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Character Sheet
Character NameKrystal
Player NameStormraven
Current CareerTradesman
Previous Career(s)
PersonalityVoice of reason
Aspiration(s)Become an blacksmith

Krystal is down to earth, an orderly type of person. She's good at keeping things where they belong. But she's occasionally prone to flights of fancy, too. She's questionsome, asking lots of things like 'why this, why that', and for all her organisational ability, she's occasionally daydreamed at the wrong moment. In a forge, that can be incredibly dangerous.

Krystal's Dad is Garhat. The town Smith (Artisan - he's good). Krystal takes after him in that he's best known for his common sense and Strength - and sometimes a liberal application of the latter in support of the former, when needed. His Outing was a long one - he was gone six years, before coming back a Master Smith with a Wife. Where he got the Greatsword some claim to have seen in his wagon, or the scars on his chest, he doesn't say, and wise people don't ask.

His wife, Krystal's mother, is Iduna. To the Town, she's a Wife, and little more. Soft spoken and seemingly timid, she rules her house with an Iron Will, and heaven help the merchant who thinks to cheat her. Of her life before the town, she never speaks. However, some few claim that she hunts occasionally for her family's table. (Hunter). She's also the 'cool' mother, always ready to pamper and teach the arts of femininity to town girls, since Krystal clearly won't be learning them any time soon.

Starting 31 29 38 32 29 34 27 29
Advancements +5* +5 +10 +5 +10
Current 31 29 43 32 29 34 27 29
Starting 1 11 3 3 4 0 0 3
Misc Modifiers +2
Current 1 11 4 3 4 0 0 3

Dealmaker: +10% to Evaluate and Haggle rolls
Savvy: +5 to Int
Sixth Sense: WP roll to sense bad things/ambushes


Animal Care
Common Knowledge/The Empire
Speak Reikspiel

Spells Known
Trappings & Money Gold Crowns (gc): 10
Silver Schillings (s): 0
Brass Pennies (p): 0

Light Armor (Leather Jerkin)
Common Clothing
Tattered Cloak
Wodden Tankard
Wooden Cutlery Set
Hand Weapon: Hammer (SB dmg)
Silver Ingo (enough to make a dagger or some jewellery)

ExperienceAvailable: 0px
Total Earned: 0px
XP Spent: