Midnight RPG - Chapter 26.245

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Vision to Lady Alamath, sister to Eranon[edit]

  • Fair Lady; forgive me for intruding upon your dreams tonight. I am Zal'Kazzir, friend to the great champion Eranon, your brother.
  • I contact you this evening with tidings of Grave Import; the Foul Cadaverous Eye, formerly in the possession of Vrolk the Vile, has been seized, and is being protected in a small cave (I'll relay the details Eranon gave me about its location) by the Arrows sent with me by the Queen.
  • It is vital that you summon the aid of the wisest and most trustworthy sages and wizards of the Caransil to go and study this fell artifact, so that we might be better prepared to make use of it or dispose of it as the situation warrants.
  • Please move with all speed, as time is of the greatest essence, and the eye's importance is great. If any question you, or doubt the importance of this matter, speak with Aradil, she knows of the weight of this item, and will support you. Scholars can be intractable, but I'm sure none will risk the Witch Queen's displeasure.
  • Lastly, please ask captain Ossian to take better care to ensure the health of his unwelcome charge; Vrolk attempted to kill himself by tricking us into killing his familiar, a plan thankfully foiled by your brother's cunning, but one that could never have succeeded at all if the Vile was not so physically weak.
  • My the great lady's blessings be upon you. Ashial Atoriathe (High Elven, meaning "May the branches part in the wind, revealing your way")