Midnight RPG - Chapter 18.46

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Note: Upon thinking back, I don't think Zal'Kazzir ever found out that Shadaar was undead. If I'm wrong, let's assume Kyuad recalled incorrectly about that.

Note: Zal'Kazzir WAS on scene when Durgaz and Eranon discovered Shadaar's "problem". In fact he was there all the way through the time when the group "asked" Shadaar to get in the cage when Durgaz went up on top of the spire and Kyuad was researching the ritual thing. After this began, it's when Eranon and Zal went down the Spire. Zal knows as much as Eranon would up to that point. What Zal would NOT know is how/when/where the ritual took place to "cure" Shadaar. Note from Bill: Well, I'm not playing a character that makes no mistakes. His recollection must be fuzzy.

During the trip through the swamp and the forest, Kyuad approaches Zal'Kazzir, Nisse on his arm, for a private conversation.

Bill / Kyuad[edit]

Kyuad: "Zal'Kazzir, we should talk." At this, Kyuad gives the Sarcosan a cautious look of trepedation, but then continues with determination, "It's about Shadaar. I think I remember that you left for your trip back into the belly of the 'Spire before the news came to light, but he is in fact Fell."

Kyuad holds up his hand to interrupt Zal'Kazzir's reply, "Now hold a moment. I want to explain to you that I have a great deal of confidence in him as a person to keep the madness which grips most Fell under control. But this is not simply because I think highly of the man. It is because while traveling to encounter Vrolk in the swamp, I performed an experiment or proceedure, whathaveyou, resulting in Shadaar being cured of the hunger for living flesh.

"I had not intended to tell you of this, but your actions with the legate proved to us that while sometimes rash and condescending, you are capable of making rational decisions that help your friends. Us. I feel it only fair that you know the nature of those with whom you travel."