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Zal'Kazzir and the HAMLET[edit]

...it was the eve on which you had spoken with Ossion in regards to seeing his troupe. The professor wizard of the elven Whisper college granted you the experience of a life time. Here within the elven wood called "Druids Swamp" the essence of magery flows like no other place you have known.

Is it the elven ways?

Is it the nature of this Academy of Whisperers?

Is it the wood itself?

Whatever it is - it is amazing... In ways you had never thought possible, the world of Aryth reached into your soul and pulled out something beastial - a huntsman... the wolf. and although these animalistic urges were brought to surfice by the elder wizard of elf-kind you could experience the wonder of it all through unclouded eyes. For the first time in Zal'Kazzir's life you found yourself able to be off guard. Letting only the wind wisp across your face - RUNNING with the pack. Ossion's Arrows trained that day, "new Quivers" [the troupe's name for new recuits] were guided in the way of things here in the lower Erethor. And you rejoiced in their elven hunting songs that played like whistles and hums so low on the wind that only your wolfen ears could here them.

It was amazing.

Returning to the Hamlet gave way for the rush of magic to subside from Zal'Kazzir's body. The beast would be tucked away, so that the man's mind of politics and worry could be prevalent again. For while the joy of running with the pack was unlike any other - even children must put away their toys to face the harsh world ruled in Shadow. By the time you cooled under the brisk Shimmer Falls [a waterfall bathing spring] the memory of such wind things were washed away leaving only the dirt accumulated by the running. That too washed away soon and Zal'Kazzir made his way back to the cottages given to the Pathwalkers for their stay here in the Hamlet.

But the clarity gifted by the run and subsequent waterfall bath would be taken away on your return. Plucking a bit of fruit from the tree walls you might have been opening your pack to reorganize the things for which you've gathered - and something was amiss... Ever since Zal'Kazzir had been misrepresented through the visions that the seer Durgaz had saw, you have remained cogniscent of your possessions, because any item misplaced could be "seen" through literally looking in on your private world. This was painfully aware upon your learning that Durgaz had looked in on your during your time with Lady Ahimia. The dimwitted orc hadn't been able to interpret the complicated politics of Sarcosan ways and had cast doubt (again) misleading the others to see your aid to the group as dangerous or corrupting...

With that care taken to "watch" for such intrusions, you've likely kept your pack, personal items and even your discarded materials close. (ie. I know you mentioned Zal was using the 0-level spell to clean/mend your items rather than throwing them away).

ROLL: Zal'Kazzir (Spot +2) ROLLED: 15+2 = 17

It was particularly odd that your pack was NOT in the same position in which you left it tonight. Leaving it on the floor instead of on your bed might not have caused need for alert but it was the way in which the knot was tied on your pack that left you with concern. The horseman's knot, taught naturally to Sarcosan boys was undone and retied in normal fashion on this day...

ROLL: Zal'Kazzir (Search +3) ROLLED: 6+3 = 9

When opening your pack and laying everything out methodically, you seem to believe nothing was taken... You also know that two Autumn Men have been on guard of your (and the other's) cottages the entire time you've been at the Hamlet. It was unlikely someone sneaked in without their knowledge. Could they have been bribed? You know little of elven ways, but the Elf-men of the Autumn'S Guard seem to be unlikely to need or take to such deceit. The only other 'welcome' into your cottage has been the elf-maiden assigned as your guide and aid while in the Hamlet - "Etyana Springhaven"...

Do you wish to do anything?[edit]

You're welcome to make requests, do additional searches, ask about any items in particular that might be missing, or even talk to the Guardsmen or your hand-maiden or others.

Anything you'd like to do?