The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: International Connection Discovered in Irish Rose Murder

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International connection discovered in Irish Rose murder![edit]

Macklin's girl had ties to French Underworld, US Representative

Katie Flynn, "girl" of murdered Irish Rose proprietor Daniel Macklin, appears to have had ties to a shadowy French "family," according to documents recently unearthed by the Detroit Evening Times. According to these letters, Miss Flynn arrived in the Americas in January of 1931 aboard the steamship Valle Sere in the company of a putatively French "family" led by a Madam Weiss.

Madam Weiss sent several telegrams to various stateside personnel, among them Dr. Gregory Parkhurst of Buffalo, New York and Clay Morrison of Carson City, Nevada. Mr. Morrison is the newly elected Representative of the state of Nevada in Washington, D.C.; the exact nature of his relationship with an unmarried speakeasy hostess in Detroit is unclear.

The Times has passed this information on to the Detroit police, as is the civic duty of all good citizens, though we have our doubts about the use to which the DPD will put it. Any readers who have information regarding Dr. Parkhurst or Madam Weiss are urged to write to Frank Lovejoy, Box 13, the Detroit Evening Times.

Published August 12, 1932