Midnight RPG - Chapter 22.111

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NOTE: Steve - we really didn't cover this much but here's a fun bit for you...

Within the recesses of your pack[edit]

It hadn't been noticed by you before. It was hiden, buried within you pack - the only time it could have been placed there was in your time at the Hamlet... But you only spent short snippets of time with the sgiathatch (OR loke meaning dragon) "Messīās" (the name given the young dragon in High Elven) when at the Hamlet, due to Aradil's intensive training and your own training at the Academy.

Messīās & Aradil the Witch Queen

But he remembered you... "Dakka"... In those times he could speak with you a bit better, his High Elven still stuttered a bit, but conversations wanting to hear of the world beyond the forest (where he'd not been aloud to roam yet). Messīās was voracious in wanting to know of your heroic tale and where you'd be going and what legends you'd make!

That was tempered by Alamath (your sister) and the Witch Queen's heeding to NOT give the young one too much, that he might wish to leave his training too early... Because of this your time with Messīās was short at points.

But while going through your pack to consider the needs for crossing the Plains of Ash & Blood something dropped out. A single scale, one of the softer breast plate armor scales of the young dragon. The "armor plate" is barely that... it wouldn't hold off a blow, it's very soft, much like a rubber-tree leaf but it has amazing strength to prevent ripping. Your thought in feeling it is that even the sharpest Elven blade would likely not slice it or penetrate it, though not tough enough to stand against a battering hit.

The scale had lined the inside of your pack lighter than a leaf you hadn't found it for the many weeks travel. It's a good reminder that hope can live... as you begin to cross the Plains of Ash & Blood...

Eranon's Knowledge of such things[edit]


Although not one of this young age...

Normally armor-smiths can work with the hides of dragons to produce armor or shields of masterwork quality. One dragon produces enough hide for a single suit of masterwork hide armor for a creature one size category smaller than the dragon. By selecting only choice scales and bits of hide, an armor-smith can produce one suit of masterwork banded mail for a creature two sizes smaller, one suit of masterwork half-plate for a creature three sizes smaller, or one masterwork breastplate or suit of full plate for a creature four sizes smaller. In each case, enough hide is available to produce a small or large masterwork shield in addition to the armor, provided that the dragon is Large or larger.

Because dragonhide armor isn’t made of metal, druids can wear it without penalty.

Dragonhide armor costs double what masterwork armor of that type ordinarily costs, but it takes no longer to make than ordinary armor of that type.

This scale of dragonhide is "indestructable" but it has no hardness as normal dragonhide would.
To imagine how it feels, consider bending a larger soft plastic frisbee.

There are other rumors of the symbolic meaning of this gift... but Eranon cannot recall them, as Dragons aren't a long topic discussed in this Last Age. You may learn more with proper research or the right person to aid.