Midnight RPG - Chapter 14.87

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  • [This scene takes place some time after Zal'Kazzir frees the imp, in the time FOLLOWING his introduction "speach" to the group. In the time when you're looking around Vrolk's Laboratory and into the evening when you rest, the little Imp (who has said he is now "bound" to Zal'Kazzir) comes up to you to chat... Think of it as "networking" or "small talk"... hehe...]

NAZIF, as picutred here, naked and possible chilled was found as such captured seemingly as one of "the Vile's" pets or playthings. Once rescued, he quickly found his courtly cloak, rings, jewelry and other accoutrements. While not embarrassed by being without close, any good advisor knows the importance of "looking the part".

ERANON's PRIVATE talk with Nazif, Zal'Kazzir's courtesan imp[edit]

"Hello elf friend. T'would I be impolite were I to call you by your given name? Eranon, is it that your fellow pathwalkers call you? May I speak to you in such a familiar tone?", the small green-gray skinned imp quaries as its eyelids slowly flicker as if the very light beyond its former cage, burns its bulbous eyes... Looking to you in hopes of acceptance...

"I can only hope that you would speak to me in kind. I am Nazif by name, those I call friend know me as the fey-friend, the nature-born. I am most happy to make your aquaintence. Is it true that you have the glory of destroying an eye of the dark god... a mirror into his soul?? I would be in debt to you good sir, if you were to tell the tale of this most wounderous of deads.", Nazif, sits his bottom to the wooden floors that grow unnaturally out of the obsidian gemstone of the Spire. He sits without bending his body, focusing his eyes looking into your's directly. He seems ever-so inquisitive and even aids you when he notices you picking up anything or moving anything.

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