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Welcome to the Midnight: Twilight's Shadow campaign wiki.

Created by Arnon

Crown of Shadows

Freya - Dwarf Wildlander - Lorrie (new player)
Nervos - Sarcosan Defender - Painless - Tim
Fiona - Gnome Rogue - Shadow Walker - Cathy (First time player)
Kitos - Dorn Fighter - Eric

Farni - Dworg Wildlander - Healer - Eric - Dead

Day 1[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Far Point Lake by early evening where they camped. Getting to know each other Nervos continued to be suspicious of Farni.

Human refugee wandered approached the camp just after dusk and was invited into the camp. The players were suspicious of the human visitor because they didn't feel it was natural for him to be out here in this area.

Farni had been outside the camp when the refugee came in and continued to stay outside the camp and watch.

Nervos offered his bedroll to the visitor and told him he could sleep by the fire. The players had one tent that just fit them and Dunk so they snuggled in there.

The visitor waited about 3 hours before getting up and approaching the tent. Farni was going to watch for 4 hours.

Farni had been to far from camp to intervene, but managed to yell a warning as the refugee began to enter the tent.

Nervos was the only one to awaken immediately, he awoke to see the refugee at the entrance tot he tent but hesitated. The visitor lunged at him with his hands tearing two large pieces of flesh from Nirvos's chest.

Nervos then managed to make quick work of the poor soul.

Once Dunk realized what had happen, he began to explain about the Fell. Nervos immediately began to burn the body. Farni cut off the head and buried it.

Nervos and Farni were suspicious as to why Dunk hadn't realized he was Fell before. Dunk explained that the refugee must have just turned. That sometimes the dead don't even realize they are dead, but that the body will start to break down overtime.

Day 2[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Far Point Lake by mid afternoon where they camped. Nervos and Freya investigated the refugee camp

Day 3[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Kurgan Falls near sunset.

Day 4[edit]

Just before dawn Farni who was on watch spotted the Goblin patrol immediately. Farni was able to rouse the party quickly and moved up towards the bridge. Just as the Construct stepped on the bridge the Elves collapsed the bridge and told the party to run. The party ran south east down the old caravan path having to back track to head back towards Durgis Rock.

Day 5[edit]

Traveled with no incidents

Day 6[edit]

In the early morning, Farni thought he heard a Orc war cry echoing in the mountains.

Mid morning, Freya froze in her tracks when she saw a huge winged beast which had to be the largest dragon that ever existed fly overhead.

Mid afternoon Farni on point, came across a wounded Orc and was able to question him and find out that Durgis Rock had been attacked, wiping out all resistance with no problem.

Late afternoon the party could see and smell the smoke from Durgis Rock.

When the party finally reached Durgis, they climbed to an advantageous point where they could look down upon the city. The could see the slavers and the captive dwarves outside the great hall, the loot being piled upon the .. and 3 constructs delivering the dead to the fires.

Farni and Nervos debated on their next course of action, when Rhiann announced that she had located the item they had come for, that it was in the Great Hall and their were only 8 Orcs in the Great Hall.

Dunk said he knew a secret way into the city and into the hall and Rhiann said that the Elves would distract the constructs while the rest of the party retrieved the case.

Dunk let party into the marmot holes and brought them up in an antechamber off of the Great Hall.

Enter Durgis Rock[edit]

The party climbs up out of the marmot holes into an antechamber off of the Great Hall and hears/sees 8 Orcs arguing over something.

The party delayed in action and debated on what to do about the Orcs when they heard loud thundering explosions coming from outside. The Orcs left the Great Hall to investigate.

Farni watched the entrance to keep watch for when the Orcs would return. Nervos found the Kings chamber behind the throne and took Fiona with him to search for the case. Freya came across Woden's body and bent down to check his vital signs, when Woden reached out for her, but she soothed him and he remembered her.

He asked her about the Elves and the women and children. She told him that the Elves were here. Woden told her to give the case to the Elves and to swear to save what women and children she could and told her that the case was located behind the sun in the second column to the right when sitting on the throne. Woden perished not long after that.

Freya quickly located the column and pictograph of the sun and had no problem opening the secret space. She quickly retrieved the case and called for the others.

Farni saw the children and women dwarves cutting the throats of the fallen goblins and noticed the Orcs returning, he called out in Dwarvish "Quick, come here!" The dwarves only seeing Farni as a Orc ran!

The Orcs spotted Farni and began running towards him.

Farni quickly retreated back into the Great Hall informing everyone that the Orcs were coming back, some of the party not realizing that it was only the original 8 Orcs coming back thought that it was more and the party quickly retreated down the marmot hole.

Once safely back in the tunnels, Dunk asked Farni where the women and children were. When Farni told him that they had run off, Dunk wanted to run off after them. Nervos and Farni wanted to make their escape as they considered the case more important. But Freya spoke up saying that she had given her word to Woden to save the women and children, Nervos and Farni finally relented and were barely able to keep Dunk from running off on his own to find the women and children.


Dunk leads the party through the marmot holes to the stable which has a vantage point from the loft. Dunk is becoming frustrated knowing that the killers of his Clan are still walking the streets and looting his bretheren. He both wants to gather in the young women and children and avenge the Durgis Clan, or die trying.

So after not seeing anything from the barn loft, he walks down into the street finds a bell and begins ringing it.

Yes, this brings the Orcs. Nervos joins him out in the street, leaving Freya and Farni up in the loft with bows and Fiona just inside the stable doors. Wendell is watching the tunnels.

The 8 Orcs charge Dunk and Nervos. Nervos takes a greivous wound to his leg, knocking him to the ground. Nervos feigns death long enough that the Orcs step over him.

Two Orcs are dead at this point.

3 Orcs head towards the barn.

Farni has come down stairs at this point and charges into the 3 Orcs, specifically one that had turned around when Nervos got up and threw a throwing axe at him.

Farni unfortunately fumbles in his attack and is immediately struck by two Orcs which instantly kill him.

At this point the party decides to run for their lives.

Nervos runs for his life, literally.

Fiona runs back down the marmot hole that came up in the barn, quickly followed by Freya.

Lots to still add here. But basically the party hides in the night and slowly gathers 4 out of 6 of the young women and 14 out of 17 of the young children.

Day 7[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Near Point lake near sunset and camped in the same location they had camped in their previous trip to Kurgan Falls.

Day 8[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Far Point lake near sunset and camped in the same location they had camped in their previous trip to Kurgan Falls.

Day 9[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Kurgan Falls near sunset.

Day 10[edit]

Traveled with no incidents reaching Kurgan Falls near sunset.

Day 11[edit]

Traveled with no incidents.

Day 12[edit]

Traveled with no incidents until coming across 3 human children playing along the rivers edge.

Day 13[edit]

Traveled with no incidents.

Day 14[edit]

While traveling, Freya noticed the Dwarven guidemark indicating that there was an underground entrance up ahead. Not knowing how far ahead, the party began moving more slowly down the trail looking for further guidemarks.

Nervos was the first to notice something strange in the path and realized that there was an hidden path ducking behind some rocks. Freya saw the nursery rhyme but could not recall anything about it.

The pictographs correspond to the words of a dwarven nursery rhyme that every dwarf child knows by heart, but are arranged in a random, nonsensical order.

One of the Dwarven women noticed farther down the trail Orcs coming up and called out to Freya. The party looked to see a large Orc war party coming up the trail.

Fiona was quick to point out that one of the children should know it. Several children were brought up and quickly began singing the nursery rhyme while Freya pushed on the pictographs in the correct order.

I Swing My Axe-
A Dwarven Nursery Rhyme

Orcs from the North,
I swing my axe,
Orcs from the South,
I swing my axe,
Orcs from the East,
I swing my axe,
Orcs from the West,
I swing my axe,
Death comes with them,
I swing my axe

The thick stone door, a near perfect circle, rolls to the side revealing a room thick with dust and bones.

The party quickly entered the mountain and ushered the Dwarven refugees inside. The party quickly began to look for a lever to shut the entrance behind them but could not find it. Having spilled into the next room a Dwarven women noticed it and called out. The party was then able to shut the door safely locking themselves inside the mountain away from the approaching Orc war party.

Nervos found a mithril dagger mixed in with some rusty old arms while searching an old chest.

A dwarf-sized doorway in the back of the wall gives birth to a staircase that descends deep into darkness. The stone door that once covered this passage is broken, pieces scattered about the floor. Down, down, into the depths of the mountain the stairs go;