Microscope RPG--Rise and Fall of an Empire: Event: Conversion of Paramount Lord and Lady Anganam

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Event: Conversion of Paramount Lord and Lady Anganam[edit]

Tone: Light

Focus: From Faction to Ascendancy


Long after the murder of Lord Tennapallas’ daughter, as the city-state grew in power and the families of the refugees intermarried with the indigenous population, many of the natives began to adopt the creed of the refugees. But even though their religion had come to permeate many aspects of this new society, the refugees’ religion was not adopted as the personal faith of most of the upper classes. As the collection of city Lords rose and fell in power, one family came to be “first among equals” in the aristocracy. The heads of the Anganam family eventually assumed the title of “Paramount Lord and Lady”--a semi-feudal king and queen in all but name only.

Having intermarried with the more prominent refugee families over the years, the Anganam family were exposed more than most native aristocrats to the refugees’ religion. And on their wedding day, the orphaned heir to the Anganam family and his bride announced that with his uncle’s regency coming to an end, the new Paramount Lord and Lady Anganam have embraced the faith of the refugees and from henceforth all heirs to the Paramount Lord- and Ladyship shall follow their religion or forfeit their right to inherit the title.

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