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Chapter 10

Etheric: I should make a textfile for my character sheet now that the wiki is down.
Etheric: I need to figure out how many character points I have left, though. And I'm a bit uncertain what Gifts I ended up adding when I made Eve. RN and I discussed a few possibilities.
Random_Nerd: Yeah, and I don't believe you'd made up your mind when last we spoke on the matter.
Knockwood: well, we're in chapter 9, so we each got 8 so far, minus any adds you've already done
Etheric: Hmm, that many?
Etheric: I think I have enough for Aspect 2 then, unless I forgot a Gift.
Etheric: Er, Aspect 1.
Knockwood: I've got 6 points I'm still debating what to do with
Etheric: Momentarily forgot that my Aspect started at zero.
Etheric: What I would do, Knock, is use 4 of those to raise each of your Domains by 1, then pick a nifty Gift or two.
Random_Nerd: True, you seem to have issues with low Domain a fair amount.
BethE: I know I bought the Noble Tracker gift. And I was thinking of raising Spirit or Realm.
Etheric: Either that, or buy your Realm up to 2 so you can hear the Realm's Heart.
Knockwood: that and I use my secondary more than my primary
Knockwood: though I was thinking of cranking my aspect and/or maybe getting straight up attack gifts
Etheric: Oh, hmm.
Etheric: RN, I didn't think of this. Should I take Eve's differing take on Hope as a secondary domain?
BethE: How much was your lightsaber going to be, or is that for later, Knock?
Knockwood: haven't really hashed it out yet
Random_Nerd: Hmm. I don't really see them as being different enough to lead to different sorts of miracles being allowable.
Random_Nerd: Do you disagree?
Etheric: Not really, I ust wanted to check.
Etheric: Well, they do allow slightly different kinds of miracles, but both are based on "hope."
Random_Nerd: I don't see the degree of difference as being sufficiently great as to need mechanical representation.
BethE: (Did those who are not RN or sharing his brain at the time hear about the differences between the two Hope-perspectives?)
Etheric: I don't recall, honestly.
Etheric: Want me to go over them?
BethE: Yes, please.
Etheric: Sorry.
Etheric: Anyway, Eve's take on Hope is that a Hope is basically the purpose a thing is geared towards, either by design or by nature.
Random_Nerd: Very Aristotelian.
Etheric: Carrie's take on Hope is that a Hope is a transformative emotion that directs a person toward a certain aspect of their potential.
Etheric: Basically clarifying that part of the potential.
BethE: Interesting. *thinks*
Etheric: And making it easier to realize.
BethE: So, either of them Diving the same person could get different answers?
Etheric: Eve's outlook is based on Fate, Carrie's on Free Will.
Etheric: Hmm.
Knockwood: so, Eve could do a LC Hope and create a serial killer?
Etheric: I'm not sure, Knock, It depends on whether RN thinkks that's stretching the boundaries of Hope too much.
Knockwood: actually, wait, so could Carrie...
Etheric: Probably.
Random_Nerd: Either could, really.
Random_Nerd: They'd just do it differently.
Etheric: Though, Carrie's Hope is transformative and uplifting, so it would be a different kind of serial killer than what Eve would make.
Etheric: It's meant as the same Estate, just radically different takes on it.
Etheric: Hmm.
BethE: Carrie's could be a serial killer who believes that he/she is rescueing the victims from worse things or maybe one of those nurse-Angel of Deaths.
Etheric: Do you guys want to know the Eve-origin reason or should I let it come out in play?
Knockwood: ah, go ahead and tell us. :)
BethE: *gets popcorn*
BethE: I can have Theresa be clueless in character anyhow. <g>
Etheric: After meditating on that vision of hers all night, Carrie asked Kudzu to help her undertand the Dark without losing who she was.
Etheric: Kudzu obliged.
Etheric: So you get, roughly, a second personality, complete with a second form.
Etheric: Perfect Timing is going to ensure that no one is watching when they switch back and forth.
Etheric: That's mainly because I haven't decided on a visual.
BethE: Does one hear the other's thoughts/actions/etc?
Etheric: They aren't really there when the other is active, but they can remember everything the other did, in a dreamlike way.
Knockwood: so, is Carrie going to change her last name to Jekyll? :D
Etheric: No.
BethE: How'd Carrie's folks take it and does it interfer any with the Light Touch Hope has with them?
Etheric: For now, Eve has Light Touch too. And for that reason, she's been careful not to contact the Anchors while she's Eve.
Etheric: Eventually I plan on working out a second set of Handicaps for Eve beyond the differing Affiliation, but that's not finalized yet.
BethE: How much does Eve think Fate controls lives or events?
Etheric: To Eve, fate is individual. It is ones deeper nature manifesting itself. Kudzu forbids the imprisonment of this deeper nature (Code of the Wild via Cold Imperator Property.)
Etheric: However, humanity's deeper ature is destructive, witness wars, famine, genocide.
Etheric: Therefore, the answer is to persuade humanity to destroy itself.
Etheric: It's not an appealing logic but it is coherent.
BethE: (RN - what was William
Etheric: It also lacks Carrie's belief in unlimited potential.
Random_Nerd: (Okay, now, looks pretty clear that we won't have Laz. You guys prefer to start now, or cancel, or what?)
BethE: 's response mentally to the dual-Hopes for the heraldry?)
Random_Nerd: ("Huh. That's a weird one. Must ponder precedents.")
Knockwood: what about Sara?
BethE: Sara's still out trying to get work schedule and sleep aligned so that she's awake past 8:30pm.
Etheric: Hate to say it, but maybe we should cancel tonight.
Random_Nerd: She won't be here for at least a couple weeks, she's told me.
BethE: I would accept a cancel but have a question for the group first.
Random_Nerd: Yes?
Knockwood: 42.
BethE: What sort of things could we (as players or we as the royalRN, either way) do to help keep sessions/scenes moving?
Random_Nerd: Come up with agendas and take steps to implement them.
BethE: As I've noticed that I can have a tendency to bog down in the minor details.
Knockwood: we all do. Demonboxing.
Random_Nerd: Yeah. Part of that is that we don't seem to have a player/character of the more impulsive type here.
Etheric: I think on top of that, we need the GMing to be a little more proactive. If things are stuck, prod things along a bit. We won't object.

  • Etheric blinks.

Etheric: Dante isn't?
Random_Nerd: Mmm?
Random_Nerd: Not for these purposes.
Etheric: Fair enough.
Knockwood: there's also the problem in that we're not entirely sure what we can do
Random_Nerd: He is in terms of big-picture planning, but less so for demonboxing.
Random_Nerd: How so, Knock?
BethE: Do we need Noble boot-camp?
Random_Nerd: And what sort of thing would you suggest in terms of prodding, Etheric?
Random_Nerd: Given that it's a tight balance between prodding and railroading, and the midpoint differs from group to group.
Etheric: It's true that Carrie/Eve seems to be the one who forgets debating and actually does stuff. And I generally only do that when I get impatient with something that's already stretched out too long.
Knockwood: fr'ex: the big attack on the Ex last time. We wasted a big chunk of the session firing off one attack
Etheric: Well, if we're sdebating in circles, have something happen.
Etheric: Doesn't matter what, as long as it changed the situation.
Etheric: It's unrelastic to think that the owrld waits around while Nobles argue. Even given the existence of Perfect Timing.
Knockwood: careful, he could have two Excrucians burst through the door with abhorrent guns...
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What sort of thing would help with you knowing what you can do?
Etheric: I trust RN to keep the challenges manageable.
Knockwood: Why, just let us do anything! :D

  • Etheric now envisions the Power of Munchkins with Secondary Domain 5 in Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

Knockwood: what's his Aspect, Avogadro's number? :)
Random_Nerd: Graham's Number.
BethE: What if we had a session that was everyone throwing ideas/situations at Player A and they have to survive/fix it with their character. Then switch.
Etheric: Aspect 2, Legendary. But he has a focus that gives him Aspect 7. And several backups if he loses that one.
Etheric: Also, he has unlimited miracle points.
Etheric: <.<
Random_Nerd: Hmm. When you talk about not knowing what you can do, is it a matter of how the rules work? Or of picking an option from the many available ones?
Random_Nerd: Or something else?
BethE: I know one of my problems is that I don't think big/Noble enough.
BethE: And I sometimes have trouble with Auctoritas.
Knockwood: well, Theresa's is easy... it's tangible, therefore simple: LC=one plant or plant-derived thing
Knockwood: mine, not so much.
Etheric: I think if you're having trouble knowing what Courage can do, you should pin it down with RN.
Etheric: I did that for Hope with Carrie and later with Eve, and it really helped.
Knockwood: actually, that one was partially because we didn't know we could 'crank' a miracle and fire it off at a higher level
BethE: What, in the 'helping each other' way?
Knockwood: right
Random_Nerd: Well, one thing that could help would be to read through the relevant chapters again, both the straight mechanical ones and the GM adjugating advice ones.
Random_Nerd: I find that doing that every few months helps me.
Knockwood: BTW, did you see my post in (Link: ?
Random_Nerd: Ah, no, I'd not seen that.
Random_Nerd: Saw the thread earlier, but not with that post in it.
BethE: *reads, gets distracted by cutecatavatar, reads*
Knockwood: you're actually the first one to comment on the kitty-punk...
BethE: I am easily distracted by cute. <G>
BethE: And very good post, Knock! That's a really good job at decribing it.
BethE: describing even
Knockwood: well, I had a little help. :)
BethE: Hmm...your post makes me wonder if I should be doing more with the Elemental part of Theresa. I don't use it a whole lot.
Random_Nerd: It's a handy Gift, especially if you have Durant to go with it, which you do.
Etheric: If we're done with Beth's question, I'm gone for the night. Thanks all.
Knockwood: oyasumi-nasai
BethE: Night, Etheric! *HUG*
Random_Nerd: Okay. See you next week.

      • Etheric has signed off IRC (Disintegrated: Destiny is choice.).

BethE: I think about the only thing I've really done with the Elemental is vine arms and the dead stick arm after Monty.
Random_Nerd: You have anything else, Knock?
Knockwood: of course, I'm weird in that I'm not sure about what I write unless someone comments on it
Knockwood: hey, I was trying to think up an attack gift...
Knockwood: Create-Fire is blatantly obvious, though I was considering something more unique.
Random_Nerd: So you decided you didn't want an aspect-based martial art?
Knockwood: And I suspect a lightsaber would have a cost on par with Marsiglio's claw, which was expensive IIRC
Knockwood: RN: how much of a problem would having to physically touch the bad guy be?
Random_Nerd: Hmm.
Random_Nerd: Depends on the situation, and how quickly they realize the limitation.
Random_Nerd: It'd probably be most problematic when facing smart enemies with flexible combat options.
Knockwood: just prepping for when you put us up against the Excrucian Power of Sludge. :)
Random_Nerd: Which is to say, either Nobles, or Excrucians with funky gifts like WBH.
BethE: How much of an unusual gift was that Winds gift the Ex had in Mexico?
Random_Nerd: That was a pretty common Warmain Gift.
Random_Nerd: Probably one of the top ten most common warmain tricks.
Knockwood: Oh.. I was thinking of getting that Rune of Runaway as a set trick...
Knockwood: basically, trace it in the air or the ground, and mortals go bye-bye
Random_Nerd: Rune of Runaway?
Knockwood: I had it in my Domain Miracles list
BethE: (I dislike the Winds. They hit _hard_.)
Random_Nerd: Oh, let me see.
Knockwood: Dest of Courage, effect is: guy runs away
Random_Nerd: Ah, that would probably make a handy Gift.
Knockwood: Beth: well, you saw the defense I thought up, right?
Random_Nerd: Good for getting humans away, and subtle enough not to cause DA.
Random_Nerd: Let's see. Lesser Destruction, Simple Miracle, Local Things Only, One Trick, Uncommon?
BethE: Knock - i don't think so?
Knockwood: Well, it effects everyone in the area, selectively, but no Uncommon penalty since it's related to my Domain.
Random_Nerd: Oh, true.
Knockwood: can it have the special effect 'remains in effect for as long as the physical rune lasts'?
Random_Nerd: Well, Local Things is as opposed to Almost Anywhere.
Random_Nerd: Hmm.
Random_Nerd: That'd take a Change.
Random_Nerd: To make something with that kind of lasting effect.
Knockwood: well, if it's written in, say, dirt...
Random_Nerd: A miracle is an act. If the act is scaring people, you can do it with a destruction. But if it's making a rune that has certain effects, that'd be a Change, because such a rune can't mundanely exist.
Knockwood: Beth: OK, let me explain the defense...
Knockwood: it's kinda the reverse of Brian's movement trick.
Knockwood: Basically, warp either numbers or space so that the distance between him and, say, us is a lot longer than it 'should' be.
Random_Nerd: That could work well.
BethE: SO that his Winds wouldn't reach?
Random_Nerd: Sort of like the opposite of how a strategist would do it, really.
Knockwood: Even thought of a cool name: Zeno's Shield
Knockwood: Beth: yep
Random_Nerd: Hmm. Anything more to ask or tell me before I head out?
Knockwood: know of any Gifts opf Spirit?
Knockwood: and Tpyo's back...
Random_Nerd: There are no miracles of spirit, so, there aren't gifts that are based on a miracle of spirit.
Knockwood: thought of that as another possible defense: a Gift of Spirit specifically for defense
Random_Nerd: There are what the book considers to be "Gifts of Spirit," but those are Gifts based on another miracle thematically attached to Spirit.
Random_Nerd: Just like, for instance, many Gifts of Aspect are based on Domain miracles.
Knockwood: was Laz interested in spending the points on a Zeno's Shield? I might do it myself... maybe hook it to an aegis as a focus...
Random_Nerd: Beats me.
Knockwood: that's Beth's job.
Knockwood: :D
Knockwood: (SCNR)
BethE: (Do I want to know what that means? <g>)
Knockwood: (Sorry, Could Not Resist (that goofy setup))

Chapter 10