Midnight RPG - Chapter 20.101

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These scenes take place following the time when Eranon and Zal'Kazzir leave the Hamlet going into the Druid Swamps. Eranon needs Zal'Kazzir's aid. If all goes well Zal'Kazzir will leave following this aid continuing on for Sharuun.

NOTE: Please feel free to add any GOOD role-playing conversation into this "before" anything happens... If it does.

Somewhere 15-20 hours outside of the Hamlet[edit]

The trip seems longer than it is... Eranon and Zal'Kazzir have seemed to be on the odd sides of most events and arguments among the pathwalkers. While coming to one another's aid - while not overtly challenging one another, these two... the Caransil and the Sarcosan seem to have rarely spent time alone. Less time talking directly. All conversations between them have seemed tempered or funnelled through the words, plans and events of their companions Durgaz and Kyuad.

So many times Zal'Kazzir has been driven into a corner by Kyuad, moreso by Durgaz, Eranon has always seemed to fall in the camps verses the man from Sharuun... Yet they also seem to have had connections and like minds in kinship with the deadman - Shadaar. And both share a powerful loyalty and love for their own people.

One must wonder then... Whatever will their time "alone" be like. What will these two men speak about?

This is their story.

Unfortunately, someone or something is watching. Eranon is SURE of it.

ROLL: Eranon (Survival +13) ROLLED: 16+13 = 29
Something is watching you. I has been for the last 23 miles. At least that's when Eranon picked it up... It's been some time and you still haven't been able to 'ferret it out' (learning about it without alerting it that you KNOW it's there).
Doubling back, looping around, pincering with Mi'shun, having Anauil (sp?) track it... none of your tricks are working. Whatever... whomever it is... it's GOOD.


  • Remember the area that you're going into goes from the Jungle/Forest into a more swampy area, getting more dense with smaller trees as you travel away from the Hamlet.
  • Who came with you?
    • Mi'shun: the female Jungle Elf Captain of the Arrow unit assigned to you
    • Bruyn: the female dire bear
Bruyn, the war council mate to Ossion's Arrows.
  • How were you travelling again?
  • Who was coming with you? Your animals and people?
  • How much longer do you have to go?
  • How far from the Hamlet did you plan to go together?
  • Did you plan to go toward anything (like the Black Nail, Cambrial, the Ritual site, the Gator Swamps, etc...)
  • And finally... what do you do???