Midnight RPG - Chapter 19.745

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Durgaz's request to meet with the spymaster was basically a pretext for getting close enough to touch her, and the reason for his interest in the Eyes of Aradil was the vision he had upon meeting the Witch-Queen for the first time. That vision, of course, is open to interpretation, as all of his visions have been. However, one thing in particular seemed fairly clear, and that was that three Eyes of Aradil will take their own lives for some reason and rise as Fell, thus corrupting and destroying the Queen from within and afar at the same time. There is, obviously, no way he can broach this subject to any of the elves here in Hamlet. The spymaster, assuming she is good at her job, would likewise not divulge any information about her spies in the field to anyone not within her organization (and would probably be very selective even with those who were.) So, unfortunately, Seer Sight seemed like the best way to find out any information at all on the whereabouts of any Eyes, which is if nothing else a starting point to finding the suicidal ones before they set events in motion.

So, looking back over nine months of the spymaster's recent activities, that's what I am searching for: anything at all that might tell us the names, locations or assignments of any Eyes in that spymaster's employ.

This will, undoubtedly, be less that crystal clear, as the Seer Sight does not impart any of the subject's knowledge; it functions only as if I were standing next to the subject for the past 9 months, seeing and hearing everything that went on. I would not be able to overhear the good deal of communication between spies done via mindbond. However, I am hoping that at least something would have come up every now and again that would be useable: the occasional meeting in person with the Eyes, other Master Spies or Aradil herself; the preparation of written reports (which Durgaz himself could not read, but which others could), etc., etc. Anything at all that might provide some information about the names, locations or assignments of any of the Eyes under Corellis's(sp?) command.