continuing more brightly, banishing much of the sadness from his face*

"But enough of my complaining! We are bringing you and your sister home, and to see the joy of a dear friend is almost as sweet as one's own! I hope our sojurn into the great Erathor will be pleasing to you, and educational for me, as I know naught but rumors of the elf-woods, and they carry a grim and fearsome reputation in Sarcosan history; a reputation I hope proves gravely inaccurate."


*Turning to less pleasant subjects, Zal'Kazzir's tone becomes more taciturn*

"Do not trouble yourself with Belal; I believe that I can use my magic to re-create a new body for him, though I doubt the process will be easy or pleasant."

"I only wish that you had told me of the creature's existence, rather that having it introduce itself while wearing my companion's form; if you encounter any further strange creatures, please allow me to render my assistance. I have no idea what the 'Lore' creature was, specifically, but it was dishonorable, malicious and Extremely dangerous. The trapped are never to be taken lightly, and that one seemed especially manipulative, vicious and cunning: we are fortunate that it underestimated us, or it's treachery may have been much more costly than it was. I doubt most of what it said was true, but I suspect that it's claims of having many friends may be more accurate than we would like."

"If we are fortunate, perhaps it also underestimated Belal, and perhaps it's nature and motivations may have been more transparent to him; we can only hope it is so, as I fear we have not seen the last of 'Lore'."

Lady Ahimia[edit]

*Zal'Kazzir's eyes darken, or seem to, as his face goes from stern to