The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: Box13.5

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Letter from Daphne Ferris of the Hannibal King Investigative Agency received via Box 13 on 11 August 1932.

Hannibal King Investigative Agency
333 State Street
Chicago, Illinois
August 5, 1932
Dear Mr. Lovejoy;
You have come to my attention through the series of articles in the Detroit Evening Times regarding the events and murder at the Irish Rose.
I am, myself, pursuing an investigation for a client, which may possibly be related to those events, and / or the persons mentioned in your newspaper.
I will be arriving in Detroit late on August 10 and would like to meet with you to discuss more details. There is a possibility that I will need to speak directly with some of those involved in the events at the Rose as well. I hope you will be able to share some of your contacts with me.
I am willing – within the confines of my client confidentality – to discuss what facts are in my possession as they may relate to what occurred at the Irish Rose.
Sincerely Yours,
Daphne Ferris
Hannibal King Investigative Agency
Chicago, Illinois