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Eurmals crumbs[edit]

  • 6 doses.dolwynn

grey cave[edit]

  • Three good 1H spears palmir, gort, slim
  • A gold torc. Rothar gifted to Hyudd Du.
  • A very fine dagger of Tarsh design Dolwynn 232l
  • A siz 11 open helm in good condition, but minus any straps. Local design with Colymar runes given to cloudcall
  • A copper arrow head.
  • 5 1pt storage crystals. Dolwynn
    • three with the dead boys

from King Eft[edit]

  • Gold carp statue 2" high, 6" long. Given to troll
  • 4 Aluminum ingots 1-kg each Proxenus
  • A Dragonscale, gold inscriptions in Auld wyrmish. Big as a hand. Rothar
  • A vase of 12 obsidian figurines on cords, miniature copies of the plinth atop the mound. Everyone
  • 3 silver links of a large chain. Alloy Proxenus mindlink matrix.
  • A necklace of 27 smooth black pebbles. Each pebble gives all a persons water requirements for one day.Dolwynn
  • An ancient short bladed knife, made from an iridescent shell, dt pearls Palmir can sense when there is food about in rivers and pools.
  • 6 river pearls threaded on a braided cord of human hair. each peal enables someone to breathe underwater. Rothar.
  • A strange set of leather armour, fit for a newtling. Gort

3 pouches found by Palmir[edit]

  • 1) Contains 15 lunars, 20 bolgs, a set of dice, and a small carved beetle
  • 2) Contains 57 bolgs, 2 wheels, and a gem.
  • 3) Contains a wrapped handful of moist, mushroom goo, that sparkles magically.

end tale loot[edit]

  • A semi precious stone on a cord 6L home
  • A very good cut diamond 282L home
  • A good sapphire worth ? failed roll.126l home
  • A lead broach depicting a praying mantis with gem eyes 180L Slim
  • Cash
  • 650 clacks home
  • 255 wheels home
  • 934 Lunars home
  • potions
  • Three doses of a foul smelling potion that will increase your dex +1pt for two hours. Slim
  • Fungal spores. Inhaled they work as a mobility spell. two doses in a small lead snuff box. Slim'
  • An oily stinging salve that must be wiped on your face. It works as a glamour spell against trolls. 3doses. Slim'

  • scrolls
  • two lead books and a lead scroll, all in darktongue. Slim
    • One lead book is about Troll myths, it will add +10 to your Uz lore skill, but will take three weeks of study.Slim
    • The other lead book is about how to increase Str by 1pt per two weeks of practice up to a Str of 15. Slim
  • Lead tablet +10% mace, maul attack and parry. Slim
  • Lead tablet map slim carrying. NOD.

whiteyes loot[edit]

  • 15 bronze spearheads packhorse
  • 1 axe heads packhorse
  • 33 arrow heads packhorse
  • 3 bronze daggerspackhorse
  • 5 lead ingotspackhorse
  • A sling bag containing 62 bolgs. (Gort)

  • A chariot wheel (magical)blessed by Lokanos. It doubles the speed of any wagon it is attached to. Washed and cleaned the spokes are revealed to be covered in gold leaf. home
  • A wooden pillar, carved, twice the thickness of a spear, 1m long (magical)Once per day can cast hearth harmony (same as the city harmony spell but effects a house/hut/heat/tula. Costs 3 pow and can be boosted by more pow.home
  • A milking stool, engraved with the name 'Narly moo'home
  • A drinking horn from some sort of bull. Orendal will recognize. skybull horn. home
  • A shepherds stick. (magical)A detect cattle matrix 1pt , detect enemies matrix 1pt and detect water matrix 1pt. **Rothar
  • A horses bridle (magical)Grazelander. If the reins are dropped and the rider dismounts the rein anchors to the ground, preventing the horse from wandering.
  • 11 sackspackhorse
  • 8 back packspackhorse
  • a bronze bedpan with naughty ulerian engravings. home
  • A lunar senior NCO's pack tent with all the trimmings 20 years of knowhow brings packhorse

  • Sack of loot returned by shuffle home
    • excellent jewel 4000
    • excellent gem 1500
    • two good gems 432L, 324L
    • 3 good gems57,48,24,

apple lane stuff[edit]

    • Spirit carving,tin offering bowl, red cloak(magical)t has the mysterious ability to keep the wearer [I]On the Path,[/I] and also repels wolves,vingan helmet, bronze eating bowls, lightbringer game pieces home

stuff from Kash Leadsnout[edit]

  • jar of five beetles, ( will eat through 5Ap of wood each)Gort

  • 1 jumping potion packhorse
  • 1 glue 2 potion packhorse
  • 1 sneeze potion packhorse
  • 8 doses pot 10 acid packhorse [two on Dolwynn]
  • 12 doses pot 10 BV packhorse[two on Dolwynn]
  • 6 doses pot 10 BV antidote packhorse[two on Dolwynn]
  • 4 doses pot 12 spider paralyzing venom packhorse[two on Dolwynn]

  • 40m spider silk cord Pack Horse

  • Giant statue Str matrix Dolwynn

  • Issaries scroll +10% bargain, four uses. 1 weeks study.
  • mantis saddle and tackRothar (stowed on packhorse, unpack in case of bison)
  • bauble for nadara,shiny deep chocolate/golden pearlescent carapace, engraved with scarab beetle motifs (with Nadara)

  • Map to Gonn Ortas castle packhorse
  • Green crystal, arrow shaped? packhorse
  • Arkati Grimoire Slim

  • helmet fits any. 10 AP. Black and red. Bronze Rothar
  • shield, medium. 20AP Black and red. Bronze. packhorse
  • two swords, matching pair. damage 2d4+2. Rothar

  • Two lead feathers: each a one use disruption spell. Slim

  • Chitin armour White Auroch
  • A Small stone crocodile headed man with ‘ made in Inti Pardo” written in darktongue on its back.White Auroch
  • A lead figure of a warrior troll called Kwaratch Kang, it’s arms and legs move.given to king bear

  • A keg of mavern hills beer given to king bear
  • two days supply of mushrooms packhorse
  • Anti chaos stones Proxenus
    • Boztakang
    • One black: cancel chaos feature 1d6hr
    • 1 Blue -1d10 mp
    • 1 Green heals 3d6 hps

Giant tools[edit]

  • Chisel 4 enc stashed at marbles Bladesharp 4 matrix
  • 6 nails 3 enc each stashed at marbles

dead man in a cave[edit]

  • 68 clackseat
  • 8 silverseat
  • 6 wheelseat
  • a copper necklace: good jewelry eat
  • 1 litre of firewater spirit. drunk.....
  • A scroll...map of dwarf mine Slim
  • A clay tablet/seal. has traces of wax and writing. Slim
  • Saddle bag... calm pack horse 2pt spell packhorse
  • 22 sling stonesgort
  • A slingpackhorse
  • a copper dagger...stop bleeding matrixpackhorse
    • This spell stops a wound from bleeding. It does not heal the wound but does stop the person from losing HPs from the wound. It can be used on wounds affected by the Seal Wound spell. It does not count as magical healing for Humakti with nasty geases.
  • a bronze cavalry sword packhorse
  • a bronze stabbing spear.packhorse
  • A destroyed scale hauberk made from wooden leaves.
  • Markings of 2 trees on either side of a gate on the saddle bag.
  • One weeks food.


  • A giant's ring with fertility and life runes...a matrix.
  • Two iron kukris

Floating boat[edit]

  • Adryami papyrus scroll slim
  • Healing satchel. Adds +5% to first aid roll.