The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... ––– 1867 (August - December)

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Our core party is formed, our first foes vanquished, and our initial affiliations cemented.

London, August 1867[edit]

14 Aug 1867 - In Which Our Heroes Are Introduced ––– A fine Dinner, followed by a Scientific Demonstration and a Kidnapping by Agents of a Foreign Power.
14 Aug 1867 - The Blind Beak ––– In which there is much knees bent running about, several gunshots, a rather large fire on The Strand, and more than one scandalously loosed corset.

15 Aug 1867 - Wyvern and Westminster ––– We gain magical assistance in tracking down Rembecki, battle her minions, fail to waylay her, and tie up loose ends.

15 Aug 1867 - The Investigation Begins ––– We investigate Miss Dashwood's lab, encounter a demon of the 3rd Pale, and get our first real solid evidence into Dashwood and Rembecki. Also, an innocent word choice throws unintended scandal upon Katherine.

Paris, August, 1867[edit]

17 Aug 1867 - Channel Crossings ––– We cross the English Channel on the first leg of our journey, encounter a case of mistaken identity, and discover something from Flora's shrouded memory.

18 Aug 1867 - Paris Shuffle ––– A gargoyle from Societe du Nord pays Flora a visit, Josephine gathers intelligence for the next stage of our journey and in an incredible series of unintended events, we find Rembecki and Selene Dashwood and half our party is taken into French custody by evening's end.
18 Aug 1867 - Recovering Our Stride ––– In which we get released from prison, regroup, and carry our mission to Nurnberg.

Nurnberg, August, 1867[edit]

21 Aug 1867, Twilight - Catacomb ––– We make Nurnberg our base of operations, determine Bishop Oskar Benedictus is under inimical influence, and that a reconaissance of St. Lorenz's catcombs is warranted.
22 Aug 1867, Afternoon - Stand and Deliver ––– We escape the catacomb and find Bertie has changed our plans. We find allies and intel in unexpected places and remove an opponent from the chess board.

  • 23 Aug 1867, Twilight - En Garde - (RP: Katherine, Ezekiel, and Josephine)
  • 25 Aug 1867, Late Morning - Hearts to Heaven - (RP: Katherine and Ezekiel)

25 Aug 1867, Early Afternoon - Frost Giants and Fathers Found ––– We return to the catacombs to finish the job and find more than we imagined.

  • 25 Aug 1867, Evening - Girl Talk - (RP: Katherine, Flora, and Josephine)

26 Aug 1867, Morning - Weddings, Seance, and Circus ––– We have a double wedding, attend a seance, and Josephine's surrogate family arrives in town.

  • 26 Aug 1867, Night - Ancient Dances - (RP:Ezekiel and Katherine)-Warning! A bit racy

27 Aug 1867, Morning - On The Road To Lake Bled ––– We hit the road with Josephine's surrogate family of circus performers.

  • September 1867, Night - Fears - (Journal: Katherine)

Lake Bled, September, 1867[edit]

10 Sep 1867, Twilight - Of Boats and Midnight Battles ––– We launch our operation to deny our adversary a source of inimical power.
11 Sep 1867, Past Midnight - Storming the Castle ––– We continue with the Chapel and the plan to storm the Castle.

Boat to England, September, 1867[edit]

London, September, 1867[edit]

Mid-September, 1867 - Domestic Affairs ––– The party makes its separate ways back to England and London and over the next three months arrange for three weddings and make their first move into housekeeping.

Night of the Beignet Wedding, September 1867[edit]

  • 1867, Evening - Feast of Love – (RP: Dionysus and Priscilla)- warning! a bit racy

England, October-December, 1867[edit]

Late September - 01 December, 1867 - Domestic Affairs - In which weddings and vacations and accomodations are attended to, after which we investigate Bertie and Flora's new home on the Dashwood Estate.

  • 06 Nov 1867 - Wednesday's Child - (RP: Josephine and Evie)
  • 13 Nov 1867 - Partnership - (RP: Josephine and Evie)
  • 27 Nov 1867, evening - Swordplay- (RP: Ezekiel and Katherine) -Warning - a bit racy

02 Dec 1867 - Into The Caverns - We follow the trail of the odd midnight apparition to the caverns underneath the estate and learn a few things.

Ireland, December 1867[edit]

05 Dec 1867 - The First Day of Christmas - We are invited to spend the twelve days of Christmas with an old friend of the Flemings in Ireland, concurrent with an assignment for Josephine in Dublin, and we pick up allies and enemies on the way.
13 Dec 1867 - Yuletide Siege - We race across wintery Ireland to rescue Flora, kidnapped by a nobleman gone mad.

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