Once more with feeling/Logs/Small Group/In Denandsor/Anshu-Antonee and Antonee-Dhiren (about Solitary Talon)

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Once more, with feeling!
Warning: the following logs are not arranged chronologically IC or OOC.


(27/09/09 18:19:46) Antonee: "Anshu, I want you to stop harrassing Solitary Talon about her slaves, all right? It's damaging circle harmony, and I have a feeling she and her friends are going to attack you eventually if you don't."
(27/09/09 18:27:31) Anshu: Anshu nods. "Cerise pointed out the consequences to me earlier, when we were fighting that servant of the Yozis. I'm planning on apologizing as soon as I can meet her outside of the camp again."
(27/09/09 18:28:20) Antonee: "Oh. This is going a lot easier than I thought it would." Antonee says.
(27/09/09 18:32:50) Anshu: "I still think she's wrong to keep slaves, for several reasons, but I can see now that the way I've been going about it has been counterproductive."
(27/09/09 18:35:36) Andrensath: Antonee sighs. "That's not what I asked, and I think you know it. I don't particularly care whether or not you think she's wrong to keep slaves. All I want is for you to keep your mouth shut about it."
(27/09/09 18:45:53) Anshu: "There is one point I'd still like to make to her, after I apologize for how confrontational I've been. After that, I will not bring it up again."
(27/09/09 18:46:17) Andrensath: "And that is?"
(27/09/09 18:51:57) Anshu: "The importance of encouraging heroism in mortals, and the way that keeping someone a slave is directly opposed to the fostering of heroism."
(27/09/09 18:53:18) Andrensath: Antonee raises an eyebrow. "I rather doubt she'll agree with you there, but it's worth a try."
(27/09/09 18:54:43) Anshu: "The beauty of the idea is that it appeals not only to the ideal of promoting heroism, but enlightened self-interest, in that mortal heroes can keep problems from growing to the point where we Exalts have to deal with them, thus saving us a good bit of work."
(27/09/09 18:58:08) Andrensath: Antonee pauses for a moment. "Like I said, I doubt she'll agree with you, but I can't foresee any problem with you trying to convince of that. As long as you don't then go to 'stop having slaves please', anyway."
(27/09/09 19:00:32) Anshu: Anshu nods.


(27/09/09 16:45:52) Antonee: "All right. You know the way you've been acting towards Solitary Talon?"
(27/09/09 16:47:54) Dhiren: *Dhiren nods*
(27/09/09 16:49:11) Antonee: "Good. Here's the thing: Ziyad is sick of it. Cael is sick of it. Silveria is sick of it. I am sick of it. Most of the circle is sick of it. It needs to stop, understand?"
(27/09/09 16:58:12) Dhiren: "I'll stop arguing with her about it. I still intend to see that her slaves - and yours - get freed eventually."
(27/09/09 17:02:03) Antonee: "Fine. And you needn't worry about *my* slaves. They'll get freed as soon as I work out the problems with the automatons I'm working on." Antonee says. "Oh, and one more thing: I like Solitary Talon more than I do you. If you try freeing her slaves without her permission, I will make sure you don't get much time to regret that mistake."
(27/09/09 17:04:53) Dhiren: "Automatons? Do you think she would accept them in place of her slaves?"
(27/09/09 17:06:02) Antonee: "Possibly. She is an ex-Dynast, though, so you'd need to work around the issue of status first."
(27/09/09 17:22:32) Dhiren: *Dhiren nods again with a grimace* "Yeah... Are you going to be talking to Nuwa and Anshu about this?"
(27/09/09 17:22:45) Antonee: "Yes. Why?"
(27/09/09 17:23:41) Dhiren: "Just wondering."