Midnight RPG - Chapter 41.483

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  • It is rumored that beneath the city, lies ancient ruins that were once controlled by the Elder Fey. These ruins were built on, as layers of civilization created new buildings, till the original structures were forgotten. A book someone in Baden's Bluff has the location of these ruins, and speaks of an ancient church to the forgotten gods. Where did these ruins start, and do the ruins actually exist?
  • There have been lots of missing people, and many believe they are being kidnapped in and around the Stone Docks area. It is said that an ancient evil has awoken that kills Orc and human alike, and that this evil is not allied with the Dark One in the north. (Stone Docks are listed in the Under the Shadow supplement).
  • Some new foul experiments are going on in some of the abandoned Quarries. The shadow has discovered an interesting vein of strange ore and human prisoners that are forced to mine the substance do not live long.
  • There are 3 whores that work together that seduce men to their beds, torture them, slit their throats, and take all that they have. It is rumored that they have taken Orcs into their beds as well. They seem to target violent Johns that beat up on the other whores in the city, so it is said that if you treat a whore badly, the Sisters of Misery will pay you a visit.
  • Evil mercenaries are constructing a fortress not far from the community.
  • Wealthy merchants are being killed in their homes.
  • A child has wandered into a vast necropolis, and dusk approaches quickly.
  • The tomb of a powerful wizard, filled with magic items, has sunk into the swamp.
  • An ancient sword must be recovered to defeat a ravaging -monster.
  • Mysterious groaning sounds come from a haunted wood at night.
  • Adventurers exploring a dungeon have not returned in a week.
  • Treants in the woods are threatened by a huge fire of mysterious origin.
  • Bugbears are demanding a toll on a well-traveled bridge.
  • Goblins riding spider eaters have been attacking the outskirts of a town.
  • An ancient curse is turning innocent people into evil murderers.
  • A halfling caravan must pass through an ankheg-infested wilderness.
  • The keys to disarming all the magic traps in a wizard’s tower have gone missing.
  • A bulette is tearing apart viable farmland.
  • Vampires are preying upon a small town.
  • A jealous rival threatens to stop a well-attended wedding.
  • A blackguard is organizing monsters in an area.
  • A wizard needs a particularly rare spell component found only in the deep jungle.
  • An emissary going into a hostile kingdom needs an escort.
  • A kingdom known for its wizards prepares for war.
  • Gravediggers have discovered a huge, ghoul-filled catacomb under the cemetery.
  • Barbarians have torn up a village in a violent rage.
  • Evil clerics gather in secret to summon a monstrous god to the world.
  • A wizard is buried in a trap-filled tomb with her powerful magic items.
  • An absentminded wizard has let her rod of wonder fall into the wrong hands.
  • Lizardfolk riding dragon turtles sell their services as mercenaries to the highest bidder.
  • Gargoyles are killing giant eagles in the mountains.
  • A huge dire wolf, apparently immune to magic, is organizing the wolves in the wood.
  • An antidote to a magic poison must be found before the duke dies.
  • Someone in town is a werewolf.
  • A druid needs help defending her grove against goblins.
  • All the dwarves in an underground city have disappeared.
  • A fire elemental has escaped from a wizard’s lab.
  • A community of gnomes has built a flying ship.
  • Undead shadows vex a large library, especially an old storeroom long left undisturbed.
  • A shapechanged mind flayer is gathering mentally controlled servitors.
  • A lonely mountain pass is guarded by a powerful sphinx denying all passage.
  • The Count is cheating on his wife.
  • Burgulers broke in to a wealthy merchants shop, but apparently didn't take anything.
  • The town may be hireing mercenaries to augment the town guard.
  • A wealthy merchants daughter is engaged.
  • A new inn is opening in town.
  • The duke has been acting strangely.
  • A rare plant has suddenly boomed in population on a local farm.
  • A child has gone missing.
  • A house is for sale in the town.
  • A new arrival in town has caused a great commotion.
  • The judge may be taking bribes.
  • The kings son is very ill, and the king will pay anything for a cure.
  • People in a town have rebelled against their government, but were put down by the police.



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