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New Space[edit]

SpaceMaster: New Space is a campaign setting designed for the SpaceMaster Privateers game currently still printed by Iron Crown Enterprises. It's 1982 A.D., and Mankind has won a lengthy war against the Valacantha, A race that attacked the Earth during the start of World War II. The Valacantha found the Earth to be a prime source of food (re: brains) and sought to conquer it to make it a world of slaves.

All the Valancantha did was unify the Axis and Allies powers in order to repel the threat. With the help of the Eldar, the Earthers under the leadership of Admirals Chester Nimitz, Isoroku Yamamoto, and Chancellor Adolf Hitler; managed to destroy a major Valacantha fleet at Europa. Then began the Terran-Valacantha War. After twenty years of fighting, the Terrans made the Valancantha Empire retreat from the Orion Spur to lick its wounds. But the humans of Earth can rest easily and all member nations of the Terran Alliance has formed colonies up to 50 light years away from the Star System Sol.

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Created by: Elton J. Robb. Certain pieces of SpaceMaster: New Space is protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike U.S. License 3.0.

Spacemaster: Privateers is Copyright © 2002-2009 by Aurigas Aldbaron LLC. All rights reserved. No reproductions without permission. Produced and distributed by Mjolnir LLC, dba Iron Crown Enterprises 112 Goodman Street, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902.


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