Morwyn of Saim-Hann

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  • Racial Package: Aeldari
    • +1 Agi
    • Outsider: +2DN to interaction with <Imperium>
    • Intense Emotion: +1DN to Resolve Tests, failed Willpower rolls involving intense emotion grant the GM +1 Ruin.
    • Psychosensitive: The Tier Restriction for number of psychic powers is one higher.
  • Archetype Package: Warlock
    • Psyniscience and Smite do not count toward Tier restriction.
    • +2 Influence
  • Description: Morwyn is relatively nondescript as Eldar go, except for the grotesque scarring around his left eye, and the fact that it's been replaced with a starfield-black cybernetic orb.
  • Background: A former warlock, now a bondsman to an Inquisitor.
  • Keywords: Aeldari, Asuryani, Psyker, Saim-Hann, Inquisition
  • Objectives:
    • 1. Unfavourably evaluate a facet of another species against Eldar culture, technology, or art.
    • 2. Call upon one of the gods of the Eldar as you accomplish a difficult task or defeat an enemy.
    • 3. Reminisce upon the traditions of an Eldar Craftworld, and compare it to the current situation.


  • Strength: 3
  • Agility: 4 (5)
  • Toughness: 4
  • Intellect: 4
  • Willpower: 5
  • Fellowship: 3
  • Initiative: 5


  • Defence (Init-1): 4 / 5 Melee
  • Resilience (Tou+1): 5
  • Soak (Tou): 4
  • Shock (Will + Tier): 9
  • Speed (Racial): 8
  • Wounds (Tou+Tier): 8
  • Conviction (Will): 5
  • Corruption (starts at 0): 0
  • Passive Awareness (half awareness): 4
  • Resolve (Will-1): 4
  • Influence (Fel-1): 4
  • Wealth (Tier): 4


  • Athletics (Str) 3/6
  • Awareness (Int) 4/8
  • Ballistic Skill (Agi) 3/8 (9)
  • Cunning (Fel)
  • Deception (Fel)
  • Insight (Fel) 3/6
  • Intimidation (Wil) 3/8
  • Investigation (Int)
  • Languages: Aeldari, High Gothic, Low Gothic, Ork, Tau.
  • Leadership (Wil)
  • Medicae (Int)
  • Persuasion (Fel)
  • Pilot (Agi) 3/8
  • Psychic Mastery (Wil) 5/10
  • Scholar (Int) 4/8
  • Stealth (Agi) 4/9
  • Survival (Wil) 3/8
  • Tech (Int) 1/5
  • Weapon Skill (Init) 4/9


  • Rune armour: 4, basically invulnerable to AP and can soak mortal wounds.
  • Witchblade: 12+3ED; AP 0; Force (+1/2 willpower to damage), Parry (+1 Melee defence), Warp Weapon (Damage rating can be reset to target's resilience -4.)
  • Shuriken pistol: 10+1ED; AP 0; Range 24m; Salvo (Gain +2 dice by spending a reload); Penetrating (Gain 3 AP if any dice are shifted to damage), Pistol
  • A set of wraithbone runes: +1 to Psychic Mastery tests.
  • Spirit stone: Only useful if my character dies I think.
  • Jump Pack: I assume it's an Eldar model
  • Eye of the Crone: +1 Ballistic Tests, not affected by darkness or fog.



His right eye is a black orb with a sort of starfield gleam, surrounded by some serious scarring. It's an eldar cybernetic. He got the injury from a Space Marine with a chainsword who came within a tenth of a second of opening his skull up like a rotten walnut. This was a pirate incident and the Astartes was not in the wrong.


Morwyn was a Corsair. a pirate. Preyed on humans - not only humans, but there's a lot of humans and their stuff is better than Ork stuff. He probably would again and wouldn't feel particularly bad about it.


A hologenerator that lets him pass for human. This thing isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. It doesn't completely change his appearance, but it alters it. It can't make him look unarmed, but it can make his witchblade and pistol look like imperial tech. It doesn't make his cyber-eye or the scar tissue go away, but it makes it look like a normal cyber-eye than weird Eldar crystal tech. It can change the way it makes him look, but he's always going to be a dude with a missing eye.


Merichanda, a former imperial guard soldier who has tremendous anger control problems. She was scheduled to be executed for striking an officer, but he cadged her out by using Inquisitorial influence. He's basically trying to train her in something like a human-appropriate version of being an Aspect Warrior. Specifically, the ability to take anger, rage, bloodlust, and put it away in a box, then to take it out again at need. But also realize those are healthy things to have, the same way that it's healthy for a viper to be full of poison.

She sort of hates him for putting a remote controlled shock collar on her, but also, well, he's the only person who ever took a real solid look at her and how she acts and said, "There's nothing wrong with you."

Special Abilities[edit]


Psyker Powers[edit]

Minor Powers[edit]

  • Psyniscience: DN 2. Detects psychic phenomena. 351.
  • Smite: Defence. Deals Mortal Wounds. 352.

Discipline Powers[edit]

  • Gout of Flame: DN 5. Medium blast. 356.
  • Telepathy: DN 3. 358.
  • Mind Probe: Willpower Opposed. 358.