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Half-Succubus - Adam's updated version[edit]

"Half-Succubus Spell-Like Abilities"
HD: Abilities
1-2 Detect Thoughts 3/day
3-4 Detect Good 3/day
5-6 Suggestion 2/day
7-8 Succubus' Kiss
9-10 Charm Monster
11-12 Word of Chaos
13-14 Cloak of Chaos 3/day, Unhallow
15-16 Succubus' Kiss 3/day
17-18 Summon Monster IX (Demons Only)
19-20 Destruction

Creating a Half-Succubus[edit]

"Half-Succubus" is a ritually created template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature with an Intelligence score of 4 or more and a nonlawful, nongood alignment (referred to hereafter as the base creature). Through these rituals a being can take on the essence of a Succubus.
A half-Succubus uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Ritual of Creation[edit]

Such a ritual takes at least a week and transforms the character over time, during this time a Succubus' essence is shared magically with the character.
At stage 2 and 4 of the transformation the ritual harshly taxes the character.
  • Level 2:
Willpower Save DC12 to avoid going mad from the pain and evil. SUCCEEDED
Fortitude Save DC10 to survive the process of transformation at all. SUCCEEDED
  • Level 4:
Willpower Save DC?? to avoid going mad from the pain and evil.
Fortitude Save DC?? to survive the process of transformation at all.
Details on such a vile ritual are known only to the queen of the Succubi. To deal with this demon, a promise or exchange must be struck to confer this ritual details. (see "Acquiring")

Size and Type[edit]

The creature’s type changes to outsider. Additionally, as an outsider, the target also gains the ‘Trapped’ and ‘Spirit’ subtypes, as well the 'Chaotic' and 'Evil' subtypes.
Do not recalculate Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or saves. Half-Succubi are normally native outsiders, however, in Midnight the Trapped and Spirit Subtypes override the Native subtype.


A half-Succubus has bat wings. Unless the base creature has a better fly speed, the creature can fly at the base creature’s base land speed (Good maneuverability).

Armor Class[edit]

Natural armor improves by +2 (this stacks with any natural armor bonus the base creature has).


A half-Succubus has two claw attacks, and the claws are primary natural weapon. If the base creature can use weapons, the half-Succubus retains this ability. A half-Succubus fighting without weapons uses a claw when making an attack action. When it has a weapon, it usually uses the weapon instead.

Full Attack[edit]

A half-Succubus fighting without weapons uses both claws when making a full attack. If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as its primary attack. If it has a hand free, it uses a claw as an additional natural secondary attack.


Half-Succubi have claw attacks. If the base creature does not have this attack form, use the following damage values:
Small 1d3
Medium 1d4
Large 1d6.
Use these values or the base creature’s damage values, whichever are greater.

Special Attacks[edit]

A half-Succubus retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following special attacks.
  • Smite Good (Su)
Once per day the creature can make a normal melee attack to deal extra damage equal to its HD (maximum of +20) against a good foe.

Spell-Like Abilities[edit]

A half-Succubus with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of 8 or higher has spell-like abilities depending on its Hit Dice, as indicated on the table. The abilities are cumulative.
Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable once per day.
Caster level equals the creature’s HD, and the save DC is Charisma-based.
Succubus' Kiss (Su): As Succubus ability 'Energy Drain' except that each time the ability is used, the half-succubus suffers 1 point of charisma damage and 1d8 points on nonlethal damage. At 15th level, the half-succubus can use this abilty up to three times per day without incurring any damage or Cost. Additional uses cause the user suffer 1 point of charisma damage for using this ability.

Special Qualities[edit]

A half-Succubus has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.
  • +8 to Listen & Spot.
  • Darkvision out to 60 feet.
  • Telepathy out to 100 feet.
  • Immunity to poison.
  • Resistance to acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, and fire 10.
  • Damage reduction: 5/Good (if HD 11 or less) or 10/Good (if HD 12 or more).
  • A half-Succubus’s natural weapons are treated as Magical Weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
  • Spell resistance equal to 10 + Charisma Modifier (As Succubus)

Fearful & Chaotic Nature[edit]

By nature Succubi are not warriors, and they flee combat whenever they can. This trait is equally prevalent among their half-blood kin.
A half-succubus who is damaged in combat must immediately make a Will Save DC 10 + Damage Dealt or flee to safety. If escape is impossible, a failed save results in the half-succubus becoming shaken for 2d4 rounds.


Increase from the base creature as follows:
Str +2, Dex +2, Int +4, Cha +8.


A half-Succubus gains skill points as an outsider and has skill points equal to (8 + Int modifier) × (HD + 3).
Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation—the half-Succubus gains outsider skill points only for its racial Hit Dice, and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels. Treat skills from the base creature’s list as class skills, and other skills as cross-class.

Challenge Rating[edit]

HD 4 or less, as base creature +1
HD 5 to 10, as base creature +2
HD 11 or more, as base creature +3.


Chaotic Evil.

Level Adjustment[edit]


Acquiring the Half-Succubus Template[edit]

Unlike many templates, the Half-Succubus template may be either inherited or acquired. The process required to
As Lady of Desire and Depression, Lady Regret is said to represent the concept of desire and the power to express it, but only other people's desires. Her depression stems from the fact that she cannot express or act upon her own concepts. Lady Regret has assumed many different forms throughout her existence, all supposedly based on the desires of other beings. Very little has been revealed about Lady Regret except that she, along with her long lost sisters Malcanthet, Xinivrae, and Shami-Amourae were among the first of the succubi to spontaneously arise from the Abyss from the mortal sin of lust. These succubi warred amongst themselves for rulership and supremacy over their race and in the end, Malcanthet assumed the title of "Queen of Succubi." Two other rivals for the title, Xinivrae and Shami-Amourae, had either been exiled or imprisoned by Malcanthet. Regret herself survived the war when she created Aryth as her battlefront in the Named Years but is said to be but a shadow of her former glory after the Sundering locked her within the mortal coil.
the Lady of Regrets: Or simply "Lady Regret". The elves know her as Loomear (elven: child of gloom), the Men of Stone have called her Thudul (dwarven: ill luck). Though her true-name is forever lost beyond the Veil (as Lady Lynkhab), she is also called the Lady of Desire and Depression and she was a patroness of the self-destructive and suicidal. Before the Sundering she was the contender for the title of "Queen of Succubi," which was last known to be held by Malcanthet. The Lady of Regrets dwells along the The Sighing Cliffs to the west of Highwall.
-- Excerpt from the Treatise on Demonology

Known Process[edit]

Subject must consume the essence of a succubus; this may be done through soul-trapping magic, and a ritual, or through other means that allow the subject to ingest and consume the soul, imparting its essence.
The Subject must prepare for the ritual by consuming a pint of blood from a willing or compelled succubus. This blood, ritually consumed, acts as a potent toxin, dealing 1d3 points of constitution drain that cannot be healed by any effort, save by completing the apotheosis and attaining the final level of the half-succubus template. Additionally, the drinker suffers 1 point of charisma damage per day, until he has consumed the required demonic soul. During this process, the drinker is wracked by sporadic pain, and looks unhealthy, with pale skin, sunken eyes and widespread bruising as the blood alters and damages his flesh.
  • Level 1: +2 Cha, Darkvision, (Sp) abilities 1-4, Listen/Spot +8 bonus, Type Change: Outsider, Chaotic
  • Level 2: +2 Int +2 Cha, Telepathy, Poison Immunity, (Sp) abilities 5-8
  • Level 3: +2 Dex, +2 Cha, SR, Claw Attack, (Sp) abilities 9-14, Type Change: Evil
  • Level 4: +2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Cha, Wings, DR, Resistances, Natural Armor, (Sp) Abilities 15-20, Con restored.

Level Modifier Option[edit]

(Hand of Shadow, page 29)

Characters with flaws are physically hampered by a permanent injury that did not properly heal. Alternatively, flaws may be caused by disease, malnutrition during childhood, or simply mundane birth defects.
  • FORKED TONGUE: (-2 Level Modifier) The hasty and rather crude absorbtion of Demonic energies has left you marked with chaos and evil. Due to your new and as yet uncontrolled aura as a fiend, those of kind and just temperments and highly resistant to your manipulation:
  • LAWFUL Alignment: Bluff attempts against Lawful targets automatically fail.
  • GOOD Alignment: Diplomacy attempts against Good targets automatically fail.
  • LAWFUL GOOD Alignment: Bluff and Diplomacy attempts against Good targets automatically fail.



The bargain as it is struck between Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne, Sharu of Sharuun and Vipheri, called the Wise Mistress. The following shall be rendered:

Items Required by Zal'Kazzir[edit]

  • The name and and proper contact information for Loomear, Lady Regret.
  • A dram of Vipheri's (the wise mistress) own blood, to be used in the first stage of the Becoming Ritual.
  • Vipheri's Service to aid First-Hold in guidance behind the throne. To manage and keep it under control for a minimum of 2 years.
    Following this 2 years of service and on the satisfactory performance of her duties she has the options of:
  • continuing at First-Hold of her own volition
  • accepting future opporunities offered by Zal'Kazzir
  • venturing on her own elsewhere.


  • Allow no agent of Shadow to weaken, undermine or infiltrate Firsthold. Furthermore if any opportunity arises that involves the Agents of shadow, Zal is to be briefed and his permission gained before any further progress is gained by said Shadow Minion in First-Hold, such-as you can control.
  • Don't over-feed
  • Don't raise suspicion that an outsider such as yourself is in the community or that anything other than the normal human community is in place.
  • Do everything in your power to help First-Hold to grow and prosper, its strength is our strength.
  • Work hard to ensure Zal'Kazzir's trust and remember always the rewards that will be yours. (seriously, don't fuck-up)


  • Aid in the endevour this is very beneficial for her (and Zal's good will)
  • Future offerings that will lead you to bigger/better things (better cities)
  • She will be present at the True Naming Ritual (the first ritual) to know your true name - thus becoming true peers.


  • Zal'Kazzir's name will be spread as a negotiating peer... a Prince amoung princes.
  • She desires a Alu'fiend, to allow her to "explore" the human race. A child must be formed, with all the "enjoyments" of flesh and fetish, once Zal'Kazzir's Becoming is complete.
  • The participants of this "becoming ritual" now share the bond of True Names, as well as the bond of blood. Such a bond has several effects: Firstly, the two bonded participants share a potent emotional connection that allows one, with concentrated mental effort, to sense the emotional state of the other. Secondly, the strength of the bond can also be exploited at desperate need to allow one to summon the other to them, effectively "calling" one another as the Summon Monster ability. This is a supernatural ability, and is equivalent to a 9th level spell. When the summoning is requested a telepathic bond through emotion happens to allow the summoned to BE called.


  • Shadow Minion: Anything one/thing in the direct service of Izrador.
  • "Magic Circle Against Izrador": This functions like the spell "magic circle against evil", except it affects creatures of any alignment that are currently, actively, and knowingly acting on behalf of or in the name of Izrador, the Shadow in the North. Unless otherwise approved by both parties.


"Neither of the contract bearers will either intensionally nor through gross negligence reveal, transmit or make known the truename of the other to any person, party or circumstance until and unless both parties agree to the termination of this vow. Furthermore, if by subterfuge or other cunning one of the two parties manage to break this vow it will be rendered null and void."

Zal'Kazzir's "Becoming" Effects[edit]


  • Succeeded step 1 of Insanity and Death saves.
  • Drained 2 Constitution as part of the ritual.
  • Found and survived Loomear.


  • Level 1: +2 Cha, Darkvision, (Sp) abilities 1-4, Listen/Spot +8 bonus, Type Change: Outsider, Chaotic
  • Level 2: +2 Int +2 Cha, Telepathy, Poison Immunity, (Sp) abilities 5-8
  • Level 3: +2 Dex, +2 Cha, SR, Claw Attack, (Sp) abilities 9-14, Type Change: Evil
  • Level 4: +2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Cha, Wings, DR, Resistances, Natural Armor, (Sp) Abilities 15-20, Con restored.

Zal'Kazzir's Names[edit]

HUMAN NAME: Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne, his original human name. This name has -NO- power over Zal/Za'al and cannot be used to call or summon him.
ABYSAAL NAME: Za'al, his new abyssal name, his name as a demon. This name can be used to call him or summon him, which is why he sent it to Aradil. There is also a chance that if Vrolk or anyone else is not fluent in Abyssal, they may think his name is 'Kepak' or 'Kepak Za'al', but this is incorrect and should not work to summon or call; 'Kepak' is a title, meaning Lord, and not part of his name. This is Zal's equivalent of the name 'Belal'; it is his name, and can be used magically, but grants no special power.
TRUE NAME: Fazhitazorilnavenath (pronounced Fah-zee-tazor-il-nah-veh-nath), his TRUE name. This name can be used to summon or call, and also grants the caller additional power over Za'al. This is Zal's equivalent of the name 'Nazif' and grants power over the named. This name is only known to two beings; Za'al and Vipheri. This name has been posted on the wiki on Zal's Grimoire page since we first did the ritual with Vipheri. http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Zal%27Kazzir%27s_Grimoire
Vrolk has Za'al's name, and Vrolk can summon or call him, which would suck either way. A Greater Planar Binding Spell could be used, to which I would get a will save to resist, but if I failed he would have me; at least for a while. This would be one of those "love to hate it" kind of moments I think. He has no additional special power over me, but he is potent enough, he probably wouldn't need any.

Background On Zal's Naming[edit]

A pretty cool visual would be the idea of Zal being intuitively aware of it, while bloody letters formed across his face and hands so that Vipheri could know it as well.