Midnight RPG - Chapter 18.44

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Bill / Kyuad[edit]

Early on during the trip, while traveling through an easy-going stretch of the swamp, Kyuad looks over at the boro skull and ponders a while. He takes out his lorebook and flips through the pages some, then approaches Durgaz so that only the two of them are involved in the conversation.

Kyuad: "Durgaz, if you don't mind I would like to have words with the Sarcosan's old beast."

Assuming there is no issue with this:

"Belal, I understand from having spoken to the... *ehem* 'Lorepool'... that you have lost your body for the time being. This is very curious to me, because I thought this would be a rather improbable turn of events. Are you capable of talking with me about this? I would like to help in any way I can."

OOC: Kyuad makes a Lorebook check. According to the knowledge he thought he had about the Lorepool beings, they are lorepools in their natural state, and do not seek to possess other forms. Even if they could, they would eventually turn that form into a puddle of goo again. So something is fishy about what happened with "Lore" and Belal. The Lorebook check is for information regarding stories or reports of Outsiders that attempt to possess other forms in order to change the nature of what they are, or stories of Outsiders being tricked into unwillingly taking on the form of a lorepool.

LOREBOOK Check[edit]

As to Kyuad's information from his previous Lorebook check on Lore Pools - see:


Under "Outsiders" on Aryth in Kyuad's Lorebook.

ROLL: Kyuad (Lorebook +13) ROLLED: 10+13 = 23
With this roll - Kyuad gains uncommon but available knowlege, known by only a few people in the area...
Apparently it is either more than uncommon or not true at all about the situation with "Lore" and his words on being a Lore Pool. Kyuad finds nothing new. This does not mean that it is or is not true, or that there is or is not more info to be found. I'm just noting the roll and what's in Kyuad's book.

I would suggest that should the Hamlet have a library, or perhaps speaking to one of the academics in Hamlet might aid this info search.

Belal, the viscous pool in the boro skull[edit]

A slight bubble arises to the surface, at first you believe it will turn over and reveal... an eye. But it does not. It pops.


OOC: this could or could not be Belal attempting to "speak". You can continue if you like...

Bill / Kyuad[edit]

Kyuad: "Something is awry here. I have no better information in here," he says motioning to his book, "than what I already knew, but I am almost sure that the being you encountered in the swamp was not in its natural form. Now Belal is in this form also, and struggling to use it appropriately. What do you think, Durgaz?"