Wave from J.C. Wise

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Low Rez - Highly Encrypted Video from Cmdr. Wise to Joshua. April 22
Son, I got your message. I understand you. I don't know what I did to spook you, or your crewmates, when we went to pulse. But you're gone, again. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But, this time you found it in yourself to wave me. That means something. I don't know what you are thinking about now, you're obviously confused and uncertain. I think calling me was a way of keeping this door open, and know.. it will always be open for you.
I don't doubt for a minute what you say you believe. And, for now I pray the Buddha is guiding your crew, and that they have no part of this.
I'm glad you are trying to get off the drugs. Whether you are my son, or just someone playing him. Whoever you are, you'll never really know until you are free of that and able to think clearly. I think you can do it. Maybe that means nothing to you, some Alliance Doc tells you something because you look like his son, but if nothing else you can try... as Rex would have. Once you are clean watch this again. Think about these things. You have had a brain surgery, the likes of which no neurosurgeon I've spoken with has heard of. You have memory loss. You hear voices. You've been taking Flomoxipan, a sedative, amnesic, hypnotic and hallucinogen. For how long, you can't remember. You've been exposed to things that could send anyone over the edge. I don't know who would set you on this course, but I do know that once afloat on this river, it could take you anywhere. You might be Blue Sun agent, able to impersonate people due to some uncanny powers, or maybe you just remember things that way, maybe its all in your mind. I've enclosed links to a couple stories. One is of a mathematician from Earth-that-was, brilliant like you, but afflicted as well, a man by the name of John Nash. I am not saying you are exactly like him, but there are similarities. If you do see a little of yourself, know this, since the 20th century neuroscience has made great leaps, so there is no need for you to suffer like him, untreated. The other is a link to a not-yet declassified program to create moles during the U-War. Both sides did it, with varying degrees of success. These moles were made resistant to torture and discovery, by having their memories suppressed and replaced with new stories. Stories so real to them, that some of these moles were lost to the other side. It didn't take years, it took weeks. That technology didn't just disappear when the war ended, and for some, the war never ended. Think about that and what a asset a person like Lt. Cmdr Rex Wise would be to such a group.
You have plenty of reasons to reject these hypotheses. You have a life and a love. Things worth fighting for. And with Miranda and all the rest that has happened it is hard to tell science fact from fiction. I just hope you can see that maybe it is worth keeping the door open to other explanations.
So… that almost it. Other than this, if you really are not my son. If you are some kind of Doppelganger, then I need your help. I need to find my son, the one who was taken from me. If you were with those that took him, will you help me?