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ANDREW - Below are Answers to questions and Bluebook material from your email.

Bluebooking with other players[edit]

[Q] - a couple of things I'd like to (possibly) get bluebooking on over the break. There are actually quite a few I would be interested in pursuing with other players, but these first three are basically just Seer Sight examinations...

[A] - I just wanted to clarify. I'll be replying to these below. Were there other bluebook things you wanted to have going for other PCs?

Seeing in on Zal'Kazzir[edit]

Durgaz wants to know just what the hell Zal'Kazzir keeps alluding to in regards to him, Vrolk, the White Worm, and the using-captive-elves-to-ferret-out-resistance operation. Sure, he could just ask Zal, but then he would have to talk to him. So instead, he will ask one of the elven attendants to get him a piece of the dirty, ripped clothing that Zal undoubtedly threw away when he was given the opportunity to change into elven finery, and will use Seer Sight on it to find out exactly what Zal learned in the Spire with Ahimia and the various other legates he was delaing with.

Asking for a Elf-maiden's aid[edit]


Okay... to be fair to Zal'Kazzir (Adam) I want to make a roll for getting the things you need. It makes sense (to me) that since many of the Elves of the Hamlet already know of you and several might know of your Seer abilities (word of Durgaz Mirrorbreaker is spreading!) I believe they'd be aware enough to consider NOT giving you those things to keep Zal'Kazzir's privacy. It's a little thing, but I think that's fair. Sooooo.... I'm going to assume you'd want to use DIPLOMACY first.  :)

Angelin Sunpath[edit]

: ROLL: Durgaz (Diplomacy -1) ROLLED: 11-1 = 10
With this roll - several elves might question you before finding a young maiden (Angelin Sunpath) that is willing to steal into the human's cottage to retrieve something. When she returns she regrets to inform you that the human has taken great care to bundle and store all his items. She is afraid that were she to remove something, he'd notice and she'd be in trouble...


What this essentially means is - you can try again, either by asking her to DO IT or by attempting something else entirely or both. OOG, I feel that since you have this amazing ability that I need/want to "protect" the other players by having you make rolls like this. NOW... just because you failed here doesn't mean you cannot still do it. I want to make honest rolls and IF/when you beat the roll you WILL get what you need. So if ever Adam (or another) complains we can both say we did our due diligence in going by the rules. Understand?

And PS... Adam HAS told me that he'll be keeping watch for just such a thing. Zal'Kazzir knows what Durgaz can do and he knows it's gotten him in trouble before - without "explanation" he feels that he doesn't want you to "see" anything that might make him look in a bad light.

So any follow-up?

Plan B

Durgaz won't push it if the elves are wary about fulfilling his request. This isn't their problem, anyway.

Moreover, he has at least one item that Zal would have been carrying with him in the Spire: the leather bag that previously contained the Freedom he gave to Radagug. There's also a good chance that he has the Invisibility to Fell charm, since Adam clearly stated that Zal gave it to someone else before the climactic battle with Vrolk. I don't remember Durgaz having it and Adam doesn't remember who he gave it to, but since it had been standard operating procedure for the last few fights to have Durgaz take one before any fight that might involve Fell, it does not seem unreasonable to assume Durgaz had it if nobody else explicitly remembers different. (If nobody else responds and you don't have a problem with it, I'll have Durgaz perform Seer Sight on the charm, not the bag.)

Either way, he does have something that Zal'Kazzir would have had with him during his time in the spire.

By the way, I absolutely appreciate and have no problem with the fact that you're being stringent with my ability to get a hold of things I can 'read', particularly since Zal'Kazzir has every reason to be paranoid about that sort of thing. Not paranoid enough yet, though. Apparently.

Freedom Pouch Seer Sight[edit]

Durgaz is attempting to use his Seer Sight on the 'freedom' drug pouch Zal'Kazzir gave Durgaz to determine exactly what Zal'Kazzir was up to during the day and a half that we left him behind in the Spire.


Seeing into the Lore Pool[edit]

Durgaz would also like to know a number of things about that lore pool:

  • the rewording of the 'deal' that apparently took place between it and Kyuad
  • whatever transpired between it and Balal that resulted in the body swap. Seer-Sighting the boro skull should accomplish that.

Durgaz's Vision from the Boro Skull[edit]

Durgaz would also like to know a number of things about that lore pool:

  • the rewording of the 'deal' that apparently took place between it and Kyuad

Durgaz's Vision from the Boro Skull: the Deal with Lore[edit]

What I'd tell you about the "rewording of the deal" is that:

  • it happened in-game, so I won't remember the exact wording - I'd suggest you ask Steve and Bill OOC to tell you about this in more detail (also to remind me). I think they'll be cool with letting you know, since they have nothing to fear/hide.
  • I do know that there was NOTHING hidden or anything that Eranon or Kyuad was doing. (you could see that in vision for a fact) It was mostly the double-talk of a demon/outsider working to get the best deal possible.
  • the beast "Lore" basically used the fact that Belal and Zal'Kazzir speak to you guys with flowery compliments against them. This old beast spoke bluntly with no whiley politicing - and hence that WAS it's was of politicing.
  • it's request as that since it gave you the info on where the Cadaverous Eye was that NOW you guys must help it find a new body. It particularly wanted REVENGE on Belal. Nothing that it had previously been advisor to Vrolk the Vile, even travelling with him under the Spine of the World. On the return, Belal (with Vrolk's aid so it says) took Belal out of the Lore Pool (that it was trapped in for unknown reason) and switched "cells"... Giving Belal the Courtisan Imp Demon's form again. Lore (not it's real name) was then trapped in the Lore Pool, as you found outside the Obsidian Spire - seeing it "rise" (being built) for the last 127 years! With a hatred for his old master (the Vile) only bested by his hate of the Courtisan Imp Belal (he knew it by the original name though).
  • the deal was basically that they would help get it in the vacinity of another body. It asked for Belal's body. They said, no - but would help with another body. It noted another demon under the Vile's manipulation (name unknown), which was likely the "Vrock thing" (the vulture with wings that left with the Dark Wizard Elven Night King carrying Walden!). They said they probably wouldn't be able to do that either. So it suggested a HUMAN body... When asked why - it asked which human race was now in "control" of the South lands... They replied Sarcosan, explaining that the Night King Jahzir was now "King of Erenland". It immediately said it wanted to have a Sarcosan body so that it could go and work it's way into the Night King's court... Offering to give aid in the future to unravelling the Night King's plans.
    Eranon and Kyuad talked about giving it one of the Sarcosans that were prisoners in the Bugbear Slave Caravan (all Channellers) but quickly decided against this...

Durgaz's Vision from the Boro Skull: Belal and Lore[edit]

  • whatever transpired between it and Balal that resulted in the body swap. Seer-Sighting the boro skull should accomplish that.

...from the distance you can here the snorts of bugbears, those discusting usurpers of orc-kind. The beasts are snivelling cowards that only find pleasure in beating those beneath their whips. Perfect whelps for slave-trading they then became for the Master in the North. Your former troupe (under White Worm) had been forced to make dealings with their kind in the past. Though not having to work directly with the conniving beastmen, it was they that lead to the deal struck with the Sarcosan Legate that you later learned was selling your Fist into slavery through drug and then latter being dipped in the Black Nail's putrid corpse-making cauldren... The bugbears lead White Worm to Krell and his huntsmen riders...

...as if seeing from the empty eye holed skull in a blurry black and white vision of the old borro for which you now use, you can see several of the exchanges that you know to have happened below the ridge on which the horses and prisoners stood while your pathwalkers raided the bugbear slaver caravan. The sun dimmed for a moment as dozens of knarled Goblin arrows rose up and reigned down some one hundred yards away... It was then that the old beast that gave the name Lore began taunting and teasing the outsider that Zal'Kazzir had freed. Belal, ever the curious had just finished pilfering the saddle-bags that of the four Sarcosan horses... just before smearing horse dung in the unconcious face of the Vile the old beast noticed the unusual 'container' on the back of Durgaz's horse. As it sneaked to a perch on the horse looking down into the purple-green swirl that seemed lined with crystaline formations within the skull - then rising to the surface as air bubbles, the spherial forms shifted and turned... Belal's eyes opened wider and wider... He knew this thing was - and he was scared!
...in a volt of shock - you feel as though SOMETHING had reached into your vision and pricked YOUR eyeballs!! Something had happened - something not of this Aryth! and in the black for which the scene had turned, things began to clear again - but the little Courtisian Imp was out of view...

... the ever so slowly the head of the frog-like Imp rose into your vision. It was as if the vision (seen from the skull's eyes) were looking out from the ridge and the little body of the Outsider Demon had been knocked back and off the horse, lying prone on it's back out from the horse. You then saw it again when the vision returned, as it sat up on the ground...

...with a noticably different stance 'Belal' stood again - this time straighter standing than before... walking up to the hind-end of your horse 'Belal' peered into the eye-holes of the skull....... then grinned with hate....

I seeeee you. Whatever could you be seeing from this dead bone head? Are you watching me now? Watching you back??

...clattering it's sharp claws on the bone skull, it is obvious that something has transpired - and NOW 'Lore' was speaking to 'you' from Belal's body!! This must have been the time when the 'switch' happened. But HOW is a mystery. Only sharp pains of that Outsider Magic now remains in Durgaz's mind...
...are you in there 'old friend'? I had forgotten what slime this outward appearance took shape in old Kor'ahn
(Nazif Kor'ahn is the "true name" of Belal that Zal'Kazzir learned in order to have it become his Courtisan Imp)

...Do you know 'old friend' how long it took me to master this puddle enough to roll up eyes of the muck to give clarity of vision? Thirty eight years, four arcs, six days, twenty one hours, fourty two minutes and thirteen beats of my heart... A life-time for the men of this scourged planet.

Slipping around the hind quarter of the horse and out of view the little imp scratched it's claws along the bone, raking ... making a horrid screech just before the horse seemed to shake just a bit (as Lore jumped onto the back of the horse) and it continued taunting Belal now seemingly trapped in the liquid pool...
...yes, if it were not for the fact that time now seems to have meaning on this doomed planet - perhaps the decades would have been easier to bare 'old friend'... but knowing we only have a short time left here to sew our seeds, every hour that slipped by seems wasted now - does it not?
Let me remind you Nazif of the horror you, the Vile and Mellifleur gave unto me...
OH - forgive 'old friend' you now HAVE the prison again do you not... mwahahahahahah....

It seems that you have managed to be the falling of our former master now, have you not Nazif?

as the imps head looks down into the boro skull eyes from upside-down behind, turning to look at the body of the Vile.
I never thought the elvin legate would survive beyond the misty mountains of Fire Peak, let alone making way from the seven Flayers of Graz'atazor. Surely you remember.
That was in the days when we found your pathetic goo in that cave.
THAT 'old friend' was the day that I swore to return the favor that you and the Vile suffered unto me.
...obviously in great hate, Lore pushes back the anger and wipes his dagger teeth with his forarm, jumping from the horse and walking toward the body of Vrolk - glancing back while continuing to taunt Belal...

hmmm... Vrolk the Vile, the Stormbringer... knowing traitor to elf-kind.
Friend to the Black Bloods and Sarcosan Legates.
So pathetic you were in your quest for life, that while 'vile' is what you sought to be protected against it was "the Vile" that you become known as. It continues to make me jest that you hated that name with passion.

Heh... I am surprised 'MASTER' that you made you way out of those caverns beneath the favored but fallen Halls of Moria. Perhaps it was the dealings of other traitors that saved you.

I wonder... was it the snaked tongue of Fesikri, the raving tongue of Iblis or the rage of Bashili that couried favor with your elf-flesh to allow you to whimper out of that tomb?

Surely GHARGA'ICA the hag courtier, lordess of seven didn't allow your life... She hated you before you met.
Or perhaps it was MAMMON'KHA vermonlord that cast you in good light being the mouthpiece and speaker of the Dru-Gal...
No... even his writhing face couldn't hold back the hungry one, LEVITICUS the life drinker or his brother in war RUTTERKIN'UHL, soul eater.

My coin would be on the devil in ilithid skin RHA'ZHULKHAR the dark tyrant, what made the deal to seal their kind behind you...
Oh... wish that we could speak again as we did 'MASTER'...
Then again...
No... no... I donot.
You were a pathetic whelp then and your remain one in this twisted form that you've made for yourself now...

So then... 'Belal', is it that you've taken to calling yourself?...
as the devious demon turns back toward the boro skull...

What manner of man do you now serve I wonder?
I wonder how it is I'll work this Sarcosan? I have already begun to rend his tavelling companions....

True - I will maintain my end of the bargain. I care not for the soul jar that the Vile bartered for beneath the Spine of the World. I care not that the Lich Lord
(Sunulael, the Priest of Shadow) used it to hold ransom the Vile's service... More power to those that seek to cause entropy and chaos on the dark channeller, if knowing they can intercept the eye of the beholder will make them happy with our arrangement - so be it.
They should have little success on the way - now that it moves to the Prison of Pain, driven by the hate of an orc short two fingers...
Should time be given for that Orc Captain to entwine with the seer orc that made our deal which puts us in this position I feel that it will not bode well for either. and...

the old beast pauses, as if unsure or ... uneasy....
...oh... perhaps this it is not only you to which I speak 'old friend', I had not thought until now that...
As the knowing imp steps closer and gazes into the eye-hole of the boro skull the VISION quickly comes to an end.
You pull your head back into the here and now. DID 'Lore' see you? How is it "lore pools" can know any answer to any question?? Durgaz may not know, but it was not something for which your mind wanted to risk learning by staying in the seer sight!

Seeing into the White Worm and Vrolk[edit]

Finally, since Durgaz did do a Seer Sight on both the White Worm's fingers (to find out if he was sent to recapture the Cadaverous Eye as well as slay Vrolk) and on Vrolk himself, is there anything else of particular interest that he might have stumbled across? There are nine months of stuff wrapped up in both of those visions, and I certainly don't expect you to tell me everything that they were up to in that time, but I'd certainly like to know anything that

  • relates to the greater scheme that we know about
  • relates to the Cadaverous Eye
  • relates specifically to any members of our party.

seeing on White Worm's fingers[edit]

hastily tied onto a gator tooth necklace, White Worm's fingers hang at Durgaz's pleasure

9 monthes ago:[edit]

Doshram | 99
"Planting", This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.

8 monthes ago:[edit]

Sahaad | 99
"Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.

7 monthes ago:[edit]

Senneach | 99
"the Arc of Battle", this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.

6 monthes ago:[edit]

Halail | 99
"High Summer", in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.

5 monthes ago:[edit]

Zimra | 99
"Harvest", this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.

4 monthes ago:[edit]

Obares | 99
"the Arc of AUTUMN", and time for the last preparations before winter comes. Nomadic tribes returned to winter camps and settled in for the long winter by the zenith of Obares, also known as "the Day of Rests".

3 monthes ago:[edit]

Hanud | 99
"the Arc of the Dead", this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony "the Calling of Honors".

2 monthes ago:[edit]

Hisha | 99
"the Arc of WINTER", this time marks the heart of the winter season. The zenith of Hisha coincides with the winter solstice and is called "the Day of the Sun".

1 month ago:[edit]

Sutara | 99
"Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.


Shareel | 100
"the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

seeing on Vrolk the Vile[edit]

...Honestly THIS one SHOULD be taken care of in-game. (combined with "questioning" him) I don't see any other way.

Seeing the conversation between Kyuad and Shadaar[edit]

During the trip through the swamps and into the forest, Kyuad strikes up a private conversation with Shadaar and Nisse.


Kyuad: With Nisse riding on Kyuad's arm he addresses his Fell ally, "Shadaar, I want to thank you for keeping watch over Nisse during your trip to escort the refugees back to their homes. It is important to me that the both of you are... cared-for. I wish I could say 'safe and well' but I'm afraid it would be unsensitive of me to imply that this is still possible. With your lives now forever intertwined, we shall have to all three of us keep watch for each other.

"To that end, I have learned a spell from one of the books in Vrolk's library that will allow me to actually heal your bodies in emergencies. What's more, though she appears as any good myling, the Proceedure that reversed her ener... no, that killed her... has also infused her form with powerful necromantic energy and she is stronger than before by a small degree."

Kyuad pauses for a moment, with a look of deep thought, but then interrupts himself and turns back to Shadaar. "I am at your service in preventing you from entering a state of madness or worse - call upon me any time. Do you have any questions I might be able to answer about the nature of your new existance? Do you have any fears or concerns you would like to discuss?"


*Looking more and more haunted the farther the group progresses into the Erethor forest*

"It will take time for me to get used to this new existance. The sights. Smells... everything. It is all so different now."

"Although, I would like to thank you again. The madness. The hunger. They do not rule me now. I can still feel them both on the edges, waiting for me to let my guard down. *Shadaar shakes his head as if to clear it* Yes, thank you."

Kyad notices a piece of sharpened wood driven through Shadaar's chest peeking out just below the neckline of his shirt. Looking closer you can also see that this is not a singular incedent - there are perhaps two others you notice as well, just barely, odd pointing bits just under his clothing.

"It was no problem taking care of Nisse. For she also took care of me."


OOC: Assuming this is taking place after the group had left the influence of the mirror, Kyuad is going to cast freely for the moment. This exchange is not something that Kyuad would care to keep private - if others observe or listen in, he would have no problem with that.

Kyuad: "Hmm. When we next stop, let me take a look at you."

When off their horses, Kyuad asks Shadaar to remove his shirt so he can take a look at the wounds he noticed earlier. As he is looking, he calls Nisse over to his side and pulls out a golden eyepiece, which he puts over one eye and around that side's ear. Kyuad and she speak to each other in the whistling and clicking sounds they make when seeming to communicate with one another. Then she lands on Shadaar's shoulder, helping to pick out bits of wood. "I am surprised you do not feel more discomfort from these being lodged into your chest. But I should be able to make things whole again. Perhaps you should tell me how you got these."


*Looking a bit uncomfortable that Kyuad sees the wood in his flesh*

"Umm. Well... I...

*Shadaar is obviously trying to find a way to explain the wood that pierced his flesh, but seems like a child who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar*

*Leaning over close and in a soft voice*

"Could we go somewhere more private Kyuad?"


Kyuad and Nisse continue to work over the next few minutes, removing the obstructions and examining the injury. With a quick smile Kyuad says, "Now is time for me to try this spell I just learned. I relish the opportunity to use this spell - in the most general sense it benefits the whole of Aryth far more than curative spells do. This spell shocks your system into processing energies faster, which in turn should make you stronger. The side-effect, based on the way the spell is designed, should cause your flesh to actually re-form itself into more optimal conditions, as long as the damage is not too severe. Now, hold still."

Kyuad says some things in a language unfamiliar to Shadaar. A cold, black energy seems to draw into Kyuad's hand, forming a concentration in his palm, through the center of which is a window into the bones of Kyuad's hand behind the concentration. Kyuad then touches the wound on Shadaar's shoulder, and the dark energy spreads over his body.

"Any questions, Shadaar?"


OOC: Assuming that Kyuad will agree to go to a more private spot to converse. Kyuad: Yes.

*Walking away from the group after Kyuad has cast his spell, Shadaar looks ashamed*

"Okay. Here it is. Ever since we entered this forest and have not had enemies trying to cut us down at every turn, I have felt... no that is the wrong word."

*Shadaar has a look of momentary confusion and then continues*

"This state that Vrolk has left me in is new to me. This forest looks green to you? Full of life? The sun warms your skin? The sounds of the birds and other animals are like a song? The soft forest loam embraces your steps?"

*Shadaar's face starts to turn into a scowl. His emotions begin to get the better of him as he says these things and his voice begins to rise*

"The taste of cool, fresh water? The smells and feelings of the living!?"

OOC: The group may have heard Shadaar yell at that last bit. You can make a Listen check for the group if you wish Kev.

*Shadaar composes himself and talks in a softer tone again*

"I apologize Kyuad my lashing tongue was not meant for you. It is just... I must eventually become used to this new way of being. Suffice to say that I do not feel as you do anymore."

"So to answer your question - yes those bits of wood do discomfort me. But I suppose that is the point. How can I explain? I suppose it is like being underwater. Everything is distorted for me. I do not feel anymore, the way others do anyway. When I look upon this forest I do not see beauty, I see death. The sun no longer kisses my flesh to bring me warmth, all I feel is cold. Even the very sounds of the forest are not pretty songs for me, but rather distorted and monsterous to my ears. Even looking at the living flesh is uncomfortable to me - I see it decay in front of my eyes, and I feel the pull of its taste."

"Watching all of you has made me even more conscience of these horrors. The group seems a bit more relaxed. They enjoy these living feelings."

"Perhaps what I did to myself was wrong. But to feel anything anymore, even discomfort and pain is at least something. So I hurt myself."

*Shadaar trails off and stands perfectly still looking off into the forest*


OOC: Again, this is only as private as Shadaar wishes it to be. If others come after hearing the outburst, Kyuad will simply continue to speak until Shadaar becomes uncomfortable.

Also, this is long. If anyone wants to interrupt, just do so.

Kyuad seems somewhat out-of-sorts as he silently listens to Shadaar's words. Waiting a minute or more before speaking again, "I'm... not accustomed to helping in this manner. When others feel pain, I usually get to work and leave them to it. But this is something that I think you need me for, isn't it?"

Looking around the forest, Kyuad reaches down after a few moments and picks up a handful of loamy soil and leaves. "You are correct though. There is death and decay all around us. Every living thing dies eventually, and decays to be consumed by Aryth. This soil here is a testament to the rot that surrounds you. Every little speck of the dirt once had a life - either as a leaf or as meat on an insect, or as dung from a passing animal. And now it is dead.

"But does it not still live on? Does it not still have purpose and meaning?" Kyuad looks into Shadaar's eyes as he speaks, "This dirt that was once living flesh or vegetation has a new existence as the firmament and nourishment of others that live. Without death and decay, those that still live would stagnate, starve, and wither into death themselves.

"You have a similar purpose in this world my friend. The way of all life is born out in your continued un-life, giving you a chance to have meaning still. What's more, the living things of this world depend on the un-life that you embody, otherwise the Universal Energy that flows through all things would never change."

Kyuad pauses a moment to see if this is understandable to an unlearned person, then continues, "Let me see if I can explain it better. The energy which I referred to, the Universal Energy, flows through all living things. It is as if we are each a pitcher with a small hole in the bottom. As we consume and breathe and live, we are imbibed with fresh energy that originates with Aryth. But we use it up as well, and once it passes through us it is like the puddle that forms under a leaking pitcher. Aryth absorbs this energy and re-fills the living with it once it has been filtered and refreshed. The amount of energy in the world never changes.

"But how does healing magic work, you might wonder? It is an infusion of new Universal Energy, filling the body with a blessing of raw 'life', which causes wounds to heal and sickness to be cured. But because nothing is capable of pushing more of this energy into Aryth than there already is; there must be a way of balancing things.

"That is the why the undead exist. Continuing to live after death changes the way the body processes this energy. It no longer takes it in and uses it, to empty it out again later. It now only consumes and destroys Universal Energy. It's as if your body were now a pitcher that will never be full, no matter how much water is poured in. But this is not a bad thing - it is just the way of the world. And it is necessary.

"Because, you see, the more energy that is consumed, the more that magic can create. If it were not for undeath removing Universal Energy from Aryth, then my spells that cure others of their wounds would be the cruelest magic indead. The magic would instead call this energy from another location somewhere, removing a spark of life from something else that still lives.

"For those of us who use the magic of Aryth and tap into the arcane energies that flow through the world, undead like you hold the Universal Energy in balance. But the Shadow needs his own. The dark god must supply his followers with a constant stream of curative magics in order to maintain his assault on those of us who resist. To this end, he must secure control over undead at every turn, or he will be blocked from control over the very energies of life. And the worst part is, he is far more hungry than those like myself could ever be, for in his power alone lies the ability to remove the disease of death itself. The amount of Universal Energy required for this is .... more than even I know.

"But you! Though it feels like a curse, you are a blessing to this world. You are the decay that brings life to those of us willing to stand against the Shadow. And you stand with us. And you are more than just soil my friend, you are a thinking person, capable of moral judgment and compassion. You can direct your consumption and choose what to decay. Your very existence stands in defiance against all that the Shadow wishes to achieve.

"Take heart. This is all new and dark, compared to the warmth under which you were born. But know that despite all you may be forced to endure, your continued existence is necessary to those of us who oppose the Shadow, and to Aryth itself." Kyuad holds up Nisse, who looks just as regal and confident as any bird ever did. As he looks into her hawkish eyes he says softly, "Were it not so, I could never bring myself to ask Nisse to continue her service to me."


OOC: If others do start to approach, this will not affect Shadaar's response.

*Shadaar stands listening intently to Kyuad's words, visibly shaken*

"I... you have given me much to think upon Kyuad. You have given me a light where I found only shadow."

*Shadaar smiles in genuine happiness*

"I am glad to have a person, a friend, such as yourself near, who can give insight and bring compassion. Even though I do not know what this Universal Energy is exactly, I will remember your words and carry them with me as light to ward of the darkness in my soul. I will remember that death, like life, is a necessary function of Aryth. And so then must I be as well."

*Shadaar looks more at peace, his eyes less savage, and he looks to Kyuad with great appreciation*

"Thank you again Kyuad."