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  • [This scene takes place AFTER the (assumed) fall of the Undead Wyvern that will begin in Chapter 16, next session. I'd like everyone to weigh in and recap (in-character) your thoughts on the revelations that Durgaz brought to the group following speaking with the corpse of the legate that Shadaar took down! First I will recap the questions asked through his NEW "speak with dead" Seer Path ability... I'd like to encapsulate ALL your ideas and thoughts and wrap up your NEXT course of action for my DM planning for next session please. So... after some brief discussion following Steve's exit from Chapter 15, the group discussed the 4 questions that were aloud (per the rules) to speak with the dead! Here's what happened! (correct, or add anything I missed please)... ]

Laying on the blood stained laboratory floor, a dagger driven through his neck, the body of the man twitches to the sight of others, not noticable when given normal circumstances. These are NOT normal circumstances... The orc seer, Durgaz, barks at the fallen legate.... "If this fool could speak, we would have our answers!"... and to Durgaz's amazement it does speak, but only to his ears, only to his eyes does it rise. Sitting straight up, more like an automoton than a man...

Rerim Ehola, Legate of the Spire (DECEASED)[edit]

"Why have you taken me from the shadow road? Why must you force me to recount words for which the great master shall surely punish me for? But this I must give you SEER... I, Rerim Ehola, Curate Master of Sacrifices... a Binder of Blood of the Umbral Catholicon tradition and Sarcosan born awake from eternal slumber at your command......."


"Several minutes ago, you said that it was not your 'role' to die here, and that we needed to be off on our 'mission'. What is that MISSION?"

Rerim Ehola, Legate of the Spire (DECEASED)[edit]

...twitching in recoil from not wanting to give up the secrets of his former master, the corpses' tongue turns then speaks...

"...na...no.. this, this you ask of me, I... I cannot, must not... th..the role... the role you the pathwalkers shall take part in will be to arrive on the field of blood cast down by an orgy of killing, splattered across the ceremonial alter preparred for the final confrontation... i..it..will be thee that completes the ritual on the moon......."

...the corpse's neck twists looking at Durgaz direction in the eyes... waiting...


" What is the intended result of the ritual that Vrolk intends to perform in six days time, the night of the full moon?"

Rerim Ehola, Legate of the Spire (DECEASED)[edit]

" ...the field soaked in the ichor of two armies the splattered in black blood across the ceremonial alter you will bare witness the final confrontation of the Vile in his Aryth-bound form... i..it..will be thee that completes the ritual on the moon, it..will be thee that strikes down the master granting the Vile his greatest dream...... everlasting life.............."


" What is the best physical description of the Cadaverous Eye that you can think of?"

Rerim Ehola, Legate of the Spire (DECEASED)[edit]

"...th...this artifact of old... th...this 'elder orb', the thing that floats on the wind of it's own accord, the thing of legend, of myth, from beneath the Spine of the World... Th..the cadaverous eye is living, but not... is dead, but not... One great eye, a tyranical death sphere as large as a dwarf, a mouth full of daggers that could only have been what passed for it's teeth - rivaling the greatest barracuda in hateful killing anger, it's tongue green and sticky with ichor having not fully digested the rot of the last thing it consumed... It's only appendages - now rotted and falling off, the Vile took the ten limbs, severing these orbital eyes in a gruesome surgery. As we watched it rotting from the inside, free from the container that sustained it, he found ways to make it move - plunging his hands within forcing the thing back to an unlife unlike his other tethered dead, not un-alive, but not unaware either. The thing would become the masters focus, the power we were able to give unto Lord Sunulael would pale, he said, to what it would afford him... th..this 'soul jar'... his... 'phylactery'... holding his... new body... I..I saw the thing only once and it is burned into my mind forever. It was a sight to BEHOLD......."


" What, in your opinion, is the one thing that Vrolk would least like us to know?"

Rerim Ehola, Legate of the Spire (DECEASED)[edit]

"...the Vile has but one concern, so it is this that he has hidden away the Cadaverous Eye. The gruesome artifact's location, that is what you can... that is what you will never know. Only one knows the location........ and it is not I....

...jerking as if pulling free of the orc seer's chains, the spirit of the Legate known as Rerim Ehola, Binder of Blood - twists its neck away from Durgaz one last time uttering its final words...

...a..am I free now... MASTER? may I return to begin the long walk into the halls of the dead? was it not enough that you torture my body to the point of letting loose my essence into the eather... but so too must you hold me here?? will you let loose my chains MASTER, and let me free to wander oblivion? ... MASTER?......"


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