Midnight RPG - Chapter 32.105

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In the hill fort of Firsthold, Kyuad is in a sturdy stone house with strong bunks against the wall. Extra bunks have been moved in, and are far dirtier and flimsier than the others. He sits at a table in the middle of the room, and Nisse is outdoors. Occasionally she flies into the round window high on one wall, bringing him small bits of matieral such as vines, string, swatches of cloth, and the like. In the bunks are sick people, some with diseases, others with injuries.

Kyuad has been looking after these people for only a day now. Some look far better than they did when in the woods, travelling here. Others, the slaves, lay on the floor, unaccustomed to beds, and have never looked better. Most who come in are frightened to ask for Kyuad's help, and no one speaks to him as he goes about his work.

At the desk, Kyuad sits with his tall, broad frame hunched over a piece of leather, stitching it together with rough twine. He wears a long-sleeved tunic someone had given him, and a white undershirt. His silk skullcap covers his head, and he has on a golden, ornate eyepiece that connects with a chain to a piece that sits over his ear. He has a toolkit at his side, but the rest of his belongings are not found here. All of his clothing is impecably clean.


Word has spread through the town that he has made himself available to those who are sick or who need help with something. Those brave or desperate enough, come. A young mother walks into the open door, holding a black-haired young girl. Another girl with bright green eyes hides behind her mother's dress, holding tightly. "Welcome. And how may I help three beautiful young ladies such as yourselves?" Kyuad's words are warm and welcoming, but his smile does little to make up for the unnatural feeling that he gives those in his presence. Something about him is... disconnected and absent.

NOTE TO KEVIN: The purpose of this is to give Kyuad a chance to help people, and to write up the cool stuff he does before Kalim's corronation. Feel free to build on the descriptions I've given (like, more rumors, or what people think/say about him, etc). Once it's finished, we can give it to the others to look over for entertainment value, or not as your preference. Kyuad is going to make charms, cast spells, and attend to the sick, based on what people ask him for and how he can best meet their needs. Collune can be there too, if that's appropriate.
I thought maybe you could make a list of things that people would ask for, want, or need - based on this I'd make a list of charms that Kyuad would make.