Midnight RPG - Chapter 18.74

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This scene takes place at some point after Ahimia's execution. Since we took off riding immediately after that, it probably occurs sometime mid-morning on the following day.

Durgaz: "It is no secret that I do not like what you do. I do not approve of stealing another's will. I do not like your arrogance, and the way you haphazardly endanger the rest of us with foolish risks. There is much about you that I do not like, and I have not made a secret of that. But I respect what you did tonight. It probably was not easy for you ... I do not know how whether you had any feeling for that woman, or how much of it was a lie. But, however difficult it may have been, I believe that you made the right decision. She was not our friend. She was a danger to the rest of us, and everything that we fight for. I did not think you understood that. I see that I was wrong. Thank you."